B1G games. Who do we root for?

Submitted by Blu on October 22nd, 2011 at 2:53 PM

Just looking to get some opinions from the board, mostly on the msu/wisco game. Do we root for Wisconsin in this game, or not pay much attention to the result? State fans will think you're just upset about losing last week. However, an msu loss helps our case for winning the division. Your thoughts?


Older post I missed with more info, Via justingoblue: http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/bye-week-implications-division-standings



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We root for Wisconsin, Minnesota and IU today. Any team in the other division to beat any team in our division, plus Northwestern and Minnesota, since they seem to be out of contention.

As for the division, we win it if we win out and MSU drops two, and this is the best team they face.


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I think we want Nebraska to beat Minny.  Since MSU has the head to head with us, we are better off with a 3 way tie.  I think it is very plausible that Neb, MSU and us finish 6-2.  A two way tie with just MSU and we are sunk.  A 3 way tie (assuming we beat Nebraska) and we likely win on the BCS standings as MSU has a non-conference loss and our strength of schedule is tougher than Nebraskas.  I know that is a lot of what-ifs.

Anyways, I dont think our positive vibes are going to help Minny anyway.


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If we were to end up at 6-2 then you're probably right. Whether it's realistic or not I'm assuming that Michigan wins out (which is probably what needs to happen for us to get in the BTCG anyway). The more losses for MSU, Nebraska and Iowa, the better.

You're definitely right about Minnesota though. Unless Michigan and the other bye week teams loan them some players, it'll be a blood bath.


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MSU loses to Wisky and Neb

We lose @ Illinois

Nebraska loses to us


This scenario happens if all the favorites win per the computer rankings I was looking at yesterday.  Now that the Zooker lost @Purdue, I would think his computer ranking is tanking.

But I hope you are right and we win out!  11-1 would be awesome. 

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If we're going to lose another game it had better be out of division or we're almost certainly done.  Lose to Neb and we lose head to head tie breakers to Neb and MSU, which knocks us out of a 2 way or three way tie with those teams.  Even if we beat Neb if we lose another in division we would likely lose a three way MSU-NEB-M tiebreaker as certainly one of Neb's and likely one of MSU's losses were to Wisc (out of division)). 


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Rooting for Wisconsin is in no way a "Little Brother" move. A Wisconsin win gives a divisional foe of ours a loss, and is really the only conceivable way for UM to still have a chance at the B1G CG.


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It's only an LB move if we cheer for our rival to lose, regardless of the consequences to our own interests - e.g. Dantonio cheering for the Buckeyes when a Michigan win would've given MSU the B1G title tiebreaker over Wiscy last year.

Clearly, it's wrong for M to look out for its own interests in cheering.  We need to do it the Dantonio way.


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That's so good, I'd like to quote it, again, in bold italic.  So that nobody misses it:

"It's only an LB move if we cheer for our rival to lose, regardless of the consequences to our own interests - e.g. Dantonio cheering for the Buckeyes when a Michigan win would've given MSU the B1G title tiebreaker over Wiscy last year."""" 

So I am going to set aside my feelings about what a filthy prick team MSU has put on the field this year, and simply go by the math -- 'Divisional interest' is why we root for Wisconsin to win tonight.  And not because the hateful classless Spartans are the worst mistake ever to enter the Big Ten Conference.


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The "Little Brother" move is to root against your own interests just to spite the other school.  In this case, MSU losing is entirely in our interests.


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Pam Ward Entertainment of the Day: With 41 seconds left, Illinois having spent their final timeout, Purdue up 21-14, at Purdue's own 39-yd line, Pam Ward notes the importance of Purdue having a great kicker. Needless to say, Purdue ignored that sentiment, took a knee, and won. Crossing my fingers that Pam Ward is not calling our game next week


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Didn't see the game so not sure what it says about either Purdue or Illinois...but am wondering if next week's game just got a lot more interesting...


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I only saw the last few minutes but they mentioned "the emergence of Purdue's QB."  Caveat: Pam Ward said it.

Stats don't show much interesting info - Purdue gained 304 total yards, 16/25 passing for 178 yards.  126 rushing yards on 42 attempts (3.0 YPR).  

Illinois gained more yards - 366 total, 26/41 passing for 245 yards.  121 yards rushing on 32 attempts (3.7 YPR).


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The game next week definitely got wee bit more interesting, but for the most part the game today was about both teams being fairly incompetent on offense. I think if anything I learned a lot more about Illinois than about Purdue. Purdue is a fairly traditional spread team with some wrinkles in there, nothing GMat shouldn't be able to handle. Some of the bigger Purdue offensive plays were more about Illinois having DERP moments than Purdue outscheming them or anything. Fear level for next week might elevate from like a 2 to a 3, nothing significant


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I have no idea how he's survived this long at Illinois.  What has he done there other than the fluke Rose Bowl year where they got soundly destroyed by USC?  2-9, 2-10, 5-7, 3-9, 7-6, and currently 6-2 losing to OSU and Purdue.  18-34 conference record to date should get anyone fired.


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Mark Richt in his place, then I'd be fine with them firing Zook. Otherwise I'd love to see him get a lifetime extension. If he did get fired, I'd love to see him get another job in the B1G. The play at the end of the 1st half just shows how poorly they are coached. Clearly no situational awareness on the field on the part of the players. No excuse for not going down and even worse trying to spike with 1 second left instead of throwing at the end zone. Terrible.