OT: Ian Book out for ND against FSU this week

Submitted by Salinger on November 8th, 2018 at 8:37 AM

According to Irish Daily:

The Irish will face another hurdle this weekend as starting quarterback Ian Book will be out for Saturday’s game against Florida State, according to multiple sources,

The 6-foot, 203-pounder suffered multiple injuries to his midsection during this past week's game at Northwestern, which will prevent him from playing in Saturday’s game.

The article goes on to say that he may be ready for Syracuse. B. Wimbush is the guy in the interim, as expected.

Notre Dame has looked, IMO, pretty decent under Ian Book, but they become a much more beatable team with Wimbush at the helm. His 55% completion rating, 1 passing TD and 4 INTs maybe open the door for a strange FSU upset?

FSU is bad though...




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FSU is terrible this year. They could win with just about anyone at qb. However, if he’s out for the Syracuse game too then that game could be a lot more interesting. 


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It was listed initially as one of the factors. A good team losing a game because of an injured player...or a good team losing a good player later in the season was supposed to be taken into account.  Example would be if Clemson were to lose their qb the last game of the year, and then look unimpressive winning a conference title, they could drop from 2 to 4 supposedly.


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I sure hope they don't. Say, for argument's sake, that Shea gets injured and now we need to plug in Peters for OSU and beyond. If the committee decides to extrapolate and assumes we wouldn't be as good, there would be a revolt. The question should be: What has the team done THIS season up until TODAY? If Shea or another star gets injured I sure hope we would have earned our spot based on our performance to date. If so, same argument should be applied for ND if Book were to be out for a while. 


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FSU is awful this year. Could get interesting next week if ND plays without book again against Syracuse (I think next week), who is admittedly overrated but the game is in NY. 

rob f

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I didn't realize until your post that the Syracuse @ND game isn't @ND but at Yankee Stadium.

It will now be even sweeter if Notre Dame loses to 'Cuse after AD Swierbutt sold out to chase after the almighty dollar by moving a home game to the home state of the visiting team.


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The Orange play in the Carrier Dome, whose capacity for football is 49,262.

For the homes games against these conference rivals, Syracuse drew these gigantic crowds:

FSU: 37,457

NC: 35,210 

NCST: 40,769

Notre Dame could draw more than that in NYC with freaking Charlie Weis as coach.


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Look at ND's travel schedule for their last five games. You'd have to wonder if Swarbrick was trolling his own football team.

  • vs Navy - San Diego, CA
  • at Northwestern - Evanston, IL
  • vs Florida State - Notre Dame, IN
  • vs Syracuse - Bronx, NY
  • at Southern Cal - Los Angeles, CA


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This year's FSU team would have a hard time beating the Sisters of Charity in Tallahassee. They are just awful. No way ND goes down to the Noles. 


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Weather is going to be bad in SB this weekend and FSU still has a good Defense. There are some ND fans on Reddit saying he broke ribs and has a kidney contusion and may be out for the season. If he misses FSU, Syracuse and @USC the chances of them dropping a game skyrocket. Wimbush led ND almost lost to Ball State and Vandy.


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Michigan plays ND in literally any other week of the season and they beat the Irish. Week one, on the road, at night, against a rival was a crummy way to begin the season. Still salty that their return trip next year is smack dab in the middle of Michigan's conference slate.


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I live in Tally, and hoped for big things from Taggart. (The whole city was eager to get out from the southern fried bullshit of coaches past.) But he has been almost as pathetic in the postgame as his team has been on the field. He inherited a terrible situation, as has by turns been revealed. But he will be on a very short leash next year. 


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Okay, so I don't think I realized the depths of FSU's badness. They have found, moved into, trashed, and have been evicted from BPONE and now live in what must be worse than BPONE? Not even sure what that might be. But as many of you have said, FSU suuuuuuuucks. At least they resoundingly beat Samford?

FSU suuuuuucks.png