Montee Ball attacked

Submitted by stephenrjking on August 1st, 2012 at 11:15 AM
Per Joe Schad on twitter. Hospitalized with head injuries.



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Wisconsin has announced that he has been "taken to the hospital" with head injuries, which may or may not include admission to the hospital. Apparently he was attacked by five guys.

Leaders And Best

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This can only be the work of the Angry Iowa RB Hating God as the AIRBHG has turned its wrath on RBs across the entire Big Ten this offseason:

Fitz Toussaint - Michigan RB charged with DUI

Jordan Hall - OSU RB cut foot and out at least 10 weeks

Ralph Bolden - Purdue RB arrested for public intoxication after forcibly kissing a woman at a bar against her will

Silas Redd - PSU RB transfer to USC

Brionte Dunn - OSU RB charged with 2 misdemeanors and caught with someone else's marijuana

Montee Ball - Wisconsin RB attacked in unprovoked assault

Not to mention the extensive damage it has wrought on Iowa this offseason (Marcus Coker and Mikail McCall transfers, Jordan Canzeri torn ACL, Greg Garmon 2 misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession, & the De'Andre Johnson saga)

Nebraska better hide Rex Burkhead in a safe place.


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One thing I learned (not first hand) when going to college was to not mess with the football players. I'm sure there will be some payback, and it won't be pretty. But, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.


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I wonder what the circumstances were. Is this a wrong place wrong time type of thing or is it a Monte Ball was sleeping with some guys girlfriend type incident.




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Bielema says Ball has been released from the hospital. That's good news--sounds like this is not super-serious. Any time I hear "head injuries" I get nervous, but these must have been of the superficial variety.


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Could still be serious enough to affect playing time... concussion or skull fracture... not necessarily serious enough to warrant admission to the hospital, but certainly could impact an athlete in a contact sport.  Hopefully it was just a cut that needed stitches or a black eye.

Disclaimer: While I am a doctor, I have no inside knowledge of this specific situation.  And yes, Mr. Rager, I am a full time physician that has time to comment on a blog... I will send you a PDF of my diploma.


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This is sad.  I hope Ball recovers fully and has a great season, except for the CCG when he faces us.  Then I hope he fumbles 4 times.  But other than that, I hope he's alright.