CBB All-Time Teams Match Up (Minus Trey?!)

Submitted by michmaiku on November 26th, 2014 at 2:41 PM

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Michigan starting five of: Rice, Tomjanovich, Webber, Rose and ... Crawford (!?).

Question 1: would you put Trey in for Crawford and move Jalen to shooting guard?

Question 2: Should Cazzie Russell displace either Trey or Jalen?

Question 3: which all-time team match-up (U-M or no U-M) would you relish most?

Also, '89 Michigan took out two of the Illinois starting five (Anderson and Gill).  Sometimes forget how loaded that Illini team was.



carlos spicywiener

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It's not your fault at all. It's not really a site that the mgocommunity shuns, like Bleacher Report.

It's just that the site, elite daily, claims to be a "voice for millienals / Generation Y / whatever trendy nickname you have for 20 something year olds"

It's insufferable

But the topic of discussion is a good one


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I don't know that it's something that you should necessarily know about yet, but, from what I've seen, it's one of those clickbait sites that tries to generate interest through reposts and likes on facebook.

Generally, though, if it's an opinion article like that, I wouldn't even bother posting it. The whole point is to get people to link to it in other forums. So what if a 20-something looking for an idea for an article disagrees on who the best point guard from Michigan is? You're doing exactly what they want you to do.


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... I posed my own questions in the post and no-one has to click through to answer them.  I suppose I could have opened the topic without citing my (clickbait) inspiration, but maybe the "cite your sources" mantra is too ingrained. 

Back to MMB, another thing I found interesting, but didn't mention, is how many fantastic and difficult choices we fans of a "non-basketball school" like UM have to make in arriving at a starting five.

I mean, Gary Grant was a hero of mine from the time he ran Syracuse out of Crisler in '87 and I didn't even think to put him in the starting rotation.

So, in sum, just enthusiastic about Michigan basketball today. Where it's been and where it's going. But will flag suspect sources in future when they set me off on flights of Final Four fancy.



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I know it's from a stupid website, but it's still a stupid list. Your all-time starting five is:

Glen Rice

Cazzie Russell

Rudy Tomjanovich

Chris Webber

Trey Burke

Putting Crawford on that list because he's been a good pro is like saying Tom Brady is the all-time best Michigan quarterback. He's done the best, but he wasn't the best when he was here.


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PG + SG: Trey Burke / Jalen Rose / Cazzie Russell [3 man rotation]
SF: Glen Rice / Nik Stauskas [2 man rotation]
PF + C: Chris Webber / Juwan Howard / Mitch McGary [3 man rotation]

coaching staff: the current one, because obviously


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Indeed, if you compare Rice's senior campaign to Stauskas's sophomore campaign then Rice has a clear edge.

However, if you compare the sophomore years, then Stauskas has the edge.

The other thing to consider is that Rice was shooting 3s from behind a 19'9" 3pt line while Stauskas was shooting them from 20'9"

I would be comfortable with a rotation between the two, with Rice getting more minutes.


November 26th, 2014 at 3:48 PM ^

Both had wonderful potential, SOMETIMES flashed it, but left too much on the bench and then had off-the-field problems with drugs or payola.


snarling wolverine

November 26th, 2014 at 5:18 PM ^

I think that describes their NBA careers more than college.  Tarpley averaged 19 and 10 his junior year here and Traylor 16 and 10 (and almost 3 assists per game) his last year.

We know in hindsight that Tarpley's substance-abuse problems began to develop when he was here (and it's a major black mark on Bill Frieder's legacy that he looked the other way) but he still performed really well.



November 26th, 2014 at 3:55 PM ^

Team A

Rickey Green

Cazzie Russell

Glen Rice

Rudy T

Bill Buntin


Team B

Gary Grant

Jalen Rose

Phil Hubbard

Chris Webber

Roy Tarpley


I think Trey Burke would have been on this list has he played one more year. Most unsung star: Loy Vaught . Campy Russell was hard to keep off. If I needed just an offensive player Mike McGee would be there over Nik Stauskas. I'm not old enough to have seen Oosterbaan.



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Starting 5: Cazzie Russell, Juwon Howard, Glenn Rice, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber

Next five: Trey Burke, Rudy T, Jamal Crawford, Ricky Green, Roy Tarpley