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08/27/2018 - 5:43pm I would prefer to think of…

I would prefer to think of it as making sure he doesn't create controversy in the Michigan program when none exists.

Although I would preferred him to answer the question on Durkin's actions while coaching at Michigan. Those actions I guess are irrelevant as Durkin hasn't been at Michigan in over two seasons.

08/26/2018 - 1:35pm Your first paragraph is spot…

Your first paragraph is spot on. I realize 2.5 million is a small figure to ESPN but even money making machines can fail. The network should have sent her packing with nothing just like CEOs who destroy companies should get paid nothing to leave. I never have understood the need to pay millions for failure and I never will.

If the contract did not have a performance clause and thus the reason for the payout then ESPN should alter their future contracts with on-air talent.

08/26/2018 - 1:28pm Those who enjoy professional…

Those who enjoy professional sports programming care. Professional and sports were two areas in which Jemele failed. ESPN has decided to focus on those two areas again so they cut Jemele.

08/26/2018 - 12:57pm This will go well. In fact,…

This will go well. In fact, this is a pos-bang! We need positive representatives from the state of Michigan. Jemele Hill is not one of them.

08/26/2018 - 12:56pm 2.5 million dollars to be…

2.5 million dollars to be fired. Hopefully ESPN learned their lesson.

08/23/2018 - 8:51pm This post was so awesome to…

This post was so awesome to read! I expect us to have the tactical know how to get the operation completed quickly. We don't want a long drawn out war to conflict with the football season.

08/23/2018 - 8:38pm This is what I am talking…

This is what I am talking about!

08/23/2018 - 8:29pm Perhaps.
You have seen the…


You have seen the response. Chanting profanities against Michigan following the ruling. Zach Smith's lawyer blaming the victim. Those that want to kill the messenger McMurphy.

Even in the "punishment" doled out by the University much of the response has been centered around their obsession with us.

08/23/2018 - 8:24pm It would be much simpler to…

It would be much simpler to to sign a phony peace treaty, send a special force team to capture a nuclear missile site, and just nuke the entire state from orbit. 


The Michigan difference! We have 1,000,000 strong with firearms training. Can I count on you to rally the Minnesota faithful? I mean we can put aside dispute over a water jug to take out a common enemy.

Also, I like your quick reply which reveals that you have already thought about this extensively. Perhaps we can draft you in as a general? :D

08/23/2018 - 8:20pm Don't you go soft on me…

Don't you go soft on me soldier.

08/23/2018 - 8:14pm HAHAHA!
I am still bitter…


I am still bitter over this decision. Forgot to add how the Big 10 gifted Ohio State a trip to the 1974 Rose Bowl against established practice. Could include the 2016 crock of a contest as well.

The Buckeyes have long since developed a history of outside interference to aid them. What President of a University passes off disciplinary action of a head coach in an ethical issue to the Board of Trustees?

I am certain we could take them!

08/20/2018 - 11:11am Pete Finebaum has integrity…

Pete Finebaum has integrity issues; that much was clear when he labeled Harbaugh a cheater despite the rules being followed. We should not care what Pete thinks about OSU.

Also, does the Big 10 have a PR machine similar to the SEC?

08/17/2018 - 4:28pm They most certainly are…

They most certainly are ducking quality teams in a road atmosphere.

08/17/2018 - 2:26pm Alabama's dynasty will be…

Alabama's dynasty will be secure for quite some time for the following reasons.

1) Talent disparity. If you have the better talent then you will win the bulk of your games in college football. This is much of the reason Michigan has the best winning percentage and overall victory lead. A program like Rutgers may have been around longer but Michigan has had the better talent throughout the years.

2) Clever scheduling. Alabama always schedules a bye or a cupcake right before a tough test. This effectively gives them two weeks preparation for the LSUs and the Auburns of the world. They are also aided by the fact that the SEC only plays eight game schedules whereas the Big 10 plays nine game conference schedules. This allows Alabama to work in those weeks off prior to big matchups.

