Otis Reese officially visiting (us) this weekend

Submitted by TK on January 18th, 2018 at 12:09 PM
That would seem to be positive news.



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Maizen was not banned in the sense that I consider being banned. Click on "Users by MGoPoints" and go to the last page. Click on Maizen. You will be able to see his comments. If he was banned like users before, clicking on him would return "access denied." The mods or Seth have mentioned something about not being able to ban folks permanently anymore. The new site is supposed to fix that, I seem to recall. The best thing to do in the meantime is ignore the trolls.


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It was pretty classic. Another poster, who I won't name, found examples of home improvement websites referring to "renovated" living rooms where the changes consisted of painting the walls, fixing carpets, putting in new furniture, etc. Maizen took the stand that its not a renovation unless the walls are torn down and reconfigured. I wish I could read it again. 


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Great news and hopefully this gives Michigan a shot to keep him in the class.  Linebacker doesn't seem to be a huge need, but more athleticism is always a good thing.  


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Don't mean to thread-jack, but I didn't think this deserved it's own thread, as it is just a little recruiting scuttlebutt. Talked to one of my UGA booster buddies today about Reese and he said that UGA is not pushing for him very hard anymore and that he's almost certain he will stay with Michigan. This meshes with sentiment from Michigan's end and makes sense with CP reupping and visiting Reese, Reese setting an OV, and Michigan hiring a stellar recruiter as another LB coach. My UGA friend also said something else about Reese that I won't repeat because I've only heard it from a single source and it could just be sour grapes about Michigan winning out for a great LB prospect in their backyard. 


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And year! I follow pretty closely and most times have no clue what class they are in until I google it. Otis Reese I'm a little forgiving on, but idk why it would be hard to do:

Otis Reese (2018 Commit [not signed] - VIPER!! Top 100 Recruit from GA) is making his official visit to Michigan this weekend. Or just hyperlink the 247 profile.


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That's the problem: he's over 220 closer to 230 now and he's 6'3. The coaches are going to opt to have a hyper athletic Will over trying to shave him down to 220 or 215  while increasing his functional strength. I would guess he rounds out at 235 here and is a multi-year starter at Will. I think our next great target for the Viper position is Lance Dixon in the '19 class.


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Because he’s a teenage football player - he’s going to grow and his body composition is going to change drastically and he will only do a few official camp weigh ins in one recruiting cycle. The things you’d have to do to remain updated on heights and weights would violate a few civil rights.