Congratulations to the 2017 National Champions.... the undefeated UCF Knights!

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Silver linings haha.

Alabama winning pretty much all, but guarantees that UCF finishes as the #1 ranked team on The Colley Matrix, and potentially on the Wolfe Rankings. Both are one of the 40+ NCAA-recognized "national champion major selectors."



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Been pretty depressed about the state of UM football. Trying to hold on to small pieces of hope that don’t seem to exist. This was my first laugh/joy from this blog since our loss to SC. Thank you. Sorry I only had one upvote to give. Maybe I should make more accounts...


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...nothing will change.  They have the ability to go to the committee and decry the devaluing of their conference championship, but they don't do it...afraid of losing money

So, in the meantime, Alabama is the NC...not some team from a middling conference that played nobody.

And BTW...OSU could have been in the category last year,if they had played offense.


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"Alabama's performance in the playoff suggests they were the best team regardless of conference standings."

And? If you can get into the playoffs without winning your conference, why even have a conference championship?


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...they did win the national championship.  I think that the conference champion should be the first from their own conference, but if there is a better alternative in another conference, they should go.  A weak Power 5 conference champion shouldn't go over a better team in another conference...SEC hate notwithstanding.


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Why even have a conference championship is the key question.  Regular season round robin to playoff makes the most sense.  Conf championship games are just for TV and not all that interesting to fans.  If Michigan were in a position to beat OSU and lose a conf championship, I'd take it over losing to OSU and winning that conf championship game.  Ideally we'd skip the champ game, beat OSU and go right to an expanded playoff, but that would result in less conference revenue so will never get support from the execs running the BIG.


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... you would know this is how it works.
1. 130 FBS teams play 12 regular season games
2. Those participating in conferences may play a conference championship game.
3. At the end of it a group of athletic directors and at large members evaluate all of the teams records and select just three and Alabama to play in a three game playoff to determine the champion.


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Bama didn’t have a super hard schedule since the SEC was down, they didn’t know FSU would be so bad and tried to schedule a tough team there. Can’t compare the two because the average game for Bama is a bad sec team, which is still better than the average UCF opponent


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We wouldn't have given Western that privilege if they beat a fringe Top 10 Wisconsin team last year in the Cotton Bowl; UCF is the same exact scenario. 

JWG Wolverine

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I want to hype this up as much as possible. Not only because I hate Bama, but I want Finebaum to move his trolling ass from Harbaugh to Scott Frost. That would be a great change.

A Lot of Milk

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This isn't the 90s anymore. You don't get voted champion, you have to actually win the designated championship game. It's really embarrassing that so many people are supporting this, my guess is that they're just getting sick of the same ~4-5 teams being the only ones who can reasonably win a championship and just want some variety


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wheres the NCAA?  Shouldnt they issue a cease and desist order? It Undermines the whole NCAA and NC game...Anyone can claim a National Championship..They should threaten or Issue NCAA Sanctions against UCF