YOUR all-time Michigan team

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 30th, 2012 at 4:39 PM

The other day I took a trip over to the wayback machine and went way back in interwebs history and looked at a 2000 Back in 1999, Michigan fans voted on MGoBlue for an all-century team. 

Now, 13 years later, I want to conduct a new vote on an All-Time Michigan team. You can cast your vote in the thread, I will take the results and put them together.

Copy ballot and paste to into comment box, then type your players. 





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It's a quiet period. I guess the op could have out up another post about 17 year old kids and their whimsical college selection process.

Besides, from the # of responses, I think it is a pretty popular thread.

Also, and this is not directed at you in particular, I cannot figure out why people click on a thread that is obviously something that they are not interested and then take the time just to post a "I think this is a stupid thread" comment. I just don't get it. You don't like the thread, you move on and click on one that is more appealing. /endrant


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Like a month ago we had a streak going of the first post on every thread being so pissy and contrarian it would get negged. Every thread the first post was wiped out for a couple weeks, it seemed. Where's the love, people? Where's the love?


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Coach- Bo is the coach, with RR as the offensive coordinator and Mattison running the D. 
QB- Denard
RB- Biakabatuka
Outside WR- Braylon Edwards
Outside WR- Derrick Alexander
Slot WR - Desmond
Slot WR - Manningham
TE- Tuman
T- Jake Long
T- Dierdorf
G- Hutchinson
G- Steve Everitt (he's moved over from C)
C- Rod Payne
DE- Woodley
DE-Glen Steele
DL- Alan Branch
DL- Rob Renes
LB- Erick Anderson
LB- David Harris
LB- Larry Foote
CB- Woodson
CB- Law
S- Tripp Welborne
S- Marcus Ray
P- Zoltan
K- JD Carlson
KR/PR- Breaston


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PR/KR - Breaston was great, but I think that you have to give the not to Desmond or Charles.  It is admittedly close though.  Was your reasoning that these guys are already on the team at WR?

David Bass at Center, IMO

Denard at QB:  At first, I was going to say that this was crazy, but I see that you constructed a read-option RR styled offense with RR coordinating.  Makes sense, but only for this offense.  If not, Denard may not crack the top 5 (Brady, Henne, Harbaugh, Elvis)

Otherwise, great lineup.


gpsimms not to…

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please read below re: Charles at punt returner.  Dude was not good.


EDIT:  Obviously Charles Woodson is one of the greatest Wolverines of all time, but here is a fun list of people who are better (more yards per return than Woodson, min. 15 attempts) at returning punts than him:

Steve Breaston

Anthony Carter

Tripp Welbourne

John Kolesar

Jim Smith

Julius Curry

David Brown

Gil Chapman

Derrick Alexander

Thomas Darden

Evan Cooper

Dick Sygar

Gilvanni Johnson

Ronald Bellomy

George Hoey (17.1 yards per return!!)

DiAllo Johnson

Desmond Howard

Marquise Walker

Terry Barr (16.4 YPR!!!)

Rick Volk

Barry Pierson (15.0 YPR!!)

Martavious Odoms

Charlie Lentz

Jim Pace

Walt Teninga

Leon Hall


November 30th, 2012 at 5:17 PM ^

He was the best KR/PR I've seen at Michigan, or at least that's my opinion (obviously).  I would happily take Howard too, but I'd put Derrick Alexander ahead of Woodson, who (as noted below) wasn't that great at PR with the lone and huge exception of the return against OSU. 

gpsimms not to…

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as some kind of amazing punt returner?  E-fact:  remove his one 78 yard return and his career punt return average is 7.15 yards.  (Or don't remove it, he still only averaged 8.7).

Steve Breaston averaged 12.6 and had 4 touchdowns.

Desmond Howard averaged 13 in his career with 1 touchdown.

Derrick Alexander averaged 12.7 and had 4 touchdowns.

James Whitley, who seriously sucked at punt returns, averaged 8.2.


EDIT:  Holy crap Anthony Carter averaged 15 yards per return as a senior.  That is crazy.  Anyway, point is that Charles Woodson is not even in the discussion here.


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How long have the current punt rules been around as far as fair catches, fair opportunity for the return man to catch the ball, running into the kicker, whatever else there might be?  I ask because I wonder if guys these days defer to a fair catch more often than they should (see Jeremy Gallon).  If they took more chances on those toss ups they might surprise themselves and break a few open, or at least get more 5-10 yard returns.  Do fair catches even factor into these numbers?


