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I'm currently watching Iowa get bludgeoned to death by Tennessee, and I cannot help but bring up the old subject of Kirk Ferentz.  How is it that this man has kept his job!? Iowa has gone 45-31 since the end of 2008, and with only one really solid season (11-2 in 2009).  Is Iowa really just "comfortable" with being the most mediocre football team in the country.  They're predictable, slow, undersized, and just lack a lot of athleticism.  I'm sure its happening, but if I'm a Hawkeye fan I'm screaming for KF to be fired.  There is no way that Iowa is going to be even close to being competitive with the way the B1G is trending.  


How are they going to compete with Harbaugh, Dantonio, Meyer, Kill, Franklin?  They're not, not with KF.  I know that it's a tough place to recruit, but he's not helping any is he? Of course I am a Michigan fan, but I also enjoy seeing as many B1G teams in the rankings as possible, it's good for the conference, and even better for us the fans. Is there any chance that Iowa takes a look at this beat down they're getting and think its time for a change? Do you take a chance as the Iowa AD and give Kyle Whittingham a call? 


Just throwing it out there guys, I'm sure the snarks are coming.  Just want the B1G to be as best as it can be. Go Blue!



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His buyout is like half of Iowa's operating budget. I'm being sarcastic, but it's a pretty big buyout. I believe he's halfway through the 10 year extension he signed after the 2009 season. He's got at least 2-3 more years at Iowa. 

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10 year contract extensions (in sports) are a very bad idea.  The probability of overpaying substantially in regard to performance toward the end of the contract is very high.  Especially when you have a coach (or athlete for that matter) that's been around a long time like KF.  Whether it's age or the Peter Principle or risk of injury, long term contracts are highly risky financially. 


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This was brouoght up in the Iowa game thread but Ferentz has a huge contract and lots of years still on it.  Iowa is stuck with Ferentz until he gets closer to the end of the contract.  The buyout right now would be enormous.


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When we met up with some iowa friends in November, we were complaining about the state of Michigan football, and they were like, "You guys complain too much, you'll be fine, just ride it out. Maybe Michigan will be like Iowa and give Hoke a raise." They are not happy about the situation, but realize they are stuck.


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losing 26-24 to Wiscy and 37-34 in OT to Nebraska.

But they did lose 51-14 to Minnesota and 20-17 to lowly Iowa State, so they've showed they're capable of sucking.

Not to worry.  The Hawkeyes are built to make comebacks w/ Mark Weisman up the middle. 


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Head on over to the boards at Hawkeye Report, Hawkeye Nation, or BHGP and see if you still think Iowa fans are "comfortable" with the state of the Iowa football program.  I predict there are already message board meltdowns underway.  As mentioned by other posters, Iowa gave Ferentz an absurd contract as part of his last extension.  His buyout precludes Iowa from making any move to replace him.  Iowa would have to get every major booster to sign off.

I am of the opinion that Ferentz just does things now to piss of the fanbase, knowing full well there is nothing they can do.  


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No snark here. I think it's valid thread and question. Iowa is consistently inconsistent and that is Ferentz's trademark these days. Mediocre recruiting, coaching and results seem to be ok with that staff.


Do what MSU started doing about 5-6 years ago which is slowly but surely develop players for 3-4 year college careers and stay close to the top of the division/conference. Slip into the championship game once in a while and sell kids on playing time. The B1G West seems wide open with UW and NU getting new coaches.


That's easier said than done but it's possible.


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Watch the movie Nebraska. Then immediately watch the movie About Schmidt. (Do not slit your wrists., please)
Congratulations, you are in an Iowa state of mind. Now Ferentz has become worthwhile, and you will believe this, and soon enough you will spontaneously name your newborn, even if daughter, "Kirk" despite you loath both Scotland and Star Trek.
There are no true professional athletic teams in your state. There will be corn, mature hogs or snow, and the cycle continues anew. Endlessly until death it seems, because nothing else except this existence and belief.
Ferentz forever. We dodged that bullet already. 


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Ferentz has obviously taken a step back in recent years, but given Iowa's talent levels most years and the state of the conference, I'm honestly not sure how much better they'd be with someone else.  Sure, there might be a few more highs if they get the right combination of offensive system and playmakers, but Iowa always fields a good defense (today not being a banner day for them, yes), and they are competitive most years.  I mean, he's had 2 losing seasons in the past 13 years, and he's usually good for 8-9 wins.  He's a low ceiling and high floor guy, which isn't super-exciting but again, Iowa's history before him wasn't glorious save for Fry.

Also, I'm a bit of a fan because he grew up in my hometown.