Football visitors this weekend

Submitted by Magnus on January 19th, 2019 at 9:19 AM

I've posted at TTB a list of players visiting Michigan this weekend (LINK). It's not a huge list, but there are a few legitimate prospects. Michigan is trying to have a big recruiting weekend NEXT weekend.

Also, I posted about Michigan's interest last week, but Michigan's coaching staff (Jim Harbaugh, Don Brown, and Matt Dudek) flew to Houston to talk to Rice grad transfer defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia. 



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Easy to promise a guy he'll be in the two deep when you barely have enough bodies to fill a two deep! 


Sanguinetti is an interesting prospect from the perspective that his name was thrown around quite a bit here early, then again after Hill flipped to 'Bama, but since Dax "came home" and Q. Johnson's commitment became more solid, Sanguinetti seemed to vanish again. 


And a prospect at 5'6, 140? Sounds like me when I was still in the womb.


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He’s only a sophomore. I went from 5’8” to 5’11” between my sophomore and senior years in HS. Then grew three more inches after high school. Only needs a few more inches. But who knows, Darren Sproles was only 5’6”. Obviously needs to put on some weight but that could come in time 

4th phase

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Interesting that were still looking to add up to 4 guys. RB, WR, CB/S, DT. I think I'd be fine with just the RB and DT. Don't really see a need for another WR right now. 


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Wide receiver is interesting. We only have 5 scholarship wide receivers on the roster (Peoples-Jones, Collins, Black, Bell, Martin), and then Barrett is a guy who has bounced back and forth between offense and defense. There are also some legit rumors about at least one of those guys transferring. 


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 Interesting to hear that my thought was Black was on the fence, but that chatter dissipated...interesting when combined with statements by Gattis and Jack on the podcast about recruiting players on the current roster.  If I was reading into it sounds like it’s more of a reality than thought.  Hope he stays a fast paced spread  attack with Nico and Tarik on the outside and DPJ’s ability to line anywhere, slot or outside would be very potent.  I also think Evans strengths would play to being a spread back 


was martin hurt? I thought he was going to be really good


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Would be a shame to lose anyone as Gattis implements a bunch of 10 packages to get all that speed in space.  Sam Webb Said on his show there was never a time UM went true 10 personnel.  Hope these experienced guys have held off the transfer talk to see how workouts are different under Gattis' plan.  

Would like to see Evans and 4 true WRs (DPJ, Collins, Black, Bell/Martin) in a package of up-tempo plays to break tendencies and bust things wide open. The promise is an explosive attack for 2019 which has to mean a lot more touches for WRs.


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Is Martin the guy we keep talking about for sure? Sucks, but rather him than Black. Martin had a few nice games/catches this year. Just disappeared late in the season. Didn’t sniff field much which isn’t great for this rumor. Any news on that PSU WR who’s transferring? Johnson I think...


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Magnus, I have a question if you are in a position to answer- now that the use of the NCAA transfer portal has seemingly exploded in just a few months, is there someone on staff assigned to monitor it basically 24/7?

I’m not so much asking about Michigan players who might leave, but also do monitor other players who might be of use on our team.

Do you know how this works? Is there someone assigned to view game films on transfers in the portal to assess whether they might be of help?




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The transfer portal is relatively new, so I don't know about that in itself. I don't imagine it's much different than this:

I have a former player who works for an FBS team's recruiting department. He is assigned to certain states to collect information and evaluate recruits to pass along to the higher-ups for recommendation. There are several staffers who are in charge of various states (each one has a handful of states), and they also look at JUCO guys.

I'm not sure if those guys also cover the transfer portal, but I might ask him the next time I talk to him. I doubt there is someone watching the transfer portal 24/7. Frankly, I just don't think there are enough data points to make that someone's full-time job alone.


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Thanks for the answer.

I have feeling we are very very close to a situation where all transfers will routinely have immediate eligibility. For good or ill, teams will end up having to work the portal nearly as much as they do high school recruiting.

Need an OT? Scour the portal. 

I suspect we are right on the cusp of this and I don’t want Michigan left behind.