B1G Spring games catchall thread

B1G Spring games catchall thread

Submitted by AZBlue on April 16th, 2018 at 12:07 PM
Without a Spring Game for the Wolverines this weekend, I managed to catch bits and pieces of the games from some of our 2018 opponents. I figured this would be a decent area to collect thoughts from others on the various games. I did not see OSU but saw some of MSU, Minnesota, and top rival Rutgers. What I noticed. Minnesota- saw this was on replay and mainly was interested in former M targets Falele and Viramontes. Overall it was clear to me that Fleck still has a lot of work to do to get the Gophers to West contenders. Falele is huge but slow - saw debate re: redshirting him on the forums post game. Missed the Viramontes portion altogether but his passing numbers were “not great, Bob” and he had 3 fumbles. Discussion on the forums revolved around the other 2 young QBs and one person noted that Vic would make “one hell of a linebacker”...... (Just had to add that after all the hype as a QB by the BTN folks via twitter when he signed..) Rutgers(!!) - Just caught the tail end. Was impressed that BOTH the offense AND defense outdid the 78 points that M hung on them 2-years ago. == very weird scoring system, I think it ended up 132-132. Was cool that they let a young (special needs?) fan run the final TD for an all-time RU TD run-length record. Looks like Arthur Sitkowski (sp?) a QB M was looking at for a bit was the front runner for QB as a true EE Frosh. Limited playmakers on either side of the ball. No Melton got a lot of mention. Rutgers is still bad Mmmmmkay? MSU - I am biased (obviously) but I wasn’t very impressed. They just seemed slow and unathletic overall. Lewerke looked a bit off (Sprng caveats apply) but the backup looked like a slower, less-talented version. Only other QB was the EE true Frosh. DL wasn’t getting great push against an mediocre (in 2017) OL missing 2 starters and either the receivers are awesome (Felton Davis did not play) or the vaunted CBs didn’t play well. The backup RB (Heyward) is a load and seems to follow blocks well but is not fast. All that said, they will play disciplined and hard vs. M and will most likely find a way to grind out a win if our Offense doesn’t improve. The other end of the spectrum -RCMB - saw a different game than me and is predicting MSU vs. OSU for the division title. Anybody else see other games or have additional comments on the games listed above?

Minnesota Center Reggie Lynch Suspended for Sexual Assault

Minnesota Center Reggie Lynch Suspended for Sexual Assault

Submitted by TheBigPrince on January 5th, 2018 at 12:10 PM

Minnesota Basketball's star center Reggie Lynch was suspended until August 1st, 2020 for a sexual assault that occurred in 2016. You can read more about it here.

Minnesota was seen as one of the main contenders in the Big Ten this year, but have not lived up to expectations and now they are losing, arguably, their best player. The rough season for the Big Ten continues.

MGoFilm Analysis Ep. 6 || Big Runs vs. Minnesota

MGoFilm Analysis Ep. 6 || Big Runs vs. Minnesota

Submitted by FanNamedOzzy on November 10th, 2017 at 2:17 PM

Hey guys - I have another episode of my weekly MGoFilm Analysis piece. I had a hard time choosing between Hudson's TFLs / myriad of plays vs. the run plays. Given how idiotic Minnesota was on offense, I thought it'd be more fun to look at Michigan's OL mash people and the running backs make people look silly.

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Go blue and beat the Terps!

Fan Satisfaction Index: Minnesota Results

Fan Satisfaction Index: Minnesota Results

Submitted by OneFootIn on November 9th, 2017 at 9:22 AM

Is beating a mediocre Minnesota team with zero offense really worth an average game satisfaction of 78.2? I mean, I love the Little Brown Jug as much as the next guy, but I think I was 10 the last time I was actually excited about seeing us win it. But the fans loved it, rating their satisfaction with the Minnesota victory higher than any other game this season except Florida.

Figure 1. Minnesota Game Satisfaction 

Last week we tried to explain the exuberant reaction to the Rutgers game as a response to the arrival of the Messiah. That line won’t fly this week, as Peters turned in a solid but decidedly un-Messiah-like performance, completing just 8 of 13 throws for 56 yards.

If you want to stick with a player-based explanation, you can point to the double-barreled running attack of Higdon and Evans, who torched Minnesota for 377 yards and multiple explosive touchdown runs. And no question, for many of us the clear improvement in the ground game has been invigorating; watching Higdon and Evans blow past Gopher defenders was fantastic.

But perhaps a more compelling explanation for fan satisfaction this week is the fact that Michigan exceeded expectations. Not only did the running game go off unexpectedly, but Michigan also beat the spread by 7 points, its greatest margin against the spread this season other than – you guessed it – Florida. As Figure 2 shows, the R-squared between performance versus expectations and game satisfaction is .79.

