Zac Smith Twitter rant

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Sorry I am on my phone but someone please qoute his tweets he is having a mental breakdown 



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You have Earl Bruce's daughter arguing with Courtney's Grandma.

Grandma - "I'm sure you didn't live with them and actually know if he abused her. That is the only way you could know for sure."

Bruce -  "I know your granddaughter and what she did to me and in front of me and I know my son. I know all I need to know - and so do you."

Grandma - "Just knowing her doesn't mean these things didn't happen."

Bruce - "Oh stop. She doesn’t speak to you to this day because she is and has been mentally off for a longtime... but you want to write her narrative? Take her side? Noted. Just remember this Gram. You know better as do I. Just like you said when you brought the applesauce and goulash to my house."

You know who wrote this."



Longballs Dong…

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I'm glad you don't have a say in any of this.  It's a stupid fucking idea to stop playing OSU or MSU.  I can't stand this pompous attitude.  I hate to keep saying this but hoke covered up a god damn rape and played Gibbons for years and then lied to everyone about it.  That just doesn't seem to bother people though.  All schools have players and peole that do bad teams.  If everyone took this attitude, no teams would play each other.  We'd be too busy pretending we're perfect and everyone else is a mess.  Zach Smith is a piece of shit but he's been fired.  Should Urban have been fired?  I don't know but it's over.  Let's get off our high horse and just beat them on the field.  Seriously, of all the hot takes on this board, the pompous bullshit drives me crazy.  

The Fan in Fargo

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I relate it to the Dark Knight. The part where Alfred says that the mob got hammered so hard for so long by Batman that they became crazy. They turned to and chose something they didn't understand for help. That being the Joker obviously but that's kind of what happened to those two football teams and it's Michigan's own fault. The Wolverines hammered their pathetic candy asses so hard and for so long that the programs and fans became corrupt and fucked in the head clowns. It's not apples to apples here but you see what I'm getting at.


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Looks like he used up all that hush money Ubz paid him on Hookers and blow... 

Maybe the lid will blow off the whole shit mess today.


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Smith tweeted that he hopes Urban was basically forced to read the statement that he made at the press conference. Basically implying that Urban doesn't believe Zach did anything wrong and he's just being forced to read statements by PR people. Either way this isn't going to go well for Urban now. He's either going to have to say he believes Zach was wrong and his statement holds true or Zach was right. If he says Zach is wrong, which is the only thing anyone at OSU is going to let him say, then Smith might just go off on Urban. As it is, I think Smith believes Urban thinks he's a choir boy. 

El Jeffe

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Dear El Jeffe,

Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke. Don't make a "Girlfriend in a Coma" joke.


El Jeffe


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Let us all remember that Zach Smith can be a complete monster AND OSU/Meyer (and to a lesser extent UF) can be guilty of not properly handling him for years. I worry people will look at him being a certifiable asshole and absolve OSU because of it, and that shouldn't happen.

big john lives on 67

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Wrong. The crazier he looks, the more obvious it becomes that this guy was protected. Impossible to work with a guy for 10 years and not come in contact with this level of crazy. Plus, Urbz no longer even contests this point. Remember, he was aware, but not fully aware. 

The only question remaining is why this level of crazy and incompetence was being protected for over a decade. I am thinking it goes beyond loyalty to grandpa. Urbz’ survival instincts are way more finely honed than that. 



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I'd like to believe that is the case, but a couple weeks ago that Arizona LB was talking about Jimbo breaking a huge number of NCAA rules wrt recruiting, and after it came out he was a racist and kicked out of Arizona, basically nothing has or will come of it.  

Smith was always a time-bomb that I figured Meyer assumed would blow up later than he did.