TBT-Should Peters have been the starter from 1st game of season?

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Here's a topic that's rarely been discussed. /s  The board is so busy right now, but there will still be a lot of replies. /s If this was the old board, I'd get a ton of upvotes for starting this topic. /s

On to the topic. 

Should Peters have started? 

Yes. Reason? Because.

Thoughts? Comments? 



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No.  Totally unimpressed with his play once he was in.  More a deer in headlights than not.  There was a reason he was third in the pecking order.  Good young man, but definitely not the answer for us at QB.  Throws a nice ball but doesn't show the grit/fire or the sharp decision making required to succeed at the level we require to compete against the OSU's of the world.

Hail Harbo

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"Peters admitted earlier this season that he lost ground in Michigan's offseason quarterback battle after making too many mental errors in fall camp. He ended spring ball in a "dead heat" with both Speight and O'Korn, but was third on the depth chart when the season began. 

He cited turnovers in practice, fumbled snaps, calling plays wrong in the huddle and a variety of other small issues as a reason why, he believed, the staff lost some confidence in him. He eventually earned it back and put himself in position to make a move. 

But that didn't happen until after Speight had been hurt."

Nick Baumgardner


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I don't know about the deer in the headlights thing. I do know he has terrible body language. If that carries over to his behavior with his teammates, I don't ever see him starting, except in case of emergency. He's still young, maybe he can move past that mentally.

Shame, he throws a nice ball. Can make all the throws. Superior to Speight and O'Korn in every way except leadership.


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I don't think he progressed through his receiver options too well. I think this is where he seemed to "freeze". If he couldn't get the ball to his main option he would get nervous. He also appeared to aim the ball on a lot of throws rather than just throwing. He also didn't feel or read pressure too well and took quite a few big hits.

However, the dude was just a RS Freshman and looked exactly like that on many occasions. I think he will still have a say in who is the #1 QB. But probably not until 2019.


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Even more frustrating to me was the fact that if the refs get the call right on the DPJ TD, Peters never gets that concussion, and we could be 11-1 heading into a B1G championship game.

Just imagine. That call. Barrett call on 4th down previous year.

I'm not much for always blaming the refs. But, it's amazing how different the current narrative could be with two objective calls corrected...


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I don't understand this argument at all.  If anything, I thought he showed a really solid pocket presence despite being under near-constant fire behind a bad line.  He played within the flow of the offense and wasn't bailed out all that much when he tried to stretch the ball downfield.  If anything, I think he was #2 last year (Speight was still the best QB on the roster), and Michigan would have won 10 games IMO had he replaced Speight after he was injured.


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Eh, JOK only lost two games (prior to Peters injury): MSU and PSU.  No way Peters would have beaten PSU.  So even if he could have beaten MSU (doubtful), he probably wouldn't have beaten Purdue.

So it's hard to say starting JOK over Peters actually cost us any games, if you assume he still gets hurt against Wisconsin (because he probably would have beaten OSU).


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PSU was a loss regardless, but I absolutely believe he's better against MSU than O'Korn, and he's better than O'Korn against OSU.  

Also, Michigan was 37 yards away from the win against MSU despite their QB throwing for 3 interceptions.  It's probably safe to say that Peters would have been at least incrementally better, which likely would have been enough to win.

rob f

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Hypothetical question for you, umbig11:

It O'Korn hadn't played so well vs Purdue when Wilton Speight got mugged in that game, would we have seen Brandon Peters at least a couple of games earlier than how things played out last season? 

Or was Peters that far behind (reportedly because of his early--season lackadaisical attitude towards learning the playbook) that he would have still had to stay on the bench until O'Korn had used up all of his opportunities to take firm hold of the starting QB job?


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Did you forget that Wilton Speight was once on the team? And that, with Speight at the helm, our passing offense climbed all the way to #1 in S&P at one point in 2016? Jim would've been lambasted and labeled crazy had he started Peters over Speight in 2017, and rightfully so.


July 19th, 2018 at 2:34 PM ^

Yeah, but you aren't considering the benefit of hindsight. If we had started Peters, he would've been the one our OL would've sacrificed against Purdue, meaning Speight would've been available for MSU. We probably win that game.

Peters, not having had previous injuries, probably recovers quicker than Speight, coming back for Wisconsin where he still get's the concussion. Speight is healthy for OSU, and we win that game too.


July 19th, 2018 at 3:27 PM ^

Let's also not forget that Speight majorly regressed after the 2016 Iowa game and never looked the same. The games he started last season before he went out with the injury were anything but inspiring and reassuring. He didn't look good.

But neither did the other two scholarship QBs in Peters or O'Korn. 

So ultimately, I don't think it really matters if Peters starts last year or not. None of those QBs showed the ability to lead the team and make plays when needed most.

Sure Peters is probably marginally better than O'Korn, but that's not saying much. Are we all forgetting that horrendous showing in the bowl game?

Bottom line is none of our QBs were ready last year.


July 19th, 2018 at 5:37 PM ^

DURING the Iowa game you mean.  Go watch a whistle to whistle cut on YouTube and prepare to throw your watching device as he over/under throws wide open - like touchdown wide open - guys at least half a dozen times in a one score game.  Kinnick took that guy's soul.