UM basketball has a chance to move up rankings nicely with win tonight....

Submitted by Champeen on January 18th, 2018 at 10:17 AM

Lots of upsets....


#6 West Virginia lost


#20 Clemson lost

#4 Oklahoma lost (that freshmen is overrated IMO - look at his TO's and shooting percentage in recent game logs)

#18 Kentucky Lost


#17 Auburn Lost

#7 Witchita State lost

#8 Texas Tech lost (TEXAS WON!)

#19 Seton Hall lost

#21 Tennessee lost

#16 Arizona State lost


And there will be more upsets next few days.  So far....

4, 6, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 lost!!!

If we get our win tonight, i think we move up to at least 16 not inluding whatever other upsets happen next few days.



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everything stood as it does right now and Michigan wins tonight, we will at least move up to #20 in the AP and probably to 18 or 19.  It does not just have to do with "number" of losses.  3 of our losses were to Top 25 opponents, one in the final seconds.

If we win our next two games, regardless of what happens at Purdue, we are going to be sitting in a pretty nice spot for NCAA seeding.

Whole Milk

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This is strictly based on my opinion and memory moreso than any real evidence, but I tend to think the polls go by a philosophy that if you lose, you move down anywhere from 2-7 spots, and if you win, you move up steadily based on who falls, unless it is a huge win of course, and of course name recognition plays a factor . So based on the OP's figures, I would imagine Seton Hall, Clemson, and Tennessee would fall below us based on them not being huge basketball names. Kentucky probably stays above us and I think everyone else would be too far of a drop based on one loss.

Not sure about if anyone behind us had big wins, but if everything stays the same, we win tonight and sunday, assume there are 2-3 more upsets this weekend, I would guess we are #18 come Monday. 

Whole Milk

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Oh I agree, I think after the week we have had, I wouldn't be shocked if we lost this one, especially sense the home team tends to win about 70% of the time in conference play (based on a two week trend, I realize that is not a large sample size). I was just basing my post on the hypothetical that was presented.


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There was very little bounce in their shots in the first half against Maryland. 3 days and a road trip is still not a lot of rest time. This is when i't important to have a good bench rotation. 



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We still have to beat Rutgers Sunday at home as well, but that game should be a win.

OSU was played close by NW last night in Chicago and pulled it out. They play Minnesota in NYC Saturday and after that they have 4 straight home games against mediocre teams. If they don't lose to Minnesota (which I doubt they do), it's very possible OSU is 12-0 before they play @Purdue.


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I watched the end of OSU-NU last night and Dakich was playing the last few minutes of a close game. He had a huge steal with about a minute left. It's not always who starts that matters. Who finishes the game is more important and apparently Dakich is closing out games. He's just a gritty, heady, gym-rat, poor man's Aaron Craft.


He's getting 17 MPG and has a 136.6 ORtg on the season. In Big 10 games, that jumps to 20+ MPG and a 168.8 ORtg! Holy cow, Andrew Dakich might actually, you know, be good?!?

John Beilein is a freaking genius. I don't mean that sarcastically in the sense, why did you let him go? I mean seriously, he turned Andrew Dakich into a competent, Big 10 guard. It's just too bad we don't get to benefit from that.


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So 30/10/4 on 45/40/82 in the best college basketball conference, on a team that doesn't have a top tier coach or top toer talent surrounding him isn't impressive? You're insane.

Yes he turns the ball over a good amount. But when you're the only creator on your team and the ball is in your hands all the time, that tends to happen. Also, his AST/TO ratio is better than Steve Nash's in college and Markelle Fultz's last year.

L'Carpetron Do…

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I just wanted to comment that Lon Kruger, much like Beilein is one of the most underrated coaches in the game.  He routinely takes his teams to the NCAAs and took Florida and Oklahoma to the Final 4. I think that much of his success has been overlooked because he has coached mainly at football schools.


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Lon Kruger is easily a top tier coach. One of two coaches to lead five different teams to the NCAA tournament, won coach of the year in three different conferences, been to two Final Fours. From a coaching resume to personality, he is the Beilien of the South.

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"Ill advised threes"- He is shooting 39.5% from 3 while shooting an average of 10 attempts a game. Relative to early season this has declined a little but just two games ago against TCU he went 10-18 from the 3 point line. 

"Low assist to turnover rate"- His assist rate is 54.4 for the season (#1 in the country) and his turnover rate is 19.2. By my math that makes his A/TO ratio 2.8. Not low.

"Ball hog"- See above. #1 assist rate IN THE COUNTRY

"Driving out of control"- Harder to measure statistically but all of the other statistics might it quite clear that the ball in his hands is a good thing for Oklahoma.

Kenpom includes comparisons for players who have comparable statistical measures. Trae Young's #1 comparable is Kyrie Irving in the one year he was at Duke. He is not overrated. You don't know what you're talking about. 


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Your right. I saw him one game. They played WCU and lost. I didnt have time to gather the requisite statistical categories to back up my “arguments”. Im old fashioned that way I guess. He single handedly lost that game for them after carrying the scoring, assist and turnover load. I apologize for not knowing his “splits” either. I guess I just am used to judging a player upon how they help to get their team a win. Not by how much their usage rate leads to their overall gaudy numbers. I was more impressed with the Cowan kid from Maryland.