Hats off to Brady

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505 yds. 3 td. May be the last time we see the GOAT in the Super Bowl. Good thing the next Lions HC just got 41 hung on him by a backup. The human meatball sub is going to return Detroit to their rightful spot at the bottom of the NFC. Brady deserved better today...



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He loves Michigan so I'm cool with Brady but the Michigan fans are the worst about Brady.  They love him more in the NFL than they did in college.  Everyone called for Henson to start over him and nobody gave a fuck about him in the NFL until he started to win superbowls. You can't shit on a player in college than claim him when does well in the pros.


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You can do what you want and I can say that I find it annoying and disengenous. Not a big fan of bandwagoners and a large part of the Michigan fanbase are Tom Brady bandwagoners. If you don't support somebody something when they are down you don't get to enjoy when they are up.  If John Okorn wins a superbowl I'll be happy for him but I'm not going to pretend like he was Michgan's favorite.


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Speak for yourself. I was always pro-Brady. Admittedly there are some caveats, I was in high school at the time. Didn't follow recruiting then so was truly unaware of the Henson hype train. Didn't have as developed a view of football so to me the idea of putting a freshman or sophomore in at QB over a veteran was crazy.

In any case I can sincerely say one of my proudest memories as a Michigan fan was watching Brady lead multiple comebacks against Alabama in the Orange Bowl in his final game.

I know many Michigan fans at the time wanted Henson over Brady. But as someone who supported him then even I can say the notion Michigan fans "hated" him is pure RCMB revisionism, much like most of them claiming to even know who Nick Foles was before two weeks ago.


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It's true everyone initially wanted Henson, but once Brady outplayed Henson and won the starting job that stopped being the case. Brady proved the fanbase wrong as a senior and the fanbase started supporting him.

So no, don't be a moron and compare the situation to O'Korn.


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I didn't say hate but Tom Brady was pretty much Wilton Speight without the injury.  People wanted a freshman to beat him out his first year, it didn't happen and he had a good but not elite year with the team. Going into year 2 people still thought the backup was better and kept calling for them.

The comments being written about Speight earlier this year are about what people thought of Brady, they might not be hated but they were a far way from loved. 

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I get that you're trying to be edgy, but it's not true.  Henson was very raw as an underclassman.  Some people favored him because of his recruiting ranking, but he didn't show much on the field those two years. Here are his Michigan stats.  He didn't hit his stride until his junior year.


It was clear to most people in '99 that Brady was the guy - if not right away, then certainly within a couple of games.  People were mad at Carr for keeping the QB platoon going as long as he did.  


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It's true everyone initially wanted Henson

Not true. I didn't want to play a true freshman in '98, and by '99 I thought Brady had shown enough development to warrant keeping his job. There were some who wanted Henson but it was far from unanimous about that, and pretty much all of them acknowledged by midseason that Brady was the guy. It just makes a better story to pretend that Brady was hated, Navarre-style, at Michigan.


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Maybe you might not have but with all the hype around Henson many people (you're right, not everyone) did want to play the true freshman in '98.

Other than that we're saying the same thing. INITIALLY people wanted Henson but by the time Brady was a senior he had won the fanbase over.

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Brady always started.  Henson played the 2nd quarter in the first seven games.  The better QB in the first half would start the second. 

That day, Henson got the nod for the second half of that one but threw a killer INT and was benched.  Brady then came in and almost led us back.



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Michigan had a great line of QBs  Grbac, Collins, Greise and then Brady.  I was pissed at the time for all of the calls for Henson.   Brady had it in college despite his low draft status and I thought Henson should have had to of waited his turn.  I'm still sort of pissed at Henson for going pro (in baseball, in the minors) a year early and not seeing his time through.  He screwed himself.    In the end, having to compete with Henson probably made Brady what he is, the GOAT.  You always have to compete.


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QBs fighting it out to start over one another.  I want to have that level of play now.  

As for people preferring Henson over Brady or vice versa...  it's important to remember that most liked both QBs, but just preferred one to play over the other.  It isn't like Michigan fans who wanted Henson were rooted against Brady or wanted to see him fail.  


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As in no calls. It became pretty clear early that offensive holding was not a penalty in the super bowl. To be fair the refs called, or in this case failed to call, it the same for both teams. I thought the refs did a disservice ignoring offensive holding, but that's just an opinion.  


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Pats are probably one of the top 2-3 most likely teams to make the SB again next year. Not sure who in the AFC is going to stop them. Brady will get one more and then hang them up.


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It's frustrating as hell, too. Brady has played well enough to be 8-0 in Super Bowls. I can't imagine the window is still open, either. That D is awful.
His line is subpar. His receivers and Gronk are all made of glass, and he doesn't have a superstar RB to help him out. He's got an entire team of misfit toys and he's getting too old to get them all rings. It's setting up for an anticlimactic retirement. I was hoping he'd go out like Elway.