Figure 2. The Expectations Effect 


Buoyed by consecutive (and satisfying) wins, season satisfaction crept up another notch this week to an average of 69.1, its highest mark since the Purdue game, when satisfaction was 76.7. Like last week, game satisfaction outpaced season satisfaction – fans are still not completely over the two losses, but I’m a little surprised that the season satisfaction rebound has been so significant. It’s also interesting how tightly bunched fans’ feelings are this week – the standard deviation in season satisfaction this week was just 11.6.

Figure 3. Season Satisfaction after Minnesota

Themes, Thoughts, Trends

Another week, another bullet in the data chamber, and the seasonal trend lines get another tick longer. So far game satisfaction has averaged 69.2 across the 7 wins, and a meagerly 22.4 for the two losses.

Figure 4: The Season So Far

The Road Ahead

As Maryland continues to shed quarterbacks, Vegas has pegged Michigan a 15 or 16-point favorite over the poor Terps. It should be another chance for the running backs to go ham and hopefully Brandon Peters gets a few more live-fire opportunities to prove he is the Anointed One. An upset on the road would undoubtedly send satisfaction plummeting. Another hamblasting should see season satisfaction sneak even further up before the next real test in Madison.








OFFICIAL Minnesota Gophers MGoLook-A-Like Diary

OFFICIAL Minnesota Gophers MGoLook-A-Like Diary

Submitted by UMProud on October 30th, 2017 at 11:02 PM

Let's get to know our upcoming opponent theMinnesota Gophers!


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Big Ten Tournament Scenarios

Big Ten Tournament Scenarios

Submitted by Mercury Hayes on February 26th, 2017 at 12:17 PM

With eight days left in the regular season you may be wondering, what's next. Well that is very dependent on how things shake out over the next couple of games.

Currently Michigan sits in 7th in the conference at 9-7. With two games left, Michigan has a chance to not only grab 11 conference wins, but doing so would knock fellow 9-7 team Northwestern off the 6-line. Additionally, this could lead to other movement within the standings.

MSU is currently in fifth place in the conference at 9-6 with a game at 4 p.m. vs. Wisconsin. I don't need to tell you who to root for. But, if Michigan wins out and MSU loses any of their final three games, Michigan would move up to fifth place in the conference based on tie breakers. The teams are 1-1 head to head but Michigan has one less loss and a key tie-breaker is overall win percentage among tied teams. For Michigan State to finish ahead of Michigan they would need to win out and have Michigan lose at least one game. MSU also plays Maryland next Sunday.

The difference between the 5-6 seeds and the 7+seeds are important. The 5-6 seeds will get to play someone coming off a Thursday night game. For example: last year No. 6 Wisconsin played the winner of the 11/14 game. And although they lost, along with Iowa and Indiana - that was weird and  I imagine you would definitely rather play a team that is tired.

Now, there are other possibilities as well. If Michigan falters, they could drop below Iowa in the standings. Iowa owns the tiebreaker. But MIchigan cannot fall below 8. So worst case scenario would be an 8-seed with a second day game vs. the 10-seed which would currently be Illinois. More importantly, this would hurt our NCAA tournament hopes/seeding. Lets hope we avoid this by taking Mitch McGary's advice and winning the game.

In terms of best case scenario, the 4-spot could be still in reach. This would get Michigan 2 byes. For this to happen, Michigan would need to win out to pass MSU and Northwestern and Maryland would have to lose out. Even if MInnesota loses out, they hold the tie-breaker. Maryland plays Rutgers Tuesday, so we will know our highest potential in two days.

So here are your rooting interests:

Wisconsin over MSU - at 4 p.m.

Rutgers over Maryland - on Tue

Illinois over Michigan State  - on Wed.

Wisconsin over Iowa - on Thur (prevents Michigan dropping from 7)

MSU over Maryland - on Sunday, but only if Maryland loses to Rutgers

I hope everyone found this helpful. Win the game.


Row The Boat?

Row The Boat?

Submitted by Yung Geezer on February 15th, 2017 at 11:01 AM

So according to this Rovell tweet, P.J. Fleck has shelled out 50K for "Row The Boat".  I'm curious what the WMU Broncos think about this...all of that gear is pretty much useless now, right?  I suggest a LeBron/Cleveland type apparel burning in the streets.  Fire up Broncos

BREAKING: P.J. Fleck & Western Michigan have reached a deal to transfer the "Row The Boat" trademark rights to Fleck. Will cost $50,000.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) February 15, 2017

OT- Fleck steals all (a lot) of WMU's recruits

OT- Fleck steals all (a lot) of WMU's recruits

Submitted by PutInPeters18 on January 7th, 2017 at 12:03 AM
PJ Fleck and the Gophers just had their own commit-apooloza of sorts as Fleck flipped 6 Western Michigan commits in one night and looks likely to add a few more. 3* QB Tanner Morgan (KY) 3* OG John Schmitz (IL) 3* DT Noah Hickcox (IL) 3* WR Chris Bell (IL) 3* DE Esezi Otomewo (IN) 2* LB Trenton Guthrie (MI) Glad to see the Big Ten continuing to add high quality coaches. Can't wait for the first ever Harbaugh-Fleck matchup this next season in Ann Arbor.