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03/23/2018 - 1:51pm Indiana State

ISU beat them at Loyola. How, I don't know but they did it. The Sycamores were 13-18 and 8-10 in the MVC. I don't think Loyola has seen a team that can spread them out like Michigan. I like their chances

02/16/2018 - 4:17pm 2014?

This isn't Brady Hoke's Michigan!

01/23/2018 - 4:00pm 2.

#2 Tom Brady is good because he's smart, not just book smart, but football smart. Same with Peyton Manning. They study film and find tendancies that other quarterbacks don't want to put time into, they see the whole field not just zones. Think of how many free yards Manning had catching a guy running off the field. Any average qb can make the throws, but the special ones make the plays. 

01/04/2018 - 3:05pm Mark Helfrich

He is on Kelly's top list as OC for UCLA and the reason Kelly brought him on at Oregon was because he didn't want a yes man, he wanted a coach. Obviously he worked out as an OC, maybe not a HC for obvious reason *coughBradyHokeDC but seems like a great offensive mind who's teams put up some big time points!

01/03/2018 - 3:45pm Facebook

There is a Facebook page dedicated to the firing of Greg Roman. I, for one, would pass on Roman as a OC. As a line coach, maybe. I think he and Drevno are on the same plane in the OC world, would rather see a newer/younger OC. Mark Helfrich comes to mind as a change of pace guy who is probably willing to adapt and learn some new schemes.

01/03/2018 - 11:40am Hopefully

Hopefully when it does there's not a sea of disgusting red like that.

12/28/2017 - 9:43am Flagged

Should've been flagged for Intent to Deceive!! Ask Jim Harbaugh if he knows that rule now! BS rule! That was an excellent playcall and ended up being the deciding points. 

12/12/2017 - 12:29pm TCU

My family and I visited my wife's family in McKinney over the Thanksgiving holiday and I took my son, who's 8, to the TCU Baylor game at TCU. Was a cool experience, very family friendly atmosphere. The Frog Walk and Frog Alley are really cool, we followed their band into the stadium. Wanted to visit an actual Texas game but didn't want to drive 3 hours to Austin.  Would love to visit the Red River Rivalry, The Iron Bowl and eventually I'll make it to The Game. 

11/27/2017 - 2:18pm I'd buy

If I saw JOK at a bar, I'd still buy him a beer. None of the losers that post crap like that on here would've even cracked the scout team at QB on a Division 3 team but know all about playing QB at Michigan. To that I say F you! I'm not concerned about Michigan going forward, Jim is the best coach in America hands down, we'll win more than we lose and at some point the winged helmets will be playing for a National Championship. Until then, Go Blue!

11/18/2017 - 10:20pm Perspective

Here’s some perspective, turn on LSU/Tennessee and see what you could have.

11/12/2017 - 12:39pm Cajun Brady Hoke

Brady Hoke plays Cajun Brady Hoke this weekend

11/01/2017 - 12:43pm Old Cubs fan

Ask an old Cubs fan, try to find one around 70 or 80. I often wonder what they told kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids. The depression never left for that fan base, which were good times for us Cardinals fans. Until then, cheer up buttercup it'll get better, we have Jim Harbaugh not Brady Hoke.

10/13/2017 - 11:44am Worked there for a spell in

Worked there for a spell in high school. Best breakfast in Sullivan is the Kat A Korner, get the Hunters Mountain

10/12/2017 - 2:50pm Sullivan

I'm not far from you in Sullivan and work in Vincennes, but I will stop in and see you sometime. 

10/12/2017 - 12:16pm Me

I'll be there flying solo, no major plans since I have to be back in Terre Haute for a wedding by 5:15. Hopefully it's not the two OT game like it was 2 years ago!!

10/09/2017 - 9:14am I'm not even mad about the

I'm not even mad about the RBs, when you have no line to run behind it's hard to evaluate. It does seem like Chris Evans has regressed a little, but I think we're so used to DeVeon Smith and Mike Hart and even Fitz never fumbling that it pisses us off more when guys do now. 

10/09/2017 - 8:42am WR Coach

How about 1 receivers coach and 1 line coach!! I believe the line is mixed up because of 2 line coaches, because apparently the added focus isn't working here!

10/03/2017 - 2:39pm Love

I love life anytime USC, Tennessee, Ole Miss and LSU w/ da Coach O lose. Brian is absolutely right Orgeron is LSU's Brady Hoke only worse. At least Hoke's former teams would eventually win some games. 

10/02/2017 - 1:56pm Thought the same

"if Michigan tries the same crap they'll have the same results."


I was thinking the same thing watching the replay yesterday. 

09/06/2017 - 4:03pm Anthony Williams

I thought he and Kraig Baker were in the 95 class, I ran track against him and I was sure we were in the same class. Not that it matters really, I think the only thing he did was block a punt vs Illinois or recover it. 

08/18/2017 - 3:23pm -23

That's the only negatives I see (so far)

08/11/2017 - 1:36pm Wasn't Boyd

It was some kid who ended up at Miami(YTM) playing DB, edit: Dallas Crawford

08/10/2017 - 3:48pm Imagine

Imagine if RR had done that! Get out your torch and pitchfork!! Bring the firewood!! Not saying we should have kept Rich but he was done before he started. 

