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01/09/2019 - 3:34pm Fairly certain DrMantis was…

Fairly certain DrMantis was a walk on football player at Michigan...pretty sure he knows more than most. Also, almost all of his posts are solid and informed so I am not sure what you are going off. 

01/02/2019 - 4:25pm I do not see it at all. All…

I do not see it at all. All year Haskins was knocked for being unable to throw accurately once moved off his spot. His receivers were also running free every game. Those things will not happen in the NFL. The hit rate on QBs taken in the first round of the draft has improved in recent years but nothing about Haskins tells me he is a future star. 

12/14/2018 - 5:19pm With the NBA focusing so…

With the NBA focusing so heavily on guys who can shoot the 3 and defend multiple positions Livers looks like someone who could have a long NBA career. I see him making a big leap at Michigan over the next couple of years. 

10/06/2018 - 4:37pm Desmond Morgan spotted on…

Desmond Morgan spotted on the Maryland sideline coaching the wrong team. That is my only gripe.


Oh and stop taking the ball after winning the coin toss.

10/03/2018 - 8:28pm I distinctly remember seeing…

I distinctly remember seeing him on the field for at least 1 snap. Not sure that means he isn’t hurt but I definitely saw him. 

10/01/2018 - 5:40pm I understand how the QB goes…

I understand how the QB goes through his reads. And I liked him checking it down a couple of times in previous games. The windows were tighter in this game and he was off on many of his throws. A few check downs early may have helped with his rhythm and loosened up the defense. Watch the first couple of series again and you will see it. 

10/01/2018 - 2:23pm The lack of dumpoffs to…

The lack of dumpoffs to Higdon (more often than not) was strange because doing so a couple of times may have opened things up a bit. It appeared on the rewatch that Patterson wanted chunks and never even made it to the RB read before launching an often much more difficult pass. I’m guessing that will be addressed in the film room. 

09/30/2018 - 12:08am Franklin is now 1-4 vs OSU…

Franklin is now 1-4 vs OSU. He is also 1-3 vs Michigan and 1-3 vs Michigan State. He got hot at the right time one year and everyone has forgotten his poor record against his primary competition. 

09/16/2018 - 11:01pm I have seen more than one…

I have seen more than one poster state the Evans spot was generous/a gift but from what I saw he was stopped short initially before surging ahead and getting the line with his second effort. The refs were horrifying but that seemed like the right call. 

09/09/2018 - 2:25am Seemed like ASU had guys…

Seemed like ASU had guys running free downfield all game long. If they hit even 1 or 2 of those this game is over long ago. Wilkins has a great arm and did enough to win but a more accurate passer carves up that secondary. 

08/10/2018 - 7:26pm Ill spare the snark but didn…

Ill spare the snark but didn’t Warriner himself say Runyan would be one of the starting tackles?

08/07/2018 - 1:25pm The description of this guy…

The description of this guy sounds more like Breaston than any of the other receivers mentioned. I played bball with Breaston a few times and he was the same height with an amazing verticle. He was also shiftier than he was straight line fast. Sounds good to me. 

07/28/2018 - 8:04pm Normally I would steer clear…

Normally I would steer clear of this debate but as a longtime third ward resident I can say no one from Burns Park (Julie Grand) should be representing those of us from the Southeast side of the city. Redraw the damn map. 

05/17/2018 - 10:33pm If you are

Who I believe you are we ran in different crowds so no worries. And you are right, 2000 was a very long time ago.

05/17/2018 - 9:09pm Welp

I am Eric P

05/17/2018 - 8:39pm But...

I am Eric...shit, do I have two accounts?

05/17/2018 - 4:47pm 2000

For me. So I guess we missed one another.

On that note: I don’t care what anyone else says, I love the River Rat mascot/name. Truly original.

05/17/2018 - 2:34pm Me too

What year did you graduate?

04/16/2018 - 4:38pm Watched a little of the broadcast

Apparently Bol Bol has a brother names Chris Mullin Bol. Announcers said Manute and Chris were very close when they played on the Warriors.

