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Listening to Colin on my lunch break. I know this might not be popular, but I love listening to this guy. He is too much of a Lebron and NBA guy, but his advice and takes on life might be just as much, if not more interesting than his takes on sports. Him and Baker Mayfield got into it on twitter yesterday, which was funny. Do you think Colin is good? Why or why not? Who do you like better and why? I know we as a fan base have had our problems with him, but I think ESPN really messed up by letting him get away. He is a straight shooter and not afraid to go against the grain. 



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I don't listen to him almost ever, only clips that get RTed on to my Twitter feed. I think he's a typical radio guy, can be a blowhard at times, but I think he's got a great voice (literally, the sound of his voice is good). That's as much as I think about Colin Cowherd. 


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Him. Stephen A. Whitlock. Bayless. Some others I don't want to remember. Throw them in a hat and pull one out - they're all the same to me. Say provocative things to get clicks and headlines. Then on day 3 switch to the other side just to keep things fresh.


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You ask a lot of questions and make my head hurt.

I am not a big Cowherd fan... maybe it stems from his past Michigan comments, but I find him grating (but not as much as that ass-hat, Stephen A Smith). 

I am sure he has some good insights, but I can't watch him long enough to actual witness any.

Bando Calrissian

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Cowherd on Cowherd:

"Actually, I've never considered myself a journalist. I just consider myself a performer."

i.e., he's not doing anything of substance--he's just trying to get a reaction. Pretty much find him to be a hack.


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Lot of folks here don't like him. I listened to him for years, big fan. He has great perspective on a world larger than sports. Most people who don't like him talk about him like Sparty fans... Name calling or bitter because he doesn't respect their team. And aside from Brady and LeBron, he isn't really inclined to be an unconditional  fan of anyone. 


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He's an OG hot taker.  If you are entertained by it - good for you. If you are actually influenced by it - then you have some critical thinking issues.


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I agree with this for the most part, but not as an absolute statement. I lived in NJ for 14 years and listened to Mike Francesa quite a bit in the afternoon. That guy is as legit as they come and is basically the Godfather of Sports Talk Radio. Mike is who he is, has a well-thought out reason for his takes, and is enlightening as well as entertaining. I haven't agreed with him on everything but he is head and shoulders above everyone else in the radio profession and I think literally every person in the industry would also agree with me. His show talked sports from 1-6:30pm every M-F, ruled the ratings and didn't have any gimmicky features to it - just educated, interesting sports talk of the day. After a brief retirement, he is back in the 3-6:30pm slot and you can catch him on Tunein or online if you don't happen to live in the tristate area. Truly one of a kind talent.


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Depends on why you listen. People here can probably explain why they listen to Sam Webb pretty easily. Local guys talk up the local team, and people want to hear it. Not everyone has a job where they can check Mgo throughout the day, so they listen to the radio.  I'm sure at some point someone also said "why would I READ a blog about my favorite team when I can listen to it on the radio?" 

National guys hit on a wider variety of topics.  Stephen A Smith for example is 100% sports and it's stupid. Colin isn't really the "hot takes" guy.  When he is contrarian, it's usually a case of "taking the emotion out of it"  A few weeks ago I posted a question to the board about the most overrated athletes, and many of the guys that were listed were players named by Cowherd at various points on his show. 

I think guys listen because he talked shit about Michigan or Harbaugh...or the Lions once and they hate him, when in reality he is one of the least biased people I've listened. Again, except for Brady. He does worship Brady - Belichek. If anything you could say he's can be elitist. But the thing I love about his show is that it isn't a big sports circle jerk. 


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I got to know a sports talk show host a few years back and he told me his whole model is based on basically saying something somewhat far fetched just to generate calls and discussions. 

An example for college football. He would look at the conferences and study the teams and their schedules, then predict a team who would be a long shot, but if things broke right could possible win that conference. Then come out and say they are going to win such and such conference this up coming season you can bet on it.  Of course fans of other teams would get fired up and call the show and just like that he could fill an entire show talking about it.