Ben Kercheval of CBS Sports Picks Michigan's Best Team.

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Here's Ben's take. This would make a nice, big poster in the locker room:


Michigan State: It's been clear-cut for several years now. Michigan State has owned its rivalry with Michigan lately, finished with a better record last season and would probably be favored against the Wolverines if the game were played today. Spartans coach Mark Dantonio played a lot of young guys during 2016's disappointing 3-9 season, but in the long run, it appears to be paying off. Sparty enjoyed a seven-game swing in the win column in 2017 and several of those players are juniors and seniors now. 



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Exactly. Our fans are getting all offended for no justifiable reason. Maybe if the offense wasn’t trash last year MSU wouldn’t be the favored team this season. Maybe if we weren’t STILL wondering if we’ll have an O-Line this year MSU wouldn’t be favored. Maybe if the QB wasn’t STILL a question mark this year MSU wouldn’t be favored. 

If we want to stop all the negative takes by neutral sports writers, then we need to start proving it on the field. Actually do that and you won’t see any more articles about Sparty like this. 

The Fan in Fargo

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It's not even close to black and white. Michigan had next to zero passing game and it was a very young but good defense. Michigan was in the game to the end in all of those losses. I still live by it to this day after re-watching that Penn State game when the anger went away, that a young team in that night game white out had a chance but it slipped at the end. It really wouldn't take much improvement to win those other four. 


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So? They were better than us last year and return more starters than we do. Unless you're the type to just bury yourself neck-deep in the comfort of recruiting rankings to make your predictions, then Michigan State should be the favorite.

Hold This L

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1. They didn’t face wisconsin

2. Had their toughest non conference game at home, which they lost

3. WSU was playing without most of their key players

Michigan has more talent. Injuries, poor coaching on offense, and youth were why Michigan lost last year. I also think Michigan has improved more than Sparty has. 

Leaders And Best

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And a year ago around this time, the media had pretty much buried Dantonio after finishing 3-9 in 2016 and following the season with 5 players getting kicked off the team for sexual assault.

September 1st cannot get here fast enough. 2018 will be a huge game for the narrative, and I think it is fair to say that Michigan and Harbaugh need a win this year much more than Dantonio to start putting an end to these hot takes. He is 1-2 against MSU with some of the worst bad beats I have ever seen a coach take in a rivalry. I wouldn't exactly call that clear cut, but whatever.

Section 1.8

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What rich clickbait that is.  A substantially identical article was just posted to the Freep's website under the byline of "Kirkland Crawford."  I've never heard of Kirkland Crawford or Ben Kercheval before this afternoon.  

It almost seems as though a single software algorithm produced both articles at the same time.