B1G Bowl Matchups

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Not sure what kind of record the conference is staring down in bowls this season. Some of these matchups look not so favorable, especially for those early in bowl season. Looking at it, first thought is 4-6, with wins by UM, Wisconsin, Iowa and Maryland. OSU a toss up. But a couple of those games could get ugly.


Fiesta (CFP): OSU v. Clemson

Rose: PSU v. USC

Orange: UM v. FSU

Cotton: Wisconsin v. Western Michigan

Outback: Iowa v. Florida (Is a war crime)

Music City: Nebraska v. Tennessee

Holiday: Minnesota v. Wazzu

Pinstripe: N'western v. Pitt

Foster Farms: IU v. Utah

Quicklane: Maryland v. BC (a slightly less awful war crime) 

Failure pile in a sadness Bowl: MIchigan State






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Would you rather OSU get destroyed in the semifinal or lose a close game by virtue of a horrible call? For the sake of recruiting I hope they get embarrassed. But for the sake of my faith in justice, I would consider the horrible call. 


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Iowa, Minnesota, and PSU will all lose.

OSU is likely to lose IMO as they have not looked impressive against a decent team since Oklahoma game, but that game is kind of a toss up. Clemson gonna Clemson.

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I recall Brian saying he felt bad that Iowa had to live with its incompetent coach Ferentz, whose team shortly thereafter beat us. And while we clobbered Penn State, and there were a lot of comments about how bad their coach is, somehow they won the Conference. It wasn't magic. They played well in the second half of the season.

So as far as I'm concerned, both of these teams have a decent shot in their games.

I don't know enough about Minnesota's opponent to make a prediction.


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I don't know, Penn State reminds me of Michigan State last year: it took a lot of lucky bounces of the ball and brainfarts by opposition for them to back their way into a conference championship.  I think PSU will get exposed in the Rose Bowl, probably not to the extent MSU was last year against Alabama, but still enough to show that at best, they're the 3rd best team in the Big Ten.


December 4th, 2016 at 5:15 PM ^

I would agree there - watching a quarterback duel of Austin Appleby and C.J. Beathard is not going to be on the "One For The Ages" list, although I think Florida might just be able to beat Iowa, at least when you look at the matchup on paper. This one will probably come on to who makes the first egregious mistake on defense, I imagine. 

Avant's Hands

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Anyone who watched PSU complete deep pass after deep pass against Wisky and still thinks western has no chance is smoking something. Wisconsin hasn't defended the deep pass all year, they just haven't played a team who could take advantage due to state of Big Ten quarterbacks. Western will put up points, I just don't think they can stop Clement. Methinks that score looks a lot like the BTCG.


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You could be right, but I just think UW will be able to bring the heat on the QB unlike against PSU (due to a respect for their running game). You run a pass blitz and get too far upfield - Barkley is gone. Western's running game - not too sure.WMU - NW match up is intriguing to look back to. WMU only put up 22 and Wisky has a stronger D even if it's secondary is "weak" by B1G East standards.


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IU against Utah should be a slaughter. Coach Whittingham is excellent at preparing his teams for bowl games, especially against teams that aren't very good in the first place.


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I'll bite:
Fiesta (CFP): OSU v. Clemson - Loss. I think Clemson wins this one by 2 scores

Rose: PSU v. USC -Loss. USC will roll.

Orange: UM v. FSU - Win. If Michigan shows up I think our d line dominates FSU.

Cotton: Wisconsin v. Western Michigan - Win. Wisconsin will win this one easily.

Outback: Iowa v. Florida - Loss. Low scoring game. Duh.

Music City: Nebraska v. Tennessee - Loss. Nebraska just isn't very good. Neither is Tennessee but I think they have too much fire power for Nebraska to keep up.

Holiday: Minnesota v. Wazzu - No idea but predicting a win. I think Minny wins this with defense.

Pinstripe: N'western v. Pitt - Loss. This was a tough one but I think Pitt squeaks this one out.

Foster Farms: IU v. Utah - Loss. The Utes are too strong on both sides of the ball.

Quicklane: Maryland v. BC - Loss. BC shuts down the Terps offense.

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December 4th, 2016 at 6:36 PM ^


Utah > IU

UW > W. Michigan


WSU > Minnesota



Pitt > Northwestern

Florida > Iowa

More likely than not:


OSU > Clemson

Random guesses, but conference pride and all that:

Maryland > BC

Nebraska > Tennessee




December 4th, 2016 at 8:42 PM ^

I think that this could be a tough bowl season for the Big Ten...


Should Win: 

  • Michigan vs. FSU
  • Ohio State vs. Clemson (Clemson's defense is garbage this year)
  • Wisconsin vs. WMU (unless motivation is a factor)

Could go either way, but we must win at least one of these:

  • Nebraska vs. Tennessee 
  • Iowa vs. Florida
  • Maryland vs. Boston College


Probably going to lose:

  • Northwestern vs. Pittsburgh 
  • Indiana vs. Utah
  • Penn State vs. USC
  • Minnesota vs. Washington State


Honestly, we're probably going to have a losing record as a conference and get shit on by the media for being overrated, even though we are definitely the best conference at the top.