December 1st, 2012 at 1:11 AM ^

I don't believe the fair catch rule has changed since I started watching footbal as a kid in the early 70's.

If anything, punters might have  stronger legs making it more likely to outkick the coverage and set up longer returns. On the other hand the spread punt formation in the last few years may be bringing average returns down.


December 1st, 2012 at 1:07 AM ^

BTW the first time Anthony Carter touched the football at Michigan in his first game as a true freshman he returned a punt to the house for a TD.

This was back in the day when there was no coverage of recruting and I had never even heard of the guy. He comes on the field wearing #1 and I'm like holy crap this guy must be good, Bo's never let anyone have #1 before. He fields the punt and Boom!

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Coach- Bo Schembechler
QB- Harry Newman
RB- Tom Harmon
FB- Rob Lytle
WR- Anthony Carter
WR- Desmond Howard
TE- Bennie Oosterbaan
LT- Jake Long
LG Reggie McKenzie
C- Adolph "Germany" Schulz
RG- Steve Hutchinson
RT- Dan Dierdorf
DL- Alvin Wistert
DL- Francis Wistert
DL- Mark Messner
DL- Albert Wistert
LB- Erick Anderson
LB- Ron Simpkins
LB- Mike Taylor
CB- Charles Woodson
CB- Ty Law
S- Tripp Welbourne
S- Tom Curtis
P- Zoltan Mesko
K- Garrett Rivas
KR- Steve Breaston
KR- Derrick Alexander
PR- Anthony Carter
PR- Desmond Howard

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He's on my all-time list, because he won the Fairbanks trophy. That was the Heisman before the Heisman. Anyone who wins the Heisman, reserves a spot on the all-time team IMO.

Plus he QB'd Michigan to the 1932 National Championship, and 3 Western Conference Champioships. 

He's the forgotten great one. Nobody mentions Harry Newman because he didn't win the Heisman Trophy. Apparently, the university wants people to get educated about Harry since they have a plaque for him at Michigan Stadium- (Sorry about the blur)


December 1st, 2012 at 12:14 AM ^

I know, I can read Wikipedia as well. Point being, why is he YOUR favourite Wolverine QB? You don't have to go all hipster on us finding the obscure and forgotten players just to show how hip you are to be a Michigan fan.

[ x ]  Creates many threads per day

[ x ]  Creates meaningless all-time lists and depth charts

[ ? ]  Is EMO back as Wolverine Devotee?

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  • If you don't like my threads or posts, simply ignore them. It won't hurt my feelings, I promise.
  • This is the first "all-time list" I've done. If you mean "depth charts" by the All-Decade teams I posted back over the summer, that was for EA NCAA Football 13 on Teambuilder. You know, you download it and play as them on the game.

I don't play favorites with players. He would be my pick for an all-time team simply because he won an award for being the most outstanding player in the country back then. Simple as that. 



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... but most of these players will be from my personal "Golden Era" of Michigan football, which does not necessarily correspond to success on the field as much as it reflects a time in my life when I was old enough to understand and watch football, but still young enough that these players seemed like 20-foot tall diamond-crusted demi-gods.  Not all of them.  But most.
Coach- Bo.
QB- Jim Harbaugh
RB- Jamie Morris
FB- Jarrod Bunch
WR- Anthony Carter
WR- Desmond Howard
TE- Paul Jokisch (Yes, Paul Jokisch.  Because I can neither describe nor explain the joy Paul Jokisch receptions gave me as a youngster.  They didn't come often, but they always seemed to come on 3rd and 8, and they always seemed to be for 15+ yards.)
TE- Derrick Walker
T- Greg Skrepenak (er, legal "troubles" aside)
T- Jake Long
G- Steve Hutchinson
G- Mark Hammerstein
C- David Molk
DE- James Hall
DL- Mark Messner
LB- Andy Moeller
CB- Leon Hall
CB- Charles Woodsen
S- Tripp Welbourne
Crap.  SoullessHack, Jr #2 just woke up.  More later.



November 30th, 2012 at 6:23 PM ^

I remeber reading an SI article where Bo mentioned that the trainers had to create special pads called "Bunch protectors" because Jarrod Bunch kept hurting people during blocking drills.  So JB gets the nod.


And now I realize that I can't edit/complete my original post.  SoullessHack, Jr #2 strikes again.