Nebraska Beats Minnesota and Other Basketball Discussion

Submitted by VCavman24 on January 26th, 2014 at 9:08 PM

In a pretty good game, Nebraska beat (upset?) Minnesota 82-78.  Nebraska remains unbeaten at home except for its loss to Michigan.  In the only other Big Ten game today, Indiana beat Illinois 56-46 in a not-so-pretty game.  Arizona also leads Utah 31-26 at the half.



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It is really hard to beat a team on its home court in basketball. The fact that Michigan is 4-2 so far is really good and cannot be overstated. Happy that Nebraska broke through and got a win in the Big Ten.


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Nebraskas play at home has been impressive. Last year they were a doormat and their addition to the conference looked ridiculous. They have really improved a lot and probably surpassed many traditional Big Ten doormats. I credit their TV shitters.


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Huge game Tuesday night as Iowa could hand the Spartans a second straight loss, and in the process give us a two game lead.

On Saturday, Wisconsin and Ohio State battle in a de facto Big Ten Title elimination game. Strange considering where those teams were just a few weeks ago.


January 27th, 2014 at 1:29 AM ^

The teams with 3 or more losses are in trouble in regards to winning the regular season title.  As we've seen so far, going on the road and winning at just about any venue is tough.  These teams would almost have to run the table or acrue only one more lost to probably have a realistic shot at the title.  It's possible but highly doubtful imo. 


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I hope Iowa gives Izzo something more to whine about.  We need shirts about how our team "crushed" Izzo or about how Coach B makes him cry, since the players said he was "teary eyed" in the locker room and his comments at the presser seemed like he was ticked that Michigan is now competitive again. 

snarling wolverine

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But you're not a coach and responsible for preparing the team to play 30-odd games, not just one rivalry one.  Moreover, in basketball, individual regular-season games don't carry the same weight as in football.  You just have to get in the tournament and go from there.

The crazy thing about Izzo is that he does behave like a fan, constantly whining, making excuses and generally being histrionic.

Baba Booey

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It's so damn impressive that Michigan has won four conference road games so far. Especially in the arenas they have done it in. Even the Nebraska win looks better every day with the way they have been playing at home knocking off the Buckeyes and Gophers. Beat Purdue!


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What's impressive is the talent development.
Stauskas looks a like a poor mans Larry Bird right now. YEP
Walton seems to raise everyone's game and to me, he just made the jump to STAR. Watch the game again and feel the poise. this is a freshman. He's at the same level that Burke was at this age...
Horford is making key plays at key moments he has come around finally.
LeVert's movement is raw but blindingly fast and deadly. That's elite speed. The upside here is off the charts in two years.
Irvin is young but look out next year....
And then there is Robinson and Spike to boot....
And I don't want to forget my favorite player McGary.
This team can win it all because Stauskas is now a star, and our point guard truly arrived in Walton, and everyone contributes.
There could be five NBA players on the roster now.

Mr. Yost

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Last year I did it all the time, hell, I can watch that Tourney run any day of the week.

But for some reason this year, I can only watch once. I'm not sure why...I still get nervous when I rewatch the games this year. They're not relaxing and fun like last year.

I also think it may be because we have more "not so good" stretches where you want to scream at the TV this year. We're a little less flashy and more methodical...but equally as effective.

Lastly, I think it's just Burke. With Burke, we were always in control. Now it's a bunch of young guys growing up before our eyes. You don't know what you're going to get (which is fun...but works my damn nerves!) With Burke and THJ, you knew what was coming, it was just whether they could stop it. Not this year...the unknown is every game, every half, hell every play.

I'm loving this year, and I knew exactly what we were getting...but still, trying to watch twice has been tough for me.

I'm weird. very weird.


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A few key stats:

Minnesota eFG% - 58.49&

Nebraska eFG% - 61.00%

Minnesota OREB% - 24.24%

Nebraska OREB% - 22.58%

Minnesota Free Throw rate - 47.14%

Nebraska Free Throw rate - 66.00%

Same old story. Shoot better, find yourself on the line a little more and you'll win a game you probably should not have by the numbers otherwise. 

snarling wolverine

January 27th, 2014 at 7:20 AM ^

It inflated the score a bit but we still had 66 points with 2:26 to go, which is a pretty solid offensive showing.  That was despite the officials allowing a ton of contact to go uncalled for most of the game (until Beilein blew his top).