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Submitted by ldevon1 on July 12th, 2018 at 1:56 PM

A few Michigan commits got bumps (up) and some targets got positive bumps also. 


Of note: Charbonnet, Ojabo, and Hinton moved up. 




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Yep. They are:

36. Chris Hinton

40. Zach Charbonnet

86. Eric Gray

146. Stephen Herron Jr. 

154. Nolan Rumler

193. David Ojabo

225. Mazi Smith

237. Karsen Barnhart


Still major players for:

2. DE Zach Harrison

8. S Daxton Hill

9. DE George Karlaftis (Purdue)

13. WR Kyle Ford

37. ATH Quavaris Crouch

77. S Lewis Cine

108. OT Trevor Keegan

164. OT Danielson Ike

169. WR Cornelius Johnson

208. ATH Giles Jackson

238. ATH Wandale Robinson


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Top two or three for all of them, top two for most. Most think we lead for Keegan, some would guess we lead for Hill, Crouch, Ford, and Jackson (but others would say second or third). Probably second for Harrison, Karlaftis (obviously, or he'd have flipped already). Cine, Ike, Johnson, and Robinson would get "cloudy" crystal balls from me. Cine has a ton of PSU balls, but loved his visit, loves Don Brown, and PSU has two or three safeties so far. I have no idea what Ike's leanings are, and he's probably not a take if we land Keegan, as that would make us full at OL. Johnson seems to be a battle between us and Notre Dame, but Stanford is in there too. His mom is a Michigan alum. Robinson is blowing up, obviously, and is a take for us, OSU, and Bama, and also likes Purdue and Kentucky. No idea who he favors.


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Other Michigan commits think we are getting Hill (I think McNamara especially). Coaches are cautiously optimistic as we are battling in-state Oklahoma and Alabama. I think Hill likes our players/commits and is especially intrigued by his opportunity to play right away (Kinnel graduates and his current backup is...?).


Ford is going to be an in-season guy. I think USC is running behind Colorado, us, and Oregon right now, but they're obviously the local school. I think it'll ultimately come down to the season - how we do as a team and how well we do with his visit. Have a good year and kill his visit and I'd guess we get Ford, especially because USC and Colorado won't have good years, and I'd be surprised if Oregon was great, although they will have a strong passing game.


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If we snagged Hill, IMO that would be the best recruiting win of Harbaugh's career here. Bama really wants him, he's from Oklahoma, brother goes to Oklahoma St, etc. 

I'm a little more confident with Crouch and Ford, based on who we are currently going up against. Seems like Michigan vs. Tennessee right now for Crouch. Michigan vs. Oregon and Colorado for Ford. 


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Yeah, Hill would be an amazing get. A top ten player from a different state at a school we don't have an "in" at, whose brother starts for another Power 5 team in that state. Eye-popping speed at a position of need. I don't think any of Michigan, Bama, Oklahoma, or Oklahoma State are supremely confident with this one.


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Kyle Ford might be the guy I want most left in this class but very good shot seems like a stretch.There is certainly interest but the prevailing wisdom from national experts seems to expect him to stay out west with USC. Really feels like this is one of those races we will finish second in, feels the same way about with Daxton Hill. Think we have a better shot finishing with Cine and Keegan of the top guys we are in on.


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Everything I have heard has USC (and UCLA) not in his top group right now and him wanting to leave LA. He mentions us with Colorado and Oregon as the schools recruiting him the hardest. He's been labeled with the classic "different kind of kid" tag from analysts. I'd put Michigan at 40% against the field here. 


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Sure we aren’t out of it because he is from LA but your sources seem to be pretty heavy on the Michigan optimism. I haven’t seen a single non Michigan source say Michigan leads for hill or ford and honestly the Michigan sources vs national thoughts haven’t been going the Michigan sources way to frequently. 


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I don't think anyone is saying we lead for Ford, but Ford's said he really wants to visit campus for an official and if the intel is correct that he wants to leave Cali and his other top schools are Oregon and Colorado, then we definitely have a good chance if we can get him on campus because good things happen when Michigan gets kids to take an official to Ann Arbor


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Do you have any meat to add to this bone?

Because yeah of course the national pundits are going to suggest that he is LIKELY to stay out west..if for no other reason than he is from out west. Which, yeah MOST of the top talent on the west coast stay out west. That's the easy take.  So, do you have more to offer that suggests he's blowing smoke when he says he'd like to go out of state? 

And for the record, I have no idea where he's leaning or what is likely to happen. But if you are going to push back on the more optimistic take from the good Dr. it would be useful if you offered more than 'prevailing wisdow says he stays out west'. Is this "wisdom" based on something coming from Ford's camp or is it just the 'best in the west usually stay out west' type of prevailing wisdom?


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Remember when I said Charbonnet was underrated and Kurpit was extra quick to chime in with the "lol Michigan fans gonna Michigan fan, every recruit is underrated to you"? Pepperidge Farm remembers.