2019 OT Devontae Dobbs Discusses Recruiting Decision

2019 OT Devontae Dobbs Discusses Recruiting Decision

Submitted by Caesar on June 29th, 2018 at 11:36 AM


As you probably know, 2019 OT Devontae Dobbs committed to MSU recently. Here's the story from ESPN where he describes his reasons, which is really a series of quotations about the major schools recruiting him (link).


John Engler says student safety at Michigan State is priority over winning games (ESPN)

John Engler says student safety at Michigan State is priority over winning games (ESPN)

Submitted by GoBlueinEugene on May 10th, 2018 at 1:12 PM
When asked if he was worried about a culture that prioritizes winning over other issues, Engler criticized media coverage and said he was concerned about any woman who says she was assaulted, but not about how the school's high-profile sports have handled those accusations in the past.
"I think in Dantonio and Izzo you've got two coaches with great personal integrity who run very clean programs," Engler said. "That is not to say that everybody in those programs has always comported with what's expected of them."



Michigan State University Is Botching Its Reputation-Rehab (The Atlantic, March 19, 2018)

Michigan State University Is Botching Its Reputation-Rehab (The Atlantic, March 19, 2018)

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East Lansing, Mich.—The chairman of Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees said he had to get something off his chest.
It was the board’s first regularly scheduled meeting following the criminal-sentencing hearings of the former sports-medicine doctor Larry Nassar. And Brian Breslin, facing an overwhelming vote of no confidence from the university’s faculty, had already indicated he would not step down. But then he struck a different tone. Breslin’s “conscience would bother [him],” he said, if he didn’t speak his mind.
The crowd of hundreds gathered there—already quivering with anger over the Nassar debacle—seemed to perk up in anticipation of some further statement on the scandal.
Instead, Breslin touted the $550 million rare-isotope accelerator that the Department of Energy placed at MSU in 2008; the board had just received a progress report on the facility, which has been an economic driver in the state. The accelerator is a signature achievement of the longtime MSU president Lou Anna Simon, who resigned in January amid criticisms of her handling of the Nassar scandal. Breslin recalled that the federal government had planned to locate the project in several different places but that Simon persuaded lawmakers to put it all in East Lansing. “So at some personal risk I take in saying this, whatever else her legacy may be, there would not be a Michigan State University without the leadership and organizational skills of Lou Anna Simon,” he said.
The chairman had more to say, but boos and hisses drowned him out. “What was he thinking?” one trustee said to me later. “We are in an existential crisis here. Now is not the time for the Lou Anna Simon reputation rehabilitation tour.”
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MSU legal defense now apparently investigating victims

MSU legal defense now apparently investigating victims

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WARNING: Freep Link

“I had no choice in now disclosing my own story,” Powell said in an interview with the Free Press this week. “This was my own story. This was not their story to tell.”

Powell's claim that an investigator checked into her background suggests the university is taking steps to construct a defense amid a growing pile of litigation. 

MGoBoard Preview: Michigan State

MGoBoard Preview: Michigan State

Submitted by mrkid on October 6th, 2017 at 2:30 PM

It's Friday afternoon, I'm bored and dying for some more football discussion. I thought we could do our own MGoBoard version of Brian's "Cheap Thrills" from the preview column.

Submit your "Worry if..." moment(s) and your "Cackle with knowing glee if..." moment(s) for MSU. Here are mine.

Worry if...

- Devin Bush gets ejected for targeting

I'm worried the refs will be overly anxious with targeting calls in this game and because of the speed and intensity at which Bush plays the game, I could see him getting hit with a targeting and ejection.

I think we would see a drop off with the defense if Bush gets ejected. I would really hate to see this, mostly because I want to see Bush terrorize Lewerke and the Spartans.

Cackle with knowing glee if...

- O'Korn hits DPJ deep on more than one occasion.

I think if O'Korn can hit a deep ball or two to DPJ (or Gentry), we could really see MSU change what they do on defense and really swing momentum in our favor. I think their defense is vulernable to a player like DPJ getting behind them.

Prediction: Michigan, 27-13

MGoWallpaper: Harbaugh Blocks Out the Sun

MGoWallpaper: Harbaugh Blocks Out the Sun

Submitted by Blue and Joe on October 5th, 2017 at 1:45 PM

Hate Week is finally upon us. If you follow me, you may know that I live in Lansing. The Michigan State game (in any sport) has special meaning to me. It's very important. I love making wallpaper for this game. Last year, I outdid myself with the "Sparty is Fine" meme. Now, I have to try to top that. I'm not sure if I can.

But I'll give it my best shot.

Since this is a night game, I had an idea for Harbaugh blocking out the sun and casting a shadow over Michigan Stadium. I knew this would be a difficult thing to do since I would have to draw it all from scratch. Let's just say the "Improvement Week" came in handy for me, too.

I think this came out pretty good. It's not exactly what I pictured in my head, but that's what improvement is all about. Hopefullly you enjoy it.

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On the field vs. recruiting success: The State of Michigan

On the field vs. recruiting success: The State of Michigan

Submitted by blueblooded14 on July 21st, 2017 at 3:48 PM

Was talking with a coworker about the correlation between in-state recruiting and the success of M v. MSU. I used the 247 composite and noted the top 10 Michigan recruits between '08 and '17 (the beginning of the sad times to the present). The data does show some relationship that Michigan has played their best football 3 or so years after major in-state recruiting success. There does not seem to be much of a relationship between MSU's recruiting and their on the field success. They were getting somewhere between 2-4 of the best in-state kids for most of their gilded age. It is amazing just how well MSU did over the last decade. What this has reinforced is the importance of Xs and Os over Jims (not that Jim) and Joes.

I would be interested in running a regression on this sort of data but I am not confident enough in my excel prowess to make a public attempt.


Year M Recruits MSU Recruits M Record MSU Record
2008 4 2 3-9 9-4
2009 2 7 5-7 6-7
2010 1 4 7-6 11-2
2011 2 3 11-2 11-3
2012 6 2 8-5 7-6
2013 5 2 7-6 13-1
2014 3 4 5-7 11-2
2015 2 3 10-3 12-2
2016 2 4 10-3 3-9
2017 7 2 14-0* 0-12*
Total 34 33 66-48 83-36
2018 3 1 *Speculative and not in total