3) No road games. The last time Alabama played a true road game against a traditional powerhouse team out of conference was 2011! You read that right; seven years ago. Alabama will play difficult games out of conference but it is always in neutral territory (IE: Dallas, TX against Michigan).

4) Alabama is offered advantages that other teams are not. They won the National Championship last year despite not winning their conference. A previous national championship was won against LSU despite losing to LSU in the regular season. This same opportunity was not offered to #2 Michigan in 2006 after losing to OSU on the road by three points. So Alabama has won two of their five national championships without winning their conference. I don't know of any other team in the modern era that has won a single national championship without winning their conference let alone two.

Remember Nick Saban was a failed NFL coach and a middling Big 10 coach. It was only after he started gain advantages that weren't available to him in those leagues that he started rising to the top of his profession. Alabama's AD and the SEC work hard to keep them on top. Our athletic director does a good job but we have higher standards at Michigan and the Big 10 commissioner is not working to give its conference a competitive advantage.

Look at it another way; do you think the SEC was going crazy over Harbaugh's camps and trips for no good reason? They realized quickly that if he were to continue this effort it would give Michigan an advantage in the recruiting battle. So the SEC furiously petitioned the NCAA and effectively worked to put an end to most of it. We have a brilliant coach.

08/16/2018 - 12:56am I am going to watch all of…

I am going to watch all of these! The season is SO CLOSE!

08/15/2018 - 12:08am Also, you can have the rest…

Also, you can have the rest of the posts, I know you enjoy it. I just wanted to have a little fun in competition.

Thanks for building the excitement in what we hope will be a national championship season.

08/15/2018 - 12:05am I previewed the post once at…

I previewed the post once at 11:54. I didn't click post until 12:00 midnight.

If you want to call that cheating then I accept the loss.

08/15/2018 - 12:01am The Full 1999 Presentation…

The Full 1999 Presentation of Michigan vs. Notre Dame starring freshman Larry Foote and also a Michigan legend at Quarterback



08/14/2018 - 11:38pm test

Just so happens to coincide with one of the worst periods in Michigan Football history. We should not be shocked.

08/14/2018 - 2:29am Thanks for the correction. I…

Thanks for the correction. I edited my post.

08/14/2018 - 12:29am I was out grocery shopping…

I was out grocery shopping. I will not make the same mistake tomorrow. See you in 23 hours and 31 minutes!

Also, Bump Elliot, I believe is Michigan Football's oldest living alumnus at 93 and is still very much alive.




08/13/2018 - 2:20am Thank you for the heads up…

Thank you for the heads up. I, now, remember Remy's kick but it was not etched into my brain because the next week Michigan lost to Colorado on Kordell Stewart's miraculous play. I will never forget where I was and crying at length over the loss. I think it took a toll on the team that season as well.


Another #19 Michigan player Remy Hamilton makes the winning kick to beat Notre Dame.








08/13/2018 - 12:08am Devin Funchess making plays…

Devin Funchess making plays against the Irish in 2013.

Michigan wins the game 41-30 in a night game at Michigan Stadium.

08/05/2018 - 4:47pm Sorry but you are wrong.

Sorry but you are wrong.

Michigan's larger problem is being able to finish out a season strong and with rare exception that has happen all the way back to 2001!

The problem is not something you can blame a singular coach for and is cultural. Harbaugh's job is to fix that and then we won't be talking about QB issues.

Note: This is in response to your first point.

08/02/2018 - 8:45pm You won't get much argument…

You won't get much argument for the Glasgow situation but a great chunk of this board would have been satisfied if Grant Perry was released from the team.

08/02/2018 - 11:19am I know I shouldn't be…

I know I shouldn't be curious but I am.


I hope you do beat this and continue to write. I have always enjoyed your professionalism and level-headedness to balance Brian's zaniness. I will be praying for you Ace.

