U-M has had only 2 three-year early NFL entries since end of 2010

Submitted by Human Torpedo on August 14th, 2018 at 7:49 PM

Funchess and Peppers. We could easily double that number after this year with guys like Gary, Hill, Bush and Hudson. The time is now, Michigan football!



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Didn't PFF have 4 or 5 Michigan players in the top 5 at their position (Bush, Gary, Hill, and one or two others)? Yeah, they were all on defense, but still, this could (and maybe should) be a special team... 


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It means they probably played themselves into a first or second round pick, meaning they did well the year before and the team is better for it.  Also it can be a good recruiting tactic showing recruits how many people UM put into the NFL (early and overall).  You don't think guys like Saban use that pitch?


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LBs rarely go early - Bush maybe but Hudson doubtful.  DEs go early all the time.  Only way Gary stays if Mom says buy the big insurance policy and get your degree (unlikely).  QBs go early all the time but depends on 1st round status - if you can go from late first round to top 5 that is worth like $15MM.  My bet is Shea stays for year 2 to go for the gusto and maybe be the #1 pick in 2020 draft.  Hill is a tough call - would benefit from another year ... is he really better than Jourdan Lewis?  I think the stays for a higher draft pick and thus more $$$

So only sure-thing early loss is Gary.


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Technically if four leave, we'd be tripling that number from 2 to 6.  Technically, Patterson would be a three year early entry if he leaves as well, even if those years weren't all in Ann Arbor.

That said, DO NOT WANT.  Hopefully, if these guys don't win a national title this year, they get close enough to realize it's a very real possibility if they all come back, and they all come back (even Gary!) to win a title in 2019.


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Of course we want all to a stay.  Leaving early is a function of draft position relative to what can be achieved with more experience.  Jumping up spots in the draft is dramatic and BIG$$$.  Look at the below article.  Draft position is everything, even within the 1st round. 



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Yeah, um...since I don't need these guys to prove anything to me (I'm subverting the "if they leave, that means they did incredible things in 2018" people), I'm definitely not wanting any of them to go early. 

Top talents returning for senior years is a Michigan tradition. 


On the other hand, it is an excellent sign that we have so many desirable underclassmen in Schembechler Hall right now.


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Guys going early is a function of where another year improves their draft position.  Right now, only Gary is a lock on high first round.  The big money drops off significantly from mid-first round to lower rounds.  If you are a rising CB like Lavert Hill, junior CBs rarely ever (like never) go in the 1st round.  Seniors?  Much more likely.  Contact differential is like $10MM.  This is all a business decision, which favors our guys staying ... except Rashan.


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Not surprising considering the coaching turnover.  We've had such little coaching stability since 2007 that it's hard to get and develop guys that would be ready to go early.


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Also, the programs that "reload" often have highly drafted guys.  And players shouldn't leave unless they are in the top round or three.  As far as the backups go, it is one thing to not see the field behind replacement-level player, and another thing to not see the field behind 1st round NFL draft pick, all-American, and/or 1st-team All B1G player.  

Is "couldn't take snaps from Rashan Gary and Chase Winovich" exactly a damning take to have for a player (especially a young player)?  I say no.