Per rivals ($): DCC down to 5: Leavitt, Anderson, Pees, Randy Shannon, and Butch Davis

Submitted by gremlin3 on December 7th, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Yes, that Randy Shannon and that Butch Davis. Apparently they even reached out to Harbaugh and asked to be interviewed.

Best I can do for a LINK. ($) (Yes, it's paywalled.)

Calling alum96, profile it up, baby. (I've only found Leavitt and Anderson posts.)



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I think the consensus is that with Smart to UGa Pruitt is taking Smart's position at Bama. He's an Alabama grad and had his first major college coaching gig there. Seems like it'd be nearly impossible to steal him out from under Bama if they want him (and I'm hearing they do.)


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The man has left dumpster fires in his wake at every stop. Petrino level scum. I'd still like to think the programs I root for have integrity in spite of the cheating culture that is the cash majority of college football. Hiring an obvious crook like Davis would ruin that.


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I'd honestly be alright with Randy Shannon.....feel like he is just a better DC than HC and should keep that south florida pipeline going.


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Honestly alright?  That would be an incredible hire.  And a poach from an equal-level school where he is co-DC already.

Longterm LB coach who has coordinated killer defenses over a large sample size and oh by the way has recruited the shit out of Florida for 20 years?  And is highly energetic and still under 50 and probably not going to leave for another HC job anytime soon?  Sign me up.


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This would be a homerun hire.  I mean, he was DC for YTM from 2001-2006, during which they were always top ten defenses.  This year his Florida defense was lights out and largely improved on Durkin's defense from the year before.  

Currently, Shannon gets paid 400k.  Durkin was getting 800k here.  We can pretty much double his salary.  I say get it done!  Otherwise, he could wind up on OSU's sideline and that woudl be the suck. 


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Yeah...but it seems odd that this info is being leaked now...he's going to be on the opposite sideline. He'll be asked about this a thousand times and probably have to deny it to save face with UF and his players. Maybe he's just angling for a raise or something.


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I care. The UNC situation is my worst nightmare that doesn't include close family members being killed, tortured, etc. or some variation of WWIII. 

Those of us with a degree/s from this school owe much of our professional reputation to these degrees' reputation, especially those of us only recently out of college and without vast experience in our fields. A scandal like that could directly hurt my ability to compete for jobs. It might not, but it could. I have loved Michigan football since birth but I would honestly give deep thought to going the U Chicago route (D-3) if any such scandal occurred. 
Athletics are important, but they do not trump academics, at least not for me.