07/31/2018 - 5:16pm No doubt the problem up…

No doubt the problem up until last year wasn't the Quarterback. Last year we could easily attribute the problem at quarterback with the vicious hits they took.

I think Shea Patterson and an improved offensive line wins the Big 10.

07/27/2018 - 11:13am Bummer! I hadn't read that…

Bummer! I hadn't read that the site went down and the youtube channel's content is four months old.

07/17/2018 - 2:15am ParkingGod for latest…

ParkingGod for latest Wolverine seasons. All the wins!


Wolverine Devotee for lengthy highlights (recent)


Luke D'Mello for Michigan Hype Videos


Dr Sap for Miscellaneous Michigan Videos


You're welcome.

07/04/2018 - 1:50pm Happy Independence Day.


Happy Independence Day.


An armed populace who were taxed excessively with no say decided that they had enough. Bless those who love freedom and are willing to fight for it (Oh and Brian as well).

06/19/2018 - 1:13am Yes, I do. Gary and Winovich…

Yes, I do. Gary and Winovich have the potential to be first round draft choices and both are committed to making the defense the best in the nation. I do not expect our safeties to play as poorly this year and they will have relief from the constant assault opposing quarterbacks will be under.

You could tell after Gary's reaction in our lost to State how competitive he is. The defense which returns all but one starter kept us in many games we had no business keeping close. They are older, more experienced, and hungry to prove themselves.

I truly believe our offense will be more than serviceable this year and potentially better than the 2015 group. People forget that our offense was able to score pretty well in 2015 and 2016. 2017 was an aberration. I think if we would have had Jake Rudock back in 2016 we would have won the National Championship. The narrative of Harbaugh can't win the big one a farce and this year I think he will lead the team to win all of them. 

I think our success this year will be all we need to get recruiting on track as well. The narrative was similar in 1997 and by 1998 Michigan had the #1 recruiting class in the nation.

06/19/2018 - 12:20am Notre Dame didn't lose a…

Notre Dame didn't lose a game at home last year. In fact, they blew out every opponent with the exception of Navy. This is going to be a tough match up for us.

Other obvious marquee games:

Michigan vs. Wisconsin

Michigan at Michigan State

Michigan vs Penn State

Michigan at Ohio State

06/19/2018 - 12:13am If Michigan can beat the…

If Michigan can beat the Domers then they will have a good shot at being undefeated when they play Wisconsin on October 13th.

I predict we beat Wisconsin at home. We win a revenge against Michigan State on the road. We blow out Penn State who no longer has Saquon Barkley or Joe Moorhead. The following two games against our rival Rutgers and Indiana should be easy victories.

We won't lose to Ohio State this year. Michigan is going to win that game by two touchdowns as our quarterback and offensive line will be much improved over last year.

Our defense will be #1 in the country and rival that of the 1997 Michigan defense.


06/16/2018 - 6:33pm The board apathy does not…

The board apathy does not appear to be affected by posts discussing the board apathy. 100+ posts for this thread.

More than likely the problem is stemming from the off season more than anything.

04/22/2018 - 1:15pm Sweet

Can someone hack the site and update it? :D Just kidding.

04/08/2018 - 1:09pm Starting to conclude

Starting to conclude that Michigan State excels at producing substance abusers and sexual predators. I will be in fear if my children decide to attend.

04/02/2018 - 7:52pm Why not create a thread

Why not create a new thread since we have to wait until the butt crack of dawn for the game to start. I am hating these late times and I hope this changes.

04/01/2018 - 6:59pm We have no moral stance

We have no moral stance against the Louisvilles of this world if we demand those banners be hung back up. I am glad Coach Beilein is handling Louisville championship questions with class but they cheated in order to win that just as Michigan cheated in order to secure the Fab Five recruiting class.

I think Webber is still salty over the timeout situation. Rarely does a mention of the Fab Five go bye without Webber's timeout being brought up.

