2013 TE Durham Smythe to ND

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Officially committed to the University of Notre Dame! #IrishMob13 #ND



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Ah well, can't get 'em all and am still ok with us having Jake Butt.  Good luck to the kid and hopefully his teammates introduce him to actual non-imaginary girls in South Bend.


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He was committing to ND after he flipped his ND and Michigan visits around following his ND in-home visit. Not a big loss considering we have several great TE options on the roster and are once again in on some of the top TE's in the 2014 class.


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I just want everyone currently committed to sign their LOIs in the coming days.

If we get another surprise like Norfleet great but if not this class is rock solid as it stands. Very excited for the short and medium terms.


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LOIs can't be signed and transmitted to universities until SIgning Day. From the NCAA guide:


Prospective student-athletes who will participate in football are prohibited from signing an NLI during the early signing period (November). A student who signs an NLI during the early period in a sport other than football will be ineligible for practice and competition in the sport of football during the student’s first year of enrollment at an NLI member institution, and shall forfeit one season of competition in the sport of football.

EDIT: more specifically, student-athletes are explicitly told by the NCAA website that "if you sign an NLI outside the appropriate signing period, the NLI shall be considered invalid."

EDIT: Duh. Signing Day approaches quickly. My mistake. This flu has apparently eaten into my brain.


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I can see us offering a scholorship to either Kenton Gibbs or Berkley Edwards.  If Poggi decommits then we could possibly offer both of them.  By the way, what the hell is going on with Poggi and when will we have some information?  Since we got Derrick Green, who gives a biff about Poggi. 


January 27th, 2013 at 3:26 PM ^

Berkley Edwards? With all respect to the guy (and the members of his family who manage to behave themselves), why would UMich do that? You may have noticed that they just moved a more talented version of B.E. to the secondary.

I'd much rather see them take a flyer on a lineman (say, Gibbs) who might work out well as a developmental project (a la Willie Henry last year). With Berkley, I'm pretty sure it's WYSIWYG. Looks every bit like a 3-star to me.

Also: "... who gives a biff about Poggi." Cute word play there, but I think most of should give plenty of biffs about the guy. He's a high-profile player at a position of need (not to mention one that was underemphasized in recruiting for most of the past thirty years). Losing him to Satan would be huge IMO.


January 27th, 2013 at 3:43 PM ^

I do not want Berkley Edwards.  There's really no need for another running back, and just imagine the s*** that would spew from Braylon's mouth (and Twitter account) when/if Berkley is sitting on the bench.

I don't really see Gibbs as a Michigan-caliber player, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if he gets an offer.  I don't like the idea of banking scholarships.


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"good luck smythe you're going to need it"

by the way, i think smythe should be told he only unofficially comitted -he might forget to sign his loi.


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Not sure if this is really a loss at all.... IMO it would have just been a luxury to get Smythe...

I think Khalid Hill will end up surprising a lot of people on this board... He has been extremely productive, and I think that his athleticism is underrated.

As for the rest of the class, I have no idea how it could close out, but there always, always, always seems to be a late surprise... It doesnt seem like we have any wavering commits (outside of Poggi potentially), but I am sure there will be a random addition... Possibly an in-state/Ohio kid?




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Really we could use an other LInebacker in this class, at least before we start working on a 4 deep rotation on the DLine, or take a 7th OLineman this year. We'll also have 8 or 9 guys who can line up in the backfield with Devin, so we should be good for Backs this year. We've already taken 4 in this class. Linebacker is where there's a need. Kellen Jones transferred, and Poole and Ringer are both question marks. We could have depth issues this year if guys get dinged up.


January 27th, 2013 at 3:46 PM ^

I don't think Poole and/or Ringer should be the concerns.  I'm more concerned about the SAM linebacker position.  We're pretty dang deep at the inside linebacker spots, but SAM basically consists of Jake Ryan and Cam Gordon.  We'll see where McCray ends up, but considering the numbers, he appears to be headed for SAM, even though a lot of people think he's a better fit for MIKE.