Cowherd Reports Urban is done in Columbus after this season

Submitted by Unicycle Firefly on November 19th, 2018 at 2:53 PM

So, this should obviously be taken with the biggest grain of salt possible, but Colin Cowherd is reporting that two "trusted sources" are telling him that Urban Meyer will leave Ohio State after this season.

Cowherd is definitely an insufferable blowhard 99% of the time, but he hits fairly often on his "trusted sources."  Either way, this is a delightful thing to see reported in mainstream media the week of The Game.




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He's scum. It would be rather nice if OSU bent over backward to cover for him due to his winning, only for him to lose to UM, quit, and then leave them with a down recruiting class. 


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This site is the worst message-board software I've ever seen.  I love the content, but since the workings of the site are stupefyingly bad, I spend more time at 247sports (which also isn't great -- just at least sort of workable).  Free message-board systems like Simple Machines SMF are enormously better than what either place has.


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It would also be a bit of delicious irony for Baron Browning. He and his mother very pointedly asked Harbaugh how they could be sure he would be here for 4 years if BB (a 5* LB) committed to M. They asked because JH left Stanford while BB's brother was on the team there.


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I'd said when he was hired that osu had made a deal with the devil. It was proved time and again that it was win at any cost and their fan base didn't care. But I knew it would be at a price and he would fracture the locker room just like he did at Florida. He is leaving the program damaged and they have no one to blame but themselves.


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What do you mean “down” recruiting class? 

They have the 3rd ranked class in terms of average recruit rank. 7 of their 15 commits are top 150 guys, while Michigan has 5 such players. 

Its a small class. Their overall ranking is a quantity issue, not a quality issue. It’s still an extremely talented class. I wouldn’t call it “down” at all. In terms of talent it’s a top 5 class. 




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I believe it.

As soon as odds were put out there and you could win a decent amount of money on betting that Urban Meyer would be the HC of OSU next year, they knew something...

If you bet $100 that Harbaugh would be our HC next year, you probably win $1


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Don’t need an insider, just look at his sideline behavior. It’s either real, which means that dude needs to retire ASAP before he kills himself. Or it’s fake and he’s settting everyone up and giving himself an out as no public figures are going to question him too much about it as health issues are a (rightfully) touchy subject. 


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Normally I would say this is 100% BS.  But I've always felt like the shelf life of Meyer was short, and that he would bail at the first signs of trouble.  His departure from Florida is still among the oddest I've ever seen.  


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Urban is under contract until like 2023.  He can't just quit, unless OSU allows him out of his contract. That's the point of a contract.

I'll believe it when I see it. Cowherd talks out his ass most of the time. Did the same thing with Michigan's last coaching search

Amaizing Blue

November 19th, 2018 at 3:09 PM ^

I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think it works that way.  He could "Retire" or resign any time.  OSU could probably prohibit him from working anywhere else until his contract expires if they wanted to, and of course he wouldn't get paid.  I would guess they would come to a mutual agreement in that case-or possibly already have.

On a side note, I would be thrilled to see him leave.  He's a crap human being, but a great college football coach.