03/22/2018 - 11:25am The football team

The football team, I believe, does an excellent job of explaining the importance of this number and the high honor to receive it. Devin Gardner could have reverted to #12 after his college career completed but he still wears #98 for the Nojima Sagamihara Rise of the X-League. I wouldn't be surprised if Rashan Gary carries on the tradition.


03/04/2018 - 7:47pm Michigan vs Iowa

Michigan vs Iowa - Big Ten Tournament



03/04/2018 - 7:46pm Michigan vs Nebraska

Michigan vs Nebraska - Big Ten Quarterfinals



03/04/2018 - 7:45pm Embed

Michigan vs Purdue - Big Ten Tournament Championship


03/04/2018 - 7:44pm Decided to embed all the games

Decided to embed all the games in case you wanted to relive the whole tournament run.


Michigan vs Michigan State - Big Ten Semifinal



02/27/2018 - 4:05pm The problem with the NCAA

The problem with the NCAA is not cheating institutions nor is it the atrocious one and done basketball rule but rather that the institution has backed itself into a corner where they cannot punish cheating institutions in a real and meaningful way. You don't get any blacker in regards to ethics than enabling a child rapist (Penn State); promoting an abuse culture (Baylor); or sweeping sexual assault alligations under the rug (MSU) without any harsh punishment dealt. The last successful punishment that affected change that I know of was Michigan's basketball cheating scandal which was finalized over a decade ago.

Since then North Carolina has been caught faking classes; Ole Miss paying players; and we are still seeing the early results of an FBI investigation in which two names implicated were cleared in less than a few days. The NCAA is a joke but it isn't because players are becoming bolder in accepting compensation but because they refuse to do anything about it and everyone knows it.

The NCAA could allow for players to be compensated generously tomorrow and some institutions will still cheat. We will be back in less than a decade discussing moving the bar again because cheating has become accepted.


Hookers anyone?

02/27/2018 - 3:36pm Like the idea

I like the idea of everything being above board but your figures are way off. Michigan has more billionaires in the network than any other institution. Michigan would never miss out on any top notch basketball and football recruit on the sheer volume of capital we could throw at a player legally. This reason alone is why the NCAA will not change its rules.

Simply put, we would make the Alabamas of this world look like they are playing in the minor leagues when it comes to revenue generation for compensating players. Yeah the first 10 national championships would be enjoyable but then you would have to change the rules again.

02/20/2018 - 4:20pm I might get negged for this.

Jalen loves Michigan. I have no doubt he has aided in all the areas mention below but sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble and casts a negative light on Michigan.

Here is an article where Grant Hill, rightfully, corrects Jalen on his worldview and incorrect understanding of an uncle tom. No person is without flaws and I am not one that wants to see Jalen ex-communicated as a public figure of Michigan but I also do not fault those who have heard some of his remarks and hold a negative view.…

02/20/2018 - 12:46pm Their logic

Their logic is dumb! The NCAA has backed themselves into a corner with big TV contracts and huge revenue streams from conference play. They can no longer (nor will they) restrict a team from playing on TV or issue the death penalty. This is the one way in which they can actually punish a school and they refuse to do it.

Louisville will continue to call themselves 2013 NCAA champions and merely exponging their record does nothing. No one will ever take serious "2013 NCAA championship vacated" but they must if the title is "Michigan - 2013 NCAA champions." College athletics is the only competition I know that punishes the clean losers more than the cheating victors. No wonder Louisville purchased prostitutes for its players and I am not shocked about the upcoming FBI investigation results.

01/03/2018 - 8:06pm ESPN

I made a post in the comments section of the article detailing Nick Saban whining over the CFP scheduling. Called Saban a failed NFL coach and middling Big 10 coach that didn't start shining until he had a huge talent disparity and clever scheduling. The comment had 120 upvotes and then was promptly deleted by ESPN.