Chris Partridge turned down Alabama linebacker coach offer

Submitted by Blue and Joe on January 12th, 2018 at 11:23 AM

via Tom VanHaaran on Twitter:

Sources told me that Michigan assistant Chris Partridge was offered a linebacker coaching position at Alabama, but Partridge decided against taking the job and is turning down the offer. A source said more offers might be on the table for Partridge,...

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) January 12, 2018



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If Partridhe had left, I think that would have left UM football without a hairless-psycho-screaming-coach-guy on staff, right? That is unacceptable; every CFB needs a screaming bald guy... 

Denard P. Woodson

January 12th, 2018 at 1:51 PM ^

I read that since LSU in 2000, every college football player that Saban has recruited that has played 4 years, has won a national championship. 

(Even the ones he recruited to LSU before he left won a championship with Les Mailes).

Monday's win guaranteed that streak will continue at least through this years Alabama freshmen that will graduate in 2021.


It's just unreal how good that guy can recruit / coach / hire assistants. 


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Heard that about Izzo too for a while... with Final Fours.  But that streak was broken when they didn't go to the Final Four in 2014 (but still got to the elite 8 and to give him credit, they did then go to the Final Four the next season in 2015) 


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It's time for you to retire from this blog as well as whatever association you may think you have with UofM. Your ignorace is not in line with University standards nor is it in the good of the members of the blog, nor any other citizen in any state within the union. You will better accepted with sparty or osu, and your ridigty of thought is nothing short of concerning. Anyone who challengas a the mental health profession, when they are fully aware of challenges of board members and associates is "sick," literally.


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Technically I remember he said in 2016 that it was Drake Harris involved in a scuffle in East Lansing during a bye week and in trouble with the law when it wasn't (I actually saw Drake at the bars in GR that night lol)  as it was I think Grant Perry and I think Wangler.  But it was just a minor error and not a big deal.  


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Finally, a win against the almighty Bama.  Though, I don't like the sounds of the "other offers on the table" part of the post unless it is UM bumping up his status within the current staff.


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Eventually he's going to get a P5 DC offer, but now that he's turned down a Bama position coach spot, I don't see him leaving before that.

In the end, that might not be the worst thing... If he has a chance to go be a DC at a smaller P5 school for a few years, he might be a good replacement for Don Brown when he eventually decides to retire.