Was this a better win over Florida than the bowl win vs Tebow?

Submitted by iawolve on March 31st, 2013 at 5:19 PM
Obviously this is a fan feeling equivalent only. We were not supposed to win that bowl game either and there was a lot on the line saying goodbye to some incredible seniors in addition to a long time coach. However, this one surpasses it for me with a curb stomping to get get back to the Final Four and for what it means to the entire program. Interested in the board's take.



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I refuse to compare them and in doing so say one wasn't good in some way.

They were both awesome. 

Though, the Capital One bowl is just that...


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we beat the football gators in lloyd's last game and against a highly ranked florida team that was essentially playing a home game.     today was great, but the background circumstances weren't as unfavorable.  


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I really didn't like Tebow and Meyer, whereas Billy Donovan is a good guy. We just lambasted 'em, that's all. A really good team becoming a great one at the right time. 


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Mmm...I think I might have to go with the Capital One Bowl, though I am a bit biased:

1. Football is my primary sport, followed by hockey (painful year) and then basketball.

2. It was Lloyd's last game.

3. That was the last game of the season. And that was a semblance of redemption for the first couple of weeks of that year, which...that was painful to relive just now (and also happened to be my freshman year and the year I attended my first football game. Yea...that one).


Had this been a Final Four or championship game I would be inclined to put it above, especially if the SEC had been anything better than a mid-major this year.

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Sorry, that Capital One Bowl isn't the goal for Michigan football. Rose Bowl & B1G title or bust. That game was nice to win for Lloyd, but it's still the damn citrus bowl. 

FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FannMan

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This is a final four and a shot at an NC. That was not even a BCS bowl and was irrelevant to the national championship. I am a "football first" kinda guy, but today is much bigger to me. Not even close, even though it was the last game for Carr, Hart and co.


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No kidding -- my reaction to the question was some degree of WTF srsly?

I'm reminded of some T-shirts I saw midway through 1989 marking UMich's national championship basketball team and ... the Rose Bowl win, as if they were equivalent. What did Bo say about Pitino? :)

At least the Rose Bowl was a top-tier bowl matching teams at least near that level. Florida's '07 team lost 3 or 4 games after sending several defensive players to the NFL (including four D-linemen). Michigan's '07 team, well, had a rocky start to the season.

It was nice to beat the ESS-EEE-SEE and Urby, and Lloyd got a nice send-off, but in impact that game doesn't remotely compare to today's win.


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I guess there is half of a generation for which M basketball is an afterthought and football (and perhaps hockey) is all that matters. But seriously, the Citrus Bowl win to cap off a 9-4 season vs a 9-4 Florida team or a win to go to the first Final Four in 20 years? It's not really very close.


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the Citrus Bowl is the one for me. Michigan hadn't won a bowl game in a few years and everyone was of the mindset that we were going to get blown out because the game had passed Coach Carr by. It was supposed to be a train wreck but we 'shocked the world'. I remember having the 'Michigan Pride' that wells up in us in those special games bring tears to my eyes as we kept fighting and fighting. Heck, I put the Kansas game above this Florida basketball game; there wasn't any suspense or worry we we would lose at all once the game started.


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both those games you mentioned were great. Hey it's all good; you can answer the question from several different angles. Using your word 'satisfying' to answer the question I would go with the football game but for the game that was more 'meaningful' in some nebulous way I won't bother to define, I'd go with the basketball game.


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All the Capital One Bowl meant was that a disappointing team won one for their departing coach.  It had nothing to do with changing the direction of the program.  

Making the Final Four while obeying the rules for the first time since 1989 is a huge accomplishment for the Wolverines' program.  Sorