Braxton Injury- Day 2

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The other thread is getting too long to dig through and there is new information out. The official report is a dislocated shoulder with the MRI results coming this morning. A dislocated shoulder on a non contact throw sounds like doom for Miller's season. Get healthy and have a long successful career in the pros Braxton.



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Their DL was pretty damn good last year, but young too. Consider: Bosa was a true freshman and Spence and Washington were in their 2nd year out of high school. When you add normal progression for young guys like that, plus about 60 lbs between them, to Bennett who may be the best DT in the country this year, it gets really scary. They couldn't really use Washington as much last season because he was too small to be a 3-tech, so they had straight pluggers like Joel Hale with them.


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Their defense still has major issues/questions in the secondary, and lost their best LB by far. And they have a similar situation on the OL as us, and return virtually zero of their production on offense if Braxton is out.

I'm not saying that their offense will be a tire fire, but it could look pretty ugly for a while. I do think they will be OK, but I doubt very much that they make it to the conference championship game without Braxton.


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Decker did well enough as a starter, and Elflein played well when forced into action. Beyond that, they have guys who didn't have to play and may or may not be ready for B1G competition. In contrast, we have guys who either struggled (except for arguably Glasgow) or couldn't beat out the guys who struggled.

That said, I agree with your basic take. Their DL should be formidable, but they have a lot of question marks almost everywhere else.



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that they still have lots of talent, and still will be good, the one dimension that's the hardest to control and the hardest to plan for (Miller's running ability) is most likely gone.  That makes preparation a lot easier and their offensive game plan more predictable.


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but this is where you and I diverge in the woods.  Seems like the mobile QB is his signature and having to change gears this close to the start of the may take a while to get the offense rolling, is all I'm saying.  We'll see though.  Now is where we'll see if he truly is as gifted as they think he is.


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I believe this is incredibly debatable. Am I going to spend hours doing it no. Just think of any college system that emulates a pro-system. Ask Tim Tebow to make the throws that AJ McCarron had to make at Alabama, not going to happen. Tim Tebow was a product of his environment and surrounded by loads of talent on offense. 

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I think offense for them becomes a serious question without Miller.  It's easy to assume an offense is going to reload when you return a senior heisman candidate at QB.  But take him away and the losses of your top two running backs, your top receiver, and damn near your entire line start to catch up.  

Sure, it is obvious that they have some talent based both on recruiting stars and based on onfield performance.  Guys like Elliot, Wilson, Smith and Heuerman.  And Urban Meyer is too good of a coach for the offense to completely implode.  But a guy like Braxton Miller papers over a lot of question marks that now come to the forefront.  


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They have two you stud recruits dying to prove themselves. They'll miss Braxton but they aren't doomed. I remember being excited in 2001 because some scrub named Craig Krenzel had to start against UM. After every 1st down I was like "WTF". We lost.


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Sounds like he pretty much threw his arm off of his body.


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(still don't believe everything seen on Twitter, though don't have any reason to doubt this guy's credibility except that I've never heard of him)


and he dislocated his shoulder on a throw as described, that's devastating.  You can come back from a dislocated shoulder caused by a tackle or falling hard on your side w/o surgery.  I don't know if I've ever heard of a pitcher or QB dislocating their shoulder on a non-contact throw and rest/rehab being all that's needed. 


Hope the kid has a full recovery, though it sounds as if it will be lengthy.


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So, what do we know about JT Barrett (Miller's likely replacement)? Also, this moves Cardale "We Ain't Come Here To Play School" Jones up to #2 on the depth chart, no?


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Not to mention DG did that behind the tire fire O line...  It'd have been nice to be Miller piling up stats behind that cushy running game Ohio had last year with Hyde...

DG > Miller by a long shot, with the only possible edge to Miller being a slightly better juker on the run.


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Stop it Dave.  

We've already been through this multiple times.  Michigan plays OSU on the last day of the regular B1G season and will always play them then.  Not in October and definitely NOT at the beginning of the season.

Sheesh - you'd think he'd let this one go already.