B1G and the bowl challenge

Submitted by Lumpers on December 29th, 2017 at 9:12 PM

Don't look now, but the B1G is 4-0 in the bowl games. I am sure its helping the league that we are not in the playoffs this year, so each team is playing down a slot versus the previous years of the CFP. Of course Sparty got another break with Falk not playing in the Holiday Bowl, but what is new.... if OSU pulls it out tonight, I think the B!G has a chance to go undefeated. It also doesn't hurt that the league hasn't had massive head coaching turnover.  Frost is definitely an upgrade for the Huskers.

Go Blue! Let's get it done on Monday!

ps- so damn proud of the Meeechigan family and the Chad Tough foundation. It really is GREAT to be a Michigan Wolverine!



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Pat Fitzgerald tried to blow it with some awful coaching at the end, but I love it so far. I hate when people say it doesn't matter but it absolutely does with the perception that leads to teams getting into the playoffs despite accomplishing nothing this year (see: Alabama).


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Ira addressed the matchups on the mgoblog roundtable this week. Apparently, the B1G was going to have 3 teams in the New Years 6 bowls regardless of whether the champ made the playoff or not, so being left out of the playoff does not really effect the remaining matchups. The Iowa, Purdue, MSU and Northwestern match ups for example would have been the same even if OSU made the playoff. The B1G is making a nice showing so far this bowl season for sure.


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The Big Ten has served their time-out.  The CFP likes to rotate around who gets left out so they can't be accused of being biased.  They'll even leave out the SEC if given a chance.

So the Big Ten has served its time.  Next year it will be in. 

We can take that slot.



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Was left out because they were starting JT Barrett. Had our boys not broke his leg in '14, they wouldn't have made it past Alabama in the playoffs. Sadly, his eligibility is up and Urban will be forced to play his NFL caliber passer... Hopefully, Urban fucks it up by continuing that QB run shit


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Only time the Big Ten has been perfect in multiple bowl games is the 1998 season -- the year after our national championship.  The dates on the bowl games mess me up.

KC Wolve

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Seeing this score gave me PTSD from the B12 championship game that year. Had a spot in the national championship game locked up. Up 2 scores in the 4th and blew the lead. Not taking anything away from Purdue but I’m pretty sure every player for KSU was drunk during that game.


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Yeah, but most of those KSU teams during Snyder's prime were frauds. They were good top 25 teams and all, but they strung up 11 wins annually against weak competition and were consistently overranked by November with few good wins on their resume. He did a great job capitalizing on down periods for Texas and Oklahoma but once Stoops and Brown became established it tailed off. Still amazing considering it was KSU but they were never as good as their rankings during that late 90s early 00s period in my opinion. 


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Yeah, they beat a USC team that turned out to be good, but it was early in the year early in the Carroll tenure and USC was coming off of a 6-6 season. And it's one game out of....321 he's coached at KSU. 


In the big picture, if you take the 10 years of prime KSU football which is 1994 to 2003, Snyder went 100-27. But break that down and you find that he was 3-16 agains top 10 teams and 97-11 against other top 11-25, or unranked teams. Obviously games against top 10 teams are tough, but if you are a legit top 10 program over an extended time frame, you cannot lose 84% of those games against your ostensibly peer top 10 opponents. I stand by the assessment that that program was good, but consistently overrated because of shiny records that didn't hold up when they played good teams. 


Don't' get me wrong, Snyder did an amazing job with what was the worst program in major college football at the time he inherited it from Stan Parrish. But no, they were never as good as some of their records and hype indicated at the time.