04/02/2018 - 11:56pm This is a joke

Right? A span of 55 years has many iterations of “culture.” Winning a championsip is hard. No matter how many times you get there. Has nothing to do with culture.

03/31/2018 - 10:33pm I’m not sure

Simpson and Abdur-Rahkman could have played any worse as a collective starting backcourt and we won. We may not be as good as Villanova but this team doesn’t subscribe to panic. If our guys play well we definitely have a chance to bring it home.

We have only played one well rounded game this entire tournament so far. Hopefully we are due for another.

03/30/2018 - 7:52pm He has all the tools

To be a high level NFL TE. Just need someone to throw him a few more balls so he can show it. You tend to know your stuff: do you think his production is such that he will forgo his last year of eligibility? I know a 5th year is never a given but that would be quite a development.

03/30/2018 - 10:56am Or...

Second :(

03/30/2018 - 10:55am First


Also if Loyola is MVC Purdue without the beast that is Haas I like our chances. Not sure having Wagner helps attact future German talent but if we can get in on some young Dirks and Moes that would be excellent. Keep the five out offense going for years to come.

03/29/2018 - 12:17pm Always appreciated

I never thought Speight was anything more than serviceable but this explains a lot.

03/28/2018 - 12:25pm Whoa

I know this is an MSU based thread but way to bury the lede there. I know you have all the inside info but was it common knowledge that Speight and Pep didn’t get along? If so I definitely missed it.

03/25/2018 - 9:50am Would not stop

Talking...about FSUs length and defensive intensity despite, you know, Michigan having the better defense. That announcing team was, and is, terrible.

03/24/2018 - 10:30am I obviously

Don’t get this but how is it that we don’t possess Montana? Didn’t we just beat them last weekend?

03/22/2018 - 11:36pm Is that

Attorney General Gustavo de Greiff from Narcos in the maize sweatshirt? Michigan’s fanbase is worldwide indeed!

03/20/2018 - 12:51pm Not sure if

He has a younger brother but that indeed is former Michigan Wolverine Mark Donnal on Clemson’s bench.

03/18/2018 - 5:54pm The real shame

Is that Bridges is a legit talent and he never even considered coming to Michigan. Beilein would have really helped him improve his game and he would be lights out as our 4 man. These high school players need to wake the fuck up and start playing for coaches who actually know how to develop players/teams. Oh well.

03/18/2018 - 2:08am The Wagner shoulder job

To the chin is getting a lot of attention but how about Devin Davis going to the line in the last minute after falling down all on his own while rebounding. That was the worst call of all due to the timing. I am not sure the refs favored one team over the other. I just think the refs were completely incompetent. Which is so fucking unacceptable at this stage in the season. No one can convice me there is a worse group of professional officials than those in college basketball. Revolting to watch even in victory.

03/08/2018 - 9:15am PTI came out

In 2001. Back when ESPN was still worth watching. Its success encouraged the network to try and recreate similar content which begat all the horrible programming they have today. It is easily their best show as virtually everything else is an inferior interpretation.

03/07/2018 - 7:30pm Bet Derryck Thornton

Is kicking himself for choosing Duke over Michigan. Now he is a backup at USC. I am positive Beilein would have gotten the best out of him.

03/06/2018 - 2:37pm The ref

Beilein is pointing to is without a doubt the worst ref I watched all year. College basketball refs are probably the worst professional officials in sports and he takes the cake over all others. I really wish the TV commentators would show some balls and point out the phantom calls these clowns make.

Also hilarious that there is a pic of Haarms adjusting his hair. He seems to do that every time something goes wrong.

02/28/2018 - 8:51pm I can’t think

Of any times I have disagreed with any of your points...and I won’t now. Just wanted to say Josh Rosen really blew it by picking UCLA. Sure he will be a first round pick but we could have been a great team with him as our QB and UCLA wasted his talents. If I recall corectly Rosen is good friends with Mora’s daughter so they always had the inside track. Its amazing Mora had such a talent and still got fired.

02/19/2018 - 9:53pm Good God

This is utter nonsense. So much wrong I don’t even have the patience to address it all. Luck was not a consensus star out of high school. The 49ers were horrible before Harbaugh arrived with many of the same players he won with. He rebuilt Alex Smith, and Kaepernick went from pro-bowler under Haraugh to out of the league.

02/15/2018 - 5:26pm You glossed over

The fact that Georgia was the ONLY team to roll along with a backup QB playing. Because they had the best collegiate RB duo of all time behind him. To suggest that is not a big deal is ridiculous.

Not going to nitpick anything else you said but I will add I never liked the Rich Rod hire because it made no sense to go in a completely different direction. Miles was the hire and Martin blew it.

02/15/2018 - 2:32pm Harbaugh

Didn’t throw that pick against OSU, fail to run for the first down against MSU, or drop the punt. Pointing out one (ONE!) example of a third string QB working out seems like a manipulation of the situation. I mentioned this some months back but there was one team in the entire top 25 this year that played the majority of last season with a backup QB (second string, not third) and that was Georgia. Georgia also had the most productive college backfield of all time lined up behind Jake Fromm, who is without a doubt a special talent.

Coaching matters (just looked at the egg the Patriots defensive staff laid against the Eagles) but players also have to make plays. Speight is nothing special. The production Harbaugh got out of him was remarkable but at the end of the day he is just a guy. We were not going to win anything major with him as our QB and that certainly goes the same for his backup, and his backup’s backup.

02/15/2018 - 2:14pm My best friend

Just had his hip replaced (poor guy is only 35) and he was able to do a lot of things prior to the procedure, including jog, it just hurt to do them. 6 weeks later he is feeling like a new man. If Harbaugh does in fact need a replacement it could explain a number of things related to his (outward) enjoyment of life.

02/06/2018 - 11:14am Klay Thompson

Is a great comparison. Their shooting form is nearly identical.

02/05/2018 - 12:24am I was at the game

And I am pretty sure he said stands. The call was wrong though; it was a clear bobble.

01/24/2018 - 12:12am Not going to compare

Deli to deli but anyone who says Zingerman's bread isn't amazing is full of shit.

01/23/2018 - 3:37pm Maize and Blue

Is basically store bought meats and cheeses piled high on store bought bread; just because a sandwich is huge doesn't mean it is any good. If you were at the right gas station and in the mood for a sandwich you could basically create anything Maize and Blue offers.

Zingermans is expensive, for sure. That is because they pay their workers a living wage, make almost everything from scratch, and buy from specialty purveyors when they don't make something in house. There is a reason sandwiches at Zingermans are featured on Oprah.

01/10/2018 - 12:16am I know it won't happen

Because we aren't allowed to have nice things but if Beilein can find a way to bring both Mathews and Wagner back we are going to be fantastic next year.

01/09/2018 - 3:08am Luck

Was not the can't miss prospect you are making him out to be. Harbaugh also turned Alex Smith into a real NFL QB and took the league by storm with his use of Kaepernick. Don't forget Jameis Winston's comments about Harbaugh after a week of mentoring. Harbaugh's track record is proven. Gotta have some actual talent on hand to work with first.

01/09/2018 - 12:52am He's not a sexy pick

But AJ McCarron won back to back titles while throwing 77 TDs and only 15 picks to go with over 9000 yards. Tua may be a great player going forward but the OPs comment was just silly.

01/09/2018 - 12:46am I think

Alabama's performance in the playoff suggests they were the best team regardless of conference standings. Conference titles aren't everything. We curbstomped PSU last year but they won the conference...

01/09/2018 - 12:43am Crowning a guy

Who has played one meaningful half of football the best QB Alabama has ever had seems premature.

01/05/2018 - 8:33am Its a lot of work

But shovel paths in/around your lawn. Makes a huge difference for the dogs.