Ty Isaac may decommit and is taking ND visit [Debunked]

Submitted by TexanGOBLUE on January 22nd, 2013 at 2:53 PM

Per SI.com Isaac is taking a visit to ND this weekend. He may flip to ND since Kiffin is, well...Kiffin.


[EDIT] That Dave Miller is full of shit man! Chingao!

Mod edit: Update to the article says Isaac denies the report. Added to the title accordingly. JGB.



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It hasn't really changed.  The offensive line in the UA game was terrible.  None of those running backs looked good except Kamara, and Isaac's not the kind of kid who can create a ton of yards on broken plays (like Kamara is).  It's hard to be explosive when Robert Nkemdiche and Co. are blowing up the offensive line every play.


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And I'm curious about it. I get that we often recruit similar players, but now that we won't be playing Notre Dame for a while after next year, does it really matter?

I couldn't really care whether Notre Dame or USC gets a good recruit if we don't, because Notre Dame has dropped off my relevance radar.


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Agreed!  That was my rationale too- although we also play ND two more times- although I don't imagine he'd be too huge a factor as an undercalssman at that point.  I hate USC too- but unless its OSU anyone beats ND for me- so I always like to see them lose out on a top recruit.  

Although, watching USC recruits flee is quite entertaining- although they still have an absurd class...


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It does for recruiting. There is a lot of overlap of players ND and UM recruit. While losing one doesn't hurt, Isaac and Jaylon Smith may be the two biggest recruits coming out of the midwest this year and it would suck to continue to lose out on the perceived best players (and ones that we recruit heavily) to a rival. More kids going to ND or Ohio hurts the UM recruiting pool and may put a bug in the ear of other recruits from those high schools.


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They're rebuilding at RB so they might have room for 3 in this class. Next year they'll have basically 4 running backs without Isaac. 1 returning junior who's likely to be the starter, a bowling ball rs freshman, and 2 true freshmen. They have another junior rb, but he's played exclusively on special teams, or at corner back for 2 years. I don't think he'll push the 2 starters but he could be in the 2 deep next year, and in 2014.

turd ferguson

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If I'm Michigan, I'm trying to sell him on the idea of being a wide receiver right now.  The guy has the body of a wide receiver, runs like a wide receiver, and probably has more of an NFL future there than at running back.  He supposedly has pretty good hands, too.


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Yeah...um...I don't think that would work.

"Hey, guy who thinks he's awesome at running back.  I know you're headed to NFL factory USC or you're thinking about joining national championship runners-up as a running back, but hey, why don't you switch positions and come play for us?"


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I heard that Brian Kelly is alledgedly creating all kinds of smart, beautiful, and giving (if you know what I mean) imaginary girls and allegedly promising their services (if you know what I mean) to recruits.  The NCAA is allegedly unsure about how to deal with it since the girls are, you know, imaginary.


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Well that would certainly be a kick in the nuts.  Maybe when he said he knew where he was going, he meant Auburn and everybody just assumed he was talking about UM.  If he does in fact choose AU, then he is really looking for a reason to not go to UM.  But it seems very strange.  Recruiting is about relationships, and I have a hard time believing one in home visit could make up all that ground for a new coach.


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When Dunn stayed committed to Ohio even after Meyer came in and began to change things to a spread-based offense.  I hate to be the skeptic, but I think the allure of the SEC and playing with the Big Boys in the South will drive Green away from Michigan and towards Auburn. 

I really hope I'm wrong, but I've got the same nagging feeling with Green as I had with Suter/Parise over the summer during NHL free agency.  Common sense said one or both players would have been a perfect fit with the Wings, and everyone and their mother speculated that the Wings would get at least one of them (Suter).  What happened?  Wings were essentially left at the altar empty handed with no viable contingency plan. 

I have not had a good feeling about the Green recruitment for its entire duration, and I've already prepared myself for a disappointing announcement on Saturday.

Jack Daniels

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Yeah, it was hard for me to believe that too. But even with all the turmoil involving the coaches, we only had a slight lead over AU and Tennessee. Another poster mentioned that the pay walled Rivals board had a post saying how Green was going to shock the world and pick Auburn. I certainly hope he choose us as we are the best fit, on the field and in the classroom, for him.


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It depends on how much Malzahn offered to Derrick Green last Friday night. Given what we know about Auburn (Cam Newton) and what the ESPN story linked today, we know there's a great chance Malzahn offered cars / cash / jobs to Green and his family.


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But your post is about a post that says another poster says something?  And the original poster is in the know how?

If one of these recruiting guys says something, one can still be sceptical, but at least there's some possible merit to it. But don't we at least need someone other than "I signed up for an account" to say something?