An "Ohio" thing?

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Since we are in that interminable period between spring and fall practices, please indulge me. I am not from Ohio or have ever spent more then a few days in a row there. I do dine out with friends from Ohio fairly frequently and they always, I mean always ask for separate checks. Even in "upscale" restaurants. It isn't that they need to watch every dollar either. For Ohioans and non- Ohions both, is this strictly a state thing? Or is it common to other parts of the Midwest? Thanks.



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Not be a dick to the waitstaff? It's a lot more courteous to tell the waiter/waitress at the beginning that the whole party won't be paying with one tender.  Otherwise, they have to try to rememeber what everyone had at the end to split it up.


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The intent is that if everyone has basically the same value of food, then you just tell the waiter to split the check evenly amongst the entire group. There is a button on the order management machine that does this very easily. This is much easier for the waitstaff.

Disclaimer: I was a waiter at arbor brewing company and gratzi's for several years.

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I have never once ordered with a group larger than teo and had the orders come out anywhere CLOSE to equal in value. As someone who usually orders a sandwich, even at a high-end restaurant, I'll be damned if I am going to be paying an extra 10-15 bucks just because they ordered a freaking steak. 


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I'm not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express recently, and I don't think this should be a thread

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This thread is much more important than the Nico Collins thread right below.  Only a couple of more weeks until OT and more important, football season.

Edit: I guess i should have put the /s after the comment regarding Nico Collins and I mistyped the second.  Missing point was that a couple more weeks and OT is going to be limited.


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whole nother breed/whatever there. We live on the good side of the border, and while with a group of friends, as a whole we may ask for separate checks if its smooth and simple but more than not its just easier to pay the bill and someone else catches the next check or if its a real concern just pushes cash to whoever pick d up the check...Ohio is different period.

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I can't stand cheap people. It makes me real mad when someone says something like "hey, when are you going to pay me that hundred dollars you owe me?" or "do you have that $50 you borrowed?". Man, quit being so cheap.

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I don't know anyone that asks for separate checks.  And I know some people from Ohio.  Sometimes I nest a portion of my remaining food and get a free meal.  It all depends on my mood.  Some days I feel squirrely.


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Lived my whole life in Ohio. I am so used to it that it catches me off guard when a waiter/waitress glances oddly when we point out who's paying for whom.

Given modern billing systems I don't see why this isn't standard. There exists simply too many chances for inequality. Between people having kids, numerous beers, or salad only eating wives, our bills would rarely be even splits. Too often this has turned into a free rider situation where someone orders 5 appetizers knowing they aren't paying full price.

What is the real opposition to separate checks? I've never understood why it isn't standard practice everywhere?


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It defines someone as not classy. A couple of basic rules: if you are with your friends pick up the check from time to time and let them do it as well. It should even out over time. If it doesn't the guy who is short all the time is a douche and should not be your friend. (Some say when you are young and poor it's okay to split evenly. I can live with that until the group is employed). Rule 2: if you invite someone out for dinner you pay.


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If I am in a  restaurant with anyone that isn't my family, it's because I am there against my will. I rarely drink and, as I said above, I usually just eat a sandwich. Now, having said that: I will pick up the check on Birthdays, my inlaws (because they used to take me and my wife out to eat once or twice a week when we were in college), and anyone under 18. Anyone else can suck it.. 


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I don't know if that's an Ohio thing, but I know two things that are; pooping in coolers and doing the five finger shuffle to pictures of their sisters.


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say mine for this example, comes to 55 and the other 65. I'll just toss 65 down to cover food and tip and he can have the choice to pay with card or cash and tip what he wants. I don't think it a "thing" anywhere in the states,but if you're dining with Canadians or just having drinks, don't even try to buy them a drink. It'll screw up their entire night. 

Remember the first time I sat down with a Canadian couple that would later become close friends. This was in Mexico, but you will take your habits with you. We were having drinks and I just ordered a round, like I would any place in N. America, Canada, right on down to Ecuador. The Canadian man asked, not really upset but, "Jim what are you doing?" I really didn't think it needed an explanation but I told him, "I'm buying a round." He seemed really put off. I fugured if he wanted to buy a round he could, if not, no big deal. I wasn't keeping score. 

Later I asked another Canadian what the deal was and he gave me some b.s. about gratuities being part of the bill in Canada and that's why they didn't tip. I reminded him that he was not in Canada and the foiod was so damn cheap anyway. Later, a Canadian girl that served both in Canada and while she was down there for the winter said it was bullshit and it was definitely a Canadian thing. 

I know I tend to be a little generous but I had two sisters do the waitressing thing while going to school and I saw how hard they worked, but the good ones are, like OP said, not going to make you wait for a refill. I try to tip accordingly, but I don't really punish them if they're a little slow. I've always felt you should pay what you feel comfortable with but like in all things where tips are involved, imagine its you doing the serving. 


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I would say a vast majority of places I go out to eat or grab a drink will ask if it's all together or separate here in Michigan when out with friends, if it's me and the fiancé they half heartedly ask knowing its on one.


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I always expect to have a separate check when dining with friends. However, if someone decides to pick up the entire tab I'll make a mental note and make sure to get the next meal for the guy that paid.

The Priapist

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Gets Five Fakes out of Five.

First, it's bullshit, a credibility grab, something just to start a snark roll.

Secondly, separate checks for couples? What's the big deal. If I'm dining out with another couple, I ain't paying for some dude's fat ass hog to scarf down half the menu.

Third--why the FUCK are you calling them "friends" and then running to a message board with this shit? You sound like a real dick head.