ND to play ASU in football series

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So the "chickens" drop the Michigan series supposed to allow for their ACC five game commitment.  Now they line up this inferior pair of games against a much lesser ASU team.  What punks - Hoke couldn't have been more dead on with his discription of these dopes. 



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ASU works out perfect for them. Every season they are predicted to contend for a PAC 12 championship and every year they fall flat on their face and underachieve. Should be easy wins for ND. Weakkkkkk


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I thought they were trying to get out of this one too, but ASU wouldn't back down. Now they have to travel to ASU in 2014 plus play Michigan Florida State USC Northwestern Stanford and Louisville.


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I mistyped, but the point stands.  Congratulations on not playing an FCS team.  You're joining a conference that will allow you to beat up on FCS level competition for years to come.  Wanna talk about big boy tables?

Thank your boys for being the only bright spot in our RR years.  Without your constantly overrated teams, we would have had no highlights, aside from the one Wisconsin game.


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Arizona State usually has about one relevant season per decade. Maybe the timing will work out.

I'm still ticked off that that ACC is letting Notre Dame be a part time member. The whole concept is insane. You're either a full fledged member of a conference or you're not. Stop making special rules to accommodate Notre Dame's greediness.


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If you're going to try and be funny, at least get the names right.

and don't forget the THE...just like OSU likes to be THE Ohio State (cough cough) University, JOHNS HOPKINS likes to be referred to as THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY.

/class dismissed


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is to add lacrosse as an official league sport.  The B1G needs six teams in order to hold a conference championship, so it invited Johns Hopkins as an affiliate to go along with the five full-fledged members that will comprise the lacrosse group (UM, OSU, PSU, RU & Mary).

You'd recognize the difference between adding an affiliate member for a specific sport and offering a part-time pseudo-membership in football, right?  Johns Hopkins will play a full lacrosse season with the B1G, but the ACC can't say the same thing about the Irish and football.  It's a good deal for ND to be the big fish in a little pond, but it's certainly embarrassing for the ACC if this is the kind of arrangement they need to make to survive.




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ASU will get the Irish here and there.  Especially when ND has to travel there.  This is actually an upgrade from Navy, Pitt, or some ACC softy. 

I think it's overall better for college football to mix up the matchups.  We play MSU, Ohio every year, and that's enough.  (In the interests of full disclosure, I am also rooting for a west coast roadie so I can watch the maize and blue in Berekely, Palo Alto, the Rose Bowl, or somewhere like that.)


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You think so?  I'm reading this thread and it looks to me like he's more than holding his own in this debate.  I think he's representing ND quite well in this thread unfortunately......


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Because god forbid that a college football site has trash talk between rivals. You've said it a few times, but what exactly has Phork gotten away with here? Not saying nice things about Michigan? In all of his posts he keeps it about the games and teams, and I've never seen him use a personal attack before.

What's the big deal here?

This is Michigan

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I have a hard time understanding how you concluded that ND is playing a series against ASU and that ASU replaces Michigan.

In the article it states that the 2014 and 2017 games were agreed through contract in 2008. It also notes that ND has tried to cancel both games, but ASU will only allow canceling the 2017 game.