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11/29/2018 - 1:44pm I'm sure this is true. It…

I'm sure this is true. It simply shows how fundamentally incompatible universities are with revenue sports. The system assumes that a University education is reward enough for all players. The market has shown that this is definitely not the case and likely has not been the case for decades.

I support anything that rewards players, especially at the expense of conference administrators and TV executives. But there's no getting around the fact that the current system is unsustainable and slowly breaking apart. 

11/24/2018 - 4:32pm You're depressed, aren't you?

You're depressed, aren't you?

11/20/2018 - 12:39pm Hey O-zone, when you're…

Hey O-zone, when you're touting the past instead of the present to explain why you're superior, that's a bad sign. Trust me on this, I've got some experience.

11/18/2018 - 9:51am Yes, we will pull out all…

Yes, we will pull out all the stops.

11/17/2018 - 8:48pm Oh that explains it. Who…

Oh that explains it. Who here was sitting on Don Brown and messing everything up?

11/08/2018 - 7:10am Few people remember this…

Few people remember this. Sure, Michigan would beat week one Notre Dame, but current Notre Dame? Definitely possible, maybe likely, but not a foregone conclusion.

11/07/2018 - 3:55pm Can it really be true? What…

Can it really be true? What about all those hard earned points from June until now? Gone? All gone? My God, I've got kids!

10/30/2018 - 11:19am That's without question the…

That's without question the wittiest thing I've ever heard coming from Troy Aikman.

10/25/2018 - 2:00am Don't most of these payments…

Don't most of these payments come in the form of "gifts" from bagmen? Taxes for gifts are the responsibility of the giver, not the recipient.

10/14/2018 - 2:30pm If we're kicking a 5 yard FG…

If we're kicking a 5 yard FG (i.e., with the ball starting inside the end zone) well sir, I'm going to have a lot of questions.

10/10/2018 - 8:15am There is hardly a more…

There is hardly a more enjoyable-to-say-word in the English language than "blimp".

10/03/2018 - 2:33am It's an intractable problem…

It's an intractable problem.  There is one model for these different types of athletes:

--The soccer player on a 25% scholarship, who loves their sport and is getting a great education

--The women's rower on a 0% scholarship, who has been wheedled into staying on the team (because the school needs to balance out the football team's numbers for Title IX)

--The basketball player on a 100% scholarship, who doesn't really care about the education, but is being expertly groomed for a great career in the NBA

--The football player on a 100% scholarship, whose body is getting destroyed and he's starting to realize the NFL isn't going to happen, and he has spent his school years getting ready for football so he's not really in a position to take advantage of a University education.

It's required that Universities be fair to all athletes.  So what can you do?  If you allow likeness profit, you're allowing all sorts of undesirable outside forces take control of your program.

If you pay a salary to football and basketball players, you have to pay everyone. That's not happening.

I see how University athletic departments benefit from this model.  I see how some student-athletes benefit.  But there are definitely some student-athletes getting screwed.  Probably the only real long-term answer is that Universities are going to have to get out of the athletics game entirely.

09/09/2018 - 2:20am Well I heartily approve of…

Well I heartily approve of this development.

08/08/2018 - 9:21am Get the American Express…

Get the American Express Super Platinum card, which allows you to convert MGoPoints into airline miles. It can really make interminable creation of board posts profitable.

08/03/2018 - 6:49pm I can field those for Urban:…

I can field those for Urban:

1) because it would have looked bad.

2) you can't.



07/29/2018 - 11:32am Now this is a depressing…

Now this is a depressing post.

07/20/2018 - 12:54am I don't think I've ever seen…

I don't think I've ever seen a website that was so different between landscape and portrait. I never knew if you browse in landscape you get to see everyone's (non-updating) points. And the whole thread thing makes sense.

Still looks bad though.

07/15/2018 - 10:14pm My youngest and I were just…

My youngest and I were just having a competition for worst joke that still has a tiny bit of humor. My winner:

Where do trees live?

In a tree house.


06/11/2018 - 3:50pm Except posters are creating…

Except posters are creating content for free. Oftentimes not *great* content, but I read the board for years before I started posting.

06/11/2018 - 3:46pm Think of the folks at HUEL…

Think of the folks at HUEL who probably gave Brian a big discount, thinking, "this will really get out the word about the work we do here at Human Element!

06/10/2018 - 2:25pm I never knew that's where …

I never knew that's where "mayday" came from.

06/09/2018 - 6:15pm I liked seeing each user'sn…

I liked seeing each user'sn overall point total under their avatar. Maybe it's mgoclassicist, but when reading a particularly hot take the point total would help me decide if I should pay attention.

05/23/2018 - 7:52am There is an unseen force in

There is an unseen force in the universe that preserves the past, present, and future. The past is projected into the future just as the future projects into the past. When another force (time travelers, meddling aliens) disrupts this natural flow, the universe fights back to protect itself.

So, if Moe had stayed, in the end everything would still be exactly the same.

05/14/2018 - 7:03am I said this in an earlier

I said this in an earlier thread, but I heard that they're trying to get ahead of the whole scandal by emptying the endowed foundation accounts. They basically bought this incoming class. Kinda like burning your food to provide heat, though ....

05/11/2018 - 1:16pm Apparently MSU is trying to

Apparently MSU is trying to weather this by emptying all their endowed foundation accounts to buy students.

04/12/2018 - 4:59pm Or as my father used to say,

Or as my father used to say, "one of those good-talking guys."

04/07/2018 - 11:24pm One word: recruiting. Endless

One word: recruiting. Endless travel to convince 17-year-olds to come to Michigan.

04/04/2018 - 10:06pm There was one thing I didn't

There was one thing I didn't understand. Did RoJo have to pay to go to the game in 2005?

03/27/2018 - 6:41pm That's the confound, all

That's the confound, all right. How about schools just don't profit off images of student athletes?

03/25/2018 - 1:56am I went to Catholic School

I went to Catholic School taught by actual nuns. They told me certain things would happen to me if I performed certain acts. I performed the acts anyway. The things didn't happen. I don't trust nuns anymore.

03/20/2018 - 3:10pm you mean $2 million every

you mean $2 million every year.  That's a bit harder to fundraise.

03/18/2018 - 12:23am I just got home and clicked

I just got home and clicked on the live stream (that said we were down by 2) and when it opened, I watched the dang thing go in, unbelievable.

03/04/2018 - 12:19am Don't forget his work as

Don't forget his work as Pop's dad on Regular Show.

02/27/2018 - 9:40pm Slacks AND dress shoes?

Slacks AND dress shoes? History's greatest monster.

02/21/2018 - 9:17pm I was pretty good at a crappy

I was pretty good at a crappy NES game called Mendel's Palace. No one could beat me since no one cared enough to learn how to play correctly.

02/14/2018 - 10:33pm You know how when you get a

You know how when you get a new girlfriend and you need to discreetly prune your social media ... Mgoblog has some work to do.

02/12/2018 - 2:38pm strange, I've never heard

strange, I've never heard that before about the drinking.

01/21/2018 - 8:28pm I feel like I've seen more

I feel like I've seen more flea flickers today than I saw my entire childhood.

01/17/2018 - 11:59pm The Brandon protests were

The Brandon protests were fun, it didn't really mean anything. Just football and some idiot AD.

Now this, this is lives ruined. Kids robbed of a normal childhood. This means something. And it's tough to take, and I wouldn't be so quick to ask why MSU fans aren't drinking this story in.

If this situation were at Michigan, as a fan and alumnus I would probably avoid MgoBlog like the plague and find some new hobbies. This is deeply unsettling stuff.

01/09/2018 - 12:23am For the life of me I can't

For the life of me I can't figure out why "pretty please" would be legally binding in this case.

01/08/2018 - 11:07pm I'd love for Michigan to have

I'd love for Michigan to have a punter like that

01/08/2018 - 11:00pm Geez, pouty McGee there

Geez, pouty McGee there

01/08/2018 - 10:55pm Enough with the "dies irae,"

Enough with the "dies irae," Alabama band

01/08/2018 - 10:50pm I have a dilemma. I'm

I have a dilemma. I'm standing ESPN. The normal stream is super glitchy. The "Homer" stream is perfect. But then I have to listen to Adam Amin.

01/08/2018 - 10:34pm My Lord, these refs!

My Lord, these refs!

01/08/2018 - 10:28pm B1G refs not looking good

B1G refs not looking good here

01/04/2018 - 7:55pm Isn't this like the worst

Isn't this like the worst strategy ever from her lawyer? It appears they've played all their trump cards in the first round. He's now already embarrassed and she can't hurt him any worse. Why on earth would he pay now? He'll just pay a very good lawyer to destroy her community college lawyer in court and she will get nothing.

01/03/2018 - 1:36pm It's not hard to imagine that

It's not hard to imagine that if he's willing to cheat in the most important part of his life (family), he's probably ok with it in other areas as well.

Be a man and divorce your wife before you do that.

01/02/2018 - 11:37pm Please don't let this change

Please don't let this change your avatar. That picture makes me laugh every time.

01/02/2018 - 7:48am Did something change

Did something change recently? It's always been great for new and all of a sudden it can't go 2 minutes without stopping.