CFP (8 team format is right around the corner)

Submitted by LakeWylieWolverine on January 7th, 2018 at 7:21 AM

The calls and or groans for an 8 team CFP are only getting louder and more frequent. Some even want a 12 or 16 team format. I am thinking that starting in 2019 we will see at least an 8 team CFP. Here's to our coach, Jim Harbaugh, and the team breaking out in 2018 and regaining some lost luster on the national stage.


The Outback Bowl was an extremely bitter pill for me, as well as others, I am certain

To my fellow Michigan alums, fans living in the state of Michigan, hang tough. I know the heckling and smart a$$ fans. I lived in Columbus, Ohio for 25 year (1990 to 2015). It was unbearable at times


We have the right coach, albeit one that will have to make some adjustments and changes he did/does not want to make. Jim Harbaugh is the answer to awakening the sleeping giant. We are still slumbering but not for much longer. 2016 was a BIG missed opportunity. 2017 was almost as expected, though not admittedly by most of us.


Go Blue - Happy Sunday and Happy New Year!





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Do you have a legitimate source for these calls and groans? Btw, nice job posting this and immediately upvoting it yourself. Hahahahah

Maize and Bloop

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It's called priming the pump.

The user upvotes himself thinking that once the seal is broken many Mgo-Upvotes will follow and snowball from there. Soon you will be swimming in a vast sea of precious MgoPoints, a la Scrooge McDuck.

I admit, I have in the past succumbed to this shameful tactic. And that was my thought process.


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There are a few upsides to an expanded playoff.

First is that it might make more players participate in their team's bowl game (because there is still a chance to "win it all")

And Second, it might help even out the talent a little bit more, as the whole "I went to Alabama because I want to compete for championships" will be a little a less exclusive, as now 8 teams would be able to have an opportunity to win as opposed to 2-teams with the BCS and 4-teams with the CFP.

Yes, I understand that people will argue that that is what the season is all about, and to that I would argue the a) it's not long enough given the size of the league, b) it's not even long enough given the size of a single conference, and c) why do you hate football and fun?

An expanded playoff is an absolute inevitability, the real question is, will it be in the next 2-4 years or 8-10 years?


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Unless a troll, they're providing their own thoughts so why upvote it themselves? Perhaps they feel nobody ever likes their posts and they need that self-gratification upon release (posting). And you don't mind so...

I keed, I keed...


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From what I've read on other sites, there will probably be no changes until 2025 at the earliest, when the current CFP/espn contract expires. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some changes, but probably nothing dramatic. The bcs, for all its flaws, was still in place for 15 years.

The Fan in Fargo

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2025? I'd bet you $500 in person right at this moment if we knew eachother. I'd bet that it happens before that and I almost guarantee I will win. You know how money people don't give a shit about watching Clemson, Georgia and Alabama in the playoffs? About 3/4 of the country. Once these idiots come to their senses and realize the revenues they are missing out on, they'll catch on. Many of them aren't that bright.

I love college football. It is the best sport in my opinion but why do so many people not give a shit about it? It's because it's a stupid fucking system and even the mass population as dumb as they are, can see this. The NCAA has been shooting itself in the head for years when it comes to football. Yeah, tradition my ass. You dinosaurs are hopefully becoming extinct.

Mr Miggle

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are constant from some quarters. Does that mean they're around the corner? I doubt it. Why would we expect everyone to agree on the best number of teams, especially when some of the voices are only trying to stir things up?


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that there was a call by one guy on Twitter named Patches O'Houlihan for a 2,048 team double elimination tournament that included NAIA and JUCO teams that would go from June-December. 6 people liked it, so I'm guessing that we'll see that tourney start in a few months.


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