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This guy is the "Director of Recruiting" for ElevenWarriors.  I'm not sure if that means that he recruits writers for their blog or knows something about football.  Anyway, he tweeted this after the Damien Harris commit.  Any info out there on who he might be referring to?

Apologies for not being able to embed (he speculates another 2015 recruit from Ohio about to drop for Michigan).



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But you never really know.  Consensus was Crawford was possibly going to commit shortly after the BBQ if it went well.  It went well and he still hasn't committed.  Maybe not today/tomorrow, but in the near future (e.g. this week) we may see the next 2015 domino drop.


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This would be pretty incredible if we managed to pick up a second commit today. These classes apparently will be filling up rather quickly from this point on, so hopefully people are learning that you need to reserve your spots early in the process. 

That being said, the way this staff targets and recruits basically a class ahead to allow itself to focus on the present is awesome, especially because they can do it at this level and with this sort of success. 

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Fancy title for "I blog about Ohio State recruiting." I think this guy is just taking a shot in the dark at Shaun Crawford because he already has Michigan at the top of his list. But I doubt he has any real inside info as Crawford has not been on Ohio State's radar.

None of the guys who cover Michigan recruiting (Rivals, Scout, etc) got the sense he was ready to commit after the BBQ. Michigan is still in a good position for him though and probably just a matter of time.


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Bill Greene ‏ @ BillBankGreene 1h
Is Shaun Crawford on the clock for Michigan? You can almost hear Ted Knight: "Well, we're waiting." Had to go Caddyshack on everyone.


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I still haven't recovered from George Campbell...then today's bombshell of Harris and now another? Not sure i can take this..... actually yes i can! hahah