OT-Peyton Manning...might NOT be a good dude.

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I had heard rumors about this incident before (including on this board) but never anything in a legitimate news outlet until I saw this article in the NY Daily News this morning. 


Obviosuly both sides have their own version of events but this is not a good look for Peyton or the Manning family and some of it is pretty disturbing.

I've never been a big fan of Manning because I think he's a phony who smiles for the camera and is probably not the great guy everyone makes him out to be in his off-camera life but this is worse than I thought.



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Yeah at first I was gonna say this doesn't necessarily mean he's still a bad guy even though he did a bad thing once, but after getting to all the persistent covering up and slander this is a pretty crazy/disgusting story. As someone else mentioned though the writing is kinda bad. Minor detail but it bugs me as a medical person: you can't put your rectum on someone's face unless you take it out of your body. It's internal.

Honk if Ufer M…

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Yeah Denardogasm, but you sure as hell can put your asshole on someones face if you're an asshole and a dick on someone's head if you're a dickhead criminal sex offending sexist, racist dirty pig and you attempted to steal Charles Fucking Woodson's goddamn Heisman Trophy!!!

Cool story bro would be that everyone who ever meets him from now on will kick him in his nasty balls as hard as they can and then shout
fuck you Manning in order to add insult to injury.


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Sexual assault is a bit different. It also worse when Manning then takes pot shots at the victim in his autobiography and blames the incident on women being around men's sports. And then after getting sued a second time because you broke the non disclosure clause of the settlement He took pot shots of the victim again I'm a national interview again. Clearly even if you think sexual assault is something 'stupid' one can do in college, Manning clearly believes he is not to blame, the victim is to blame for being an athletic trainer in football and has learned nothing. It's pretty damn bad. But clearly the biggest issue with the NFL is Newton dancing.

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"But clearly the biggest issue with the NFL is Newton dancing."

First of all, this event took place in college.

Secondly, that's a pretty large exaggeration. As much as some people don't like Newton's dancing, much bigger news stories have been about domestic violence (Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, etc.) and concussions.


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We've all done something dumb in college. In fact, some of us continue to do dumb things long after college. Imhe, there are multiple other issues.

  1. When you are caught doing something dumb, own up to it, don't just obfuscate, hide, deny, etc. etc., etc.
  2. When someone catches you doing something dumb, don't vindictively destroy them.
  3. When you agree to do something (sealed case, etc.), honor your agreement.
  4. When you're an adult, own up to past actions. As with Tressel, a huge part of the problem is the coverup. It is often a lot worse than the original infraction.
  5. I'm kind of sick and tired of men trying to pass off sexist and offensive action just as "boys being boys." And I'm tired of other men giving a pass to these same men, particularly because they are protecting a famous male athlete.

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I just read through quite a bit of the court docs.  If you read the details in here, it is really hard not to believe this woman.  I have never been a fan of Manning and was really pulling for Carolina last week.  The interesting thing is that I have never really been able to put my finger on WHY I don't like him.  Maybe I have the gift of discernment and he is a doucher.  


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There's a lot of sexist behaviors, assaults and just smarmy (not illegal) behavior around a lot of athletic departments.  There was a number of cases i was aware of at Michigan, and I don't really know how they were handled, but it seemed like the coaches/administrators did the right thing when they were aware of the events.   Reading that doc, Tennessee seems like an awful place.  (Especially in light of the recent story about the football players raping someone and then beating up another player (twice) when he tried to help the survivor. Coaches were aware.)    Manning seems like a priveledged jerk/good ole boy and so does the athletic director.


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Really? Obviously not literally every single person alive, but I'd assume most people following sports know of it. It comes up every so often. Its been pretty common knowledge for a long time. 

We don't need one shitty human being telling us something well-known about another shitty human being for his own personal benefit. Just my opinion. 


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Then you are a poorly informed individual who doesn't read the news. 

Here are articles from 2014 discussing the same information:



And here is something from February 1st of this month. 


Took me about 5 minutes to find and link this info. So if you had heard "vague rumors" you should have been able to easily confirm them. There are many, many more. 

But no, let's give a piece of shit like Shaun King plaudits for "breaking" a story that has been broken for years so he can continue to drum up a racial controversy that doesn't actually exist. 


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You said you heard "internet rumors". A quick "Peyton Manning sexual assault" search would have turned up numerous articles leading to information regarding the case. Oh, but you didn't have time to do that with your bomb-ass life going on. Yet, somehow with no free time you're visiting sites that deal in "internet rumors" while at the same time claiming not to have seen anything substantial on the Manning case because it wasn't in something of record (which is obviously the only type of site/news you visit/read). Weird. 

But hey, good thing a real journalist like Shaun King was here to get you up to speed. 


February 13th, 2016 at 4:04 PM ^

What was the good try? Catching you in your "I don't have time to read anything that isn't in the WSJ" lie? Or schooling you on Shaun King? Or pointing out your obvious lack of adult capabilities to do your own research (which you clearly have plenty of time to do as you're still on here responding to me)? 

Sounds like another person who can't accept the L. Deflect away.