08/04/2017 - 12:54pm Butch Jones

Natives are restless in Knoxville, play Florida in week 3 however Ga Tech in week 1 and Hoke is reunited with his former coaches in week 2 as Indiana State comes to town. A poor showing vs Ga Tech and a loss to Florida(again) could spell his demise. They did beat Florida and Georgia last year and STILL lost the east. I think expectations are too high. 

06/27/2017 - 4:53pm YES!

This needed to happen! Taco Bueno is good stuff! 

06/15/2017 - 1:21pm Hawaii DC

Wasn't he a Don Brown assistant? Could be another reason they blitzed that much

03/02/2017 - 12:23pm Mark Smith

Making his return to Terre Haute, he was a coach there when I walked on in '95

02/15/2017 - 11:19am Minnesota

Is the Land of Lakes. 

02/07/2017 - 9:19am Sullivan

I'm in Sullivan, where you be?

01/20/2017 - 9:10am He's probably a pretty good

He's probably a pretty good OL coach, the lines at IU were always solid. I don't know if that's a product of Frey or a biproduct of Wilson, who's a former line coach. 

01/13/2017 - 1:40pm Damn Friday the 13th

Damn Friday the 13th Icepocalypse bad news!

01/13/2017 - 12:35pm Important

This is important for some offensive line recruiting for 2017 also. Wasn't Cristobal an important piece for Alex Leatherwood and another linemen?

01/05/2017 - 10:26am Pessimistic

A back about his size just ran for 180 yards vs a top 4 team and a top defense, they have had a 1000 yard rusher every year for how long now and won 4 national titles. He's going to Alabama. If he comes here, I'll eat a lemon or crow or maybe both. 

12/14/2016 - 4:38pm +1

This would definately be more comfortable and less awkward after!

12/14/2016 - 3:33pm Hold me TomVH!

Hold me TomVH!

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12/02/2016 - 8:52pm I had Alabama Michigan Ohio

I had Alabama Michigan Ohio State at 89% and Washington at 67%

My model didn't like Clemson very well, had them at #7. Everyone talks about Washington's schedule but I think Clemson played an FCS school as well

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10/28/2016 - 1:25pm Mike & Mike

I heard a clip of them talking about this yesterday in essence saying there are only 3 coaches worth that in the country and Harbaugh is one. The other two are Saban and Meyer. They say to look at the value to a university and it's football program, those are coaches that can turn a program around within a year or two. I agree with both and I agree that those three are well worth their salary. The 9 million is a drop in the hat to what he's brought in with the Nike contract, TV ratings, stadium is filled for even Hawaii, bowl games and hopefully a shot at the CFP championship. 

10/26/2016 - 11:37am Oakland

Still in play...

10/24/2016 - 2:20pm Just a guess

But this… doesn't happen after this year's game. No apologies from Harbaugh will be issued, my guess is he runs it up a little more if the opportunity presents itself. Beat Staee and beat them bad!! I would love to see negative rushing yards on their stat line. 

10/23/2016 - 4:35pm I would love to find the old

I would love to find the old mouthy Ohio State fan that was talking crap last week at the IU game and laugh in his face, hysterically! He's probably the jackass asking for Urban to be fired, crusty old bastard..

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10/21/2016 - 4:27pm Harbaugh

Will probably not run the score up to 50-0 at halftime because Lovie is a pretty good dude. I do believe Harbaugh loathes Chris Ash and the Rutgers fanbase. But if they can't stop it, then that's just competition and we all know how coach feels about that. Go Blue!

10/20/2016 - 4:23pm He wouldn't know, he wasn't wearing a headset.

He wouldn't know, he wasn't wearing a headset.

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10/18/2016 - 9:27pm Bo would love to play

Bo would love to play Nebraska every year I'm sure. Purdue has a ceiling of 9-3, 8-4 Bo knows 9-3!

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10/02/2016 - 2:30pm How does Tennessee keep

How does Tennessee keep moving up?! They have won 3 games on pure luck!

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09/13/2016 - 9:49am Truth be told

I hate both, but Michigan needs Sparty to win. However Michigan needs to beat Sparty for this to have any future effects. Hopefully both teams look bad and it's a close game with MSU winning on a trick play or something stupid. 

09/07/2016 - 7:13pm UCF 19 UM 97

UCF 19 UM 97

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07/07/2016 - 1:44pm If it was Brady Hoke coaching, I would be upset but HARBAUGH

If it was Brady Hoke coaching, I would be upset but HARBAUGH

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03/30/2016 - 12:37pm FIRE HIM

For bringing up the Horror and the player that shall not be named!!!


02/17/2016 - 12:25pm Ah ha moment

Now I know what Stribbling was going off about on Twitter last night. Basically said one play doesn't make you a legend and the artwork was jank lol

01/15/2016 - 9:23am Saw him

I remember seeing him at the Bishop Chatard camp, will need to add muscle and is very raw. Long frame and arms.