Harbaugh was on Mike&Mike this morning

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It seems to have been a ranging conversation, and he gave a lot of good quotes on the spring trip and recruiting...


On SEC and ACC outrage:

“I thought it was fake outrage. I thought it wasn’t really real,” Harbaugh told Mike & Mike when asked his reaction to their reaction. “The moral high ground of the sanctity of spring break, that’s what people chose to use as their moral stance? I thought it was fake. I thought it was fake outrage.”


On why athletes have a sense of entitlement:

“My thoughts on recruiting, as the coach or when I was a player, you want to connect with the people you’re gonna be coached by or coaching the next four years. Not only that, but the entire family. This goes back to Bo Schembechler when I was recruited. Bo would come into your home, he’d take off his shoes, he’d sit on the couch, he wanted to know mom, he wanted to know dad, he wanted to know the grandparents, play with younger sister and you felt like coach knew you, wanted to know you. To me, that part is vitally important being able to go somebody else’s hometown, to be able to go to their school, to their house and begin the process of a long and trusted friendship is vital to a ball team. That hasn’t changed, that’s the relationship building trust is a foundation of any relationship, I believe, a marriage or a ball team.”


Here's the story link.



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It was just put up by the News (Angelique), and didn't include any audio links.  I'll watch to see if it gets updated with a link through the day.  I don't think there's any groundbreaking stuff in there, but anytime Coach craps on the SEC/ACC, I'm happy to know about it!


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He also made a comment about leaving a kid's house that was basically "This is considered work?" type statement. You can just tell how much he enjoys building relationships. All of the "Oakland is still in play" people are still 100% wrong. I think this is his last job.  


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I don't believe that this will be his last job. However, I do belive that the wishful thinking from sparty that he will be gone in a few years is crazy. He had a taste of NFL coaching, and it is obvious that he is having the time of his life right now. I don't see him ever taking another college job, but I do think that he wants a Super Bowl ring. With that in mind, I don't see him leaving Michigan at least until he has a National Championship. Once he has accomplished that, I think he starts weighing his NFL options, and I feel confident that he will have his replacement on staff already.


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I could definitely see it being his last job. Saban is a perfect example in my opinion. He's a super competitive person, got a taste of the NFL but definitely didn't conquer it, went back to college, and is now the king. Don't see him ever leaving Bama.

If Harbaugh gets us rolling like that, which is certainly not guaranteed, I could see him being satisfied with that and staying around until his mid 60s. Here's hoping!

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Saban and Spurrier both have losing records from their years coaching in the NFL. Carroll's first go-round was no picnic and Chip Kelly's barely pushing .500 with a losing season already under his belt.

The entire "but the 49ers had good talent" argument doesn't hold water. All NFL teams have good talent. One needs to look no further than what the 49ers did before and after Harbaugh arrived to realize how good of a coach he truly is, and how he got the best out his players, namely non future HOFers Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

Fifteen years from now 9ers fans will still be begging Harbaugh to return to SF. That speaks volumes.

SC Wolverine

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I think you're wrong about this, although I understand why you say it.  It's true that Harbaugh is hyper-competitive and that instinct will give him a desire to win a Super Bowl.  But what he's really about at a deeper level is relationships and well-loved traditions.  For this reason, I think Harbaugh will be just as thrilled and enthusiastic about coaching Michigan ten years from now when he has won two national championships.  Coaching at Michigan is completely optimal for him at multiple levels, not least including the ability for his children to imbibe the family legacy.  So while the competitive desire to be alpha dog will be there, I think there is just way too much giving him joy and satisfaction in Ann Arbor for him to leave.


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The "he wants a super bowl ring" thing is so overblown. If that were really the case he would have never left the NFL in the first place. Secondly where has he ever stated his life goal is to win a super bowl ring. It's just another narrative put out there by NFL people that has been wrong. Remember JH wanted the job after Rich Rod was let go but Brandon ruined that.

He's not moving his parents back here for no reason. He is LOVED here. Hard to get that anywhere else and I think he realizes that.


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I sure hope so because he doesnt seem like the type who retire early on.  imagine 20 years or so of harbaugh!


On a somewhat related note, I've thought about Jay Harbaugh eventually moving on to a head coaching gig down the road.  Imagine a father vs son matchup hypothetically. 


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I listened this morning on the way to work and his quote doesn't have much to do with the question.  He was basically saying that recruiting is really the same as it was, building relationships with families and earning their trust.  All the other stuff is generally "fluff." He kinda sidestepped a little.  But when Golic tried to say people are doing things differently Harbaugh again was like "what are you referring to?" in a way of saying that things are really the same.

rob f

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It was the response Harbaugh made when he was asked about the "sense of entitlement" some athletes develop when they are treated like Kings while being recruited (I'm paraphrasing, of course). Harbaugh turned his response to that question in an unexpected direction to make his point, that there is good reason to do all the "crazy" things he's been documented doing. It's all about building relationships and trust, not only with the athlete, but also with his family.

rob f

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Not the worst or the best. I thought the interview was otherwise very good, other than trying a bit to bait him on his recruiting tactics. Once he got the upper hand there, they seemed to wake up to the fact that Harbaugh's got it right, as always.


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I haven't watched ESPN other than game telecasts in years.  the network sucks and I have probably a decade of posts to show my opinion is not what it is because of some "fad."

ESPN sucks.  It has for years.  It's following the path MTV took years ago and is a joke.  Mike & Mike is syndicated crap.


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four options on my way to work.  Baligan, the debacle that is Stoney and Bill, Paul W. Smith or Mike and Mike..  I listen to Mike and Mike.  They are not the greatest thing around but they have good guests for interviews and cover basically all relevant sports topics.  They can also be very funny.  I get that there is a lot of ESPN hate but Mike and Mike is not "His and Hers" or "First Take."  It has been on for like 15 years and is a pretty good show.

rob f

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for my commute and while in my car while on the job.  Mike and Mike easily beat the morning drive FoxSportsRadio team (Andy Furman and Mike North)---the two of them are completely unlistenable, screaming and talking over each other.  The only other sports option is 670 The Score (out of Chicago), and they do some weird rotating seats thing between 6 different radio "personalities' switching off, 2 of them tag-teaming at a time interchangeably between the 5am-9am and 9am-1pm slots.   The mumbo-jumbo of it all just doesn't work.  Other than that, it's music or politics, and I sure don't need the added stress of listening to anything political first thing in the morning.  

I only wish Mike and Mike would boot Cris Carter, Stephen A Smith, and a few of the other "semi-regulars" off, as they spend waaaay too much time mucking up the show.  But the list of guests that are interviewed on that show is the best, bar none, even if the interview questions are sometimes lacking.

As for you, ElBictors (join date 3/27/2015)----you say you have a decade of posts.  If not WD, who?     /s


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I was TheVictors prior to being banned for having an outspoken opinion about the Frat boys who destroyed Tree Tops resort and have been on the board a lot longer. As for the decade of expressing that opinion, it would go back to the ESPN M message board that I began posting on in 2001, also as TheVictors.

So ...I've basically been posting to M boards all of WD's life.. Coincidence? Hardly! Lol

rob f

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I do recall how controversial the Treetops Resort topic got, but didn't realize that it precipitated bannings from the blog. But then again, was that during or near the same time period as "the purge", when many posters were excommunicated from MGoBlog?


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Don't reduce it to a fad, hipster. Mike and Mike are objectively bad sports journalists with a sterile and forced "jock and nerd odd couple" schtick that is difficult to swallow, especially in its non offensive middle America packaging. Rome is an intolerable fake tough guy.