Way too early look at next years defense

Submitted by TK on December 18th, 2018 at 3:02 PM

Assuming the worst. A lot of inexperience. Well Mr Brown, time to work your magic. 

NT: Jeter-So/ Smith-Fr/Paea?

DT-Kemp-Jr or Dwumfour-Jr/Hinton-Fr




LB- Ross-Jr/McGrone-Rfr/Velazquez or Barrett? Walk on?



CB-Thomas-Jr/St Juste-Jr/Gray-Rfr





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Just when I thought that I wouldn't have to re-post my "Sound of BPONE" lyrics, they pull me back in.

Until three weeks ago, because apparently I'd missed the lecture on acronyms, I didn't know that "BPONE" is the MGoBlog acronym for "Black Pit of Negative Expectations".  I took the challenge and tried to follow the rhyme scheme and the rhythm of the original.  With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel and all the MGoBloggers who must be sick of wallowing in reminders of "The Crushing in Columbus", and lately, other things like de-commitments, non-commitments, bowl-game desertions, early departures and negative tweets from ex-players and their relatives and friends:

BPONE’s now a hated “friend”
Until these losses finally end.
Thinking victory was deceiving.
All that’s left are months of sad grieving
While they wonder if there’s anything to gain
From the pain
Within the bounds of BPONE

Poor Brandon Watson left alone
In man-to-man instead of zone.
Had they practiced zone since training camp?
They might’ve needed it to be the champ
And surprise OSU with some flash and a tougher fight.
Were they uptight
Within the bounds of BPONE?

Trailed at halftime by one score.
By some luck it wasn’t more.
Defense needed lots of smart tweaking.
Where was the pressure that they’d need to bring?
Thomas, Hill and Long couldn’t stop them through the air.
Were they scared
Within the bounds of BPONE.

Will Hart’s punt went off too slow.
The Buckeyes’ lead began to grow.
Then Shea hurled a pass that seemed untrue.
In just five minutes they’d become unglued.
Forty-one Nineteen, the scoreboard had to tell.
It told them of the hell of BPONE.

Wolverines are now dismayed
‘Bout the way “The Game” was played,
‘Cause they couldn’t stop the scoring
From increasing ‘til it was soaring.
And so the song of the Muppets
Won’t be played at their locker stalls
Or Schembechler Hall.
Slipped up in the bounds of BPONE.


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After a couple drams, some of Kentucky's finest corn & rye distillate, I posted what I thought was a generous offer.... Only to find out it completely crossed the line and infringed on paying advertisers space.    I take my whuppin' like a man & carry on.   


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That could still be a top 10 defense. Lots of Don Brown recruited dudes in there. Not sure why everyone is freaking out. Look at the defenses he had at BC with a bunch of nobodies.

I Like Burgers

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Top 10'ish defense is probably good for another 10-3 type season though.  Good enough against the iffy teams, but not good enough against the good ones.  At Wisconsin in week 4 feels awfully tricky now, at PSU, ND at home is a tricky back-to-back, and they still have MSU and OSU on the schedule.

I mean shit...Army is on the schedule in week 2.  That's not a team you want to play when you're still working out the kinks with a young and undersized DL.


December 18th, 2018 at 5:56 PM ^

A lot of ifs will play a roll. IF Patterson comes back, we could have an elite offense. Heck, even with McCaffrey we should have an elite offense. 4/5 offensive linemen coming back means a lot. And besides, how many games did we win this year purely due to our defense? People were bitching about the defense after the ND game, if you recall. I could see us being undefeated heading into Ryan Day's first game against Michigan in Ann Arbor and it's not even a stretch at all.