4 * 2019 LB Tommy Eichenberg commits to OSU

Submitted by Bambi on December 6th, 2018 at 9:05 PM


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Eichenberg is a low 4 star out of Cleveland. He was commited to BC but decommited in November. Michigan offered in October and he was one of the LBs on the recruiting board, but the crystal ball was basically all OSU.



December 6th, 2018 at 9:19 PM ^

Here we go, OSU going down-market for a BC commit.  Hometown kid was hoping for the OSU offer and likely is a totally meh add given recruiting issues.  Urban was blocking this as he wants speed at LB and this kid is old school slow.

The Fan in Fargo

December 6th, 2018 at 9:45 PM ^

He has slow feet and not very agile but when he gets a head of steam going, he's moving pretty good at times. A quick halfback will shred him with a move or two but he tackles really well. He hits with good impact, wraps up and very strongly alligator twists and brings you to the ground. That's textbook. His tackling is better than most college kids.

SMart WolveFan

December 6th, 2018 at 10:24 PM ^

Seems my ass is smarter than you!

Urban at OSU could get the top 3 or 4 from almost ANY state other than Alabama.

What they did is stop giving a lot of offers to in-state kids after "the Danny Clark Situation" and only give committable offers to the highest rated kids.

It's the exact reason Nolan Rumbler is a Wolverine and why he has so passionately recruited other Ohio kids to UofM.

Maybe you should find out more about the Ohio recruits we have rather than slupin and burpin on Urbzies nob.

SMart WolveFan

December 6th, 2018 at 10:12 PM ^

And hopefully most Ohio kids aren't so easy to forgive as Tommy Boy was.

Glad Nolan Rumbler, Zach Carpenter, Eric All, Gabe Newberg, Quintel Kent and Joey Velazquez probably hold more of a grudge for getting no buck love when Urban was off chasing 5*s in Texas.

And hopefully their buddy Zach feels the same :)


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Best of luck to the kid. Too bad he didn’t follow in the footsteps of fellow St. Ignatius Wildcat linebacker Jake Ryan and head north. I’d say that decision worked out well for him.

The Chancre

December 7th, 2018 at 12:03 AM ^

But OSU people are probably saying things like, "If he's good enough for (OSU defensive coordinator who just thrashed Michigan), he's good enough for me! Trust the coaches! Trust the process!"


December 7th, 2018 at 8:59 AM ^

It disappoints me to see people dissing on a kid like this. This kid has decent talent and is a heeluva football player-who really brings it. Sure, he is a very different type of LB relative to Bush but I can see a kid like him doing very well at MLB for Coach Brown. Having said that, here's hoping that Rumler trucks the snot out of him repeatedly over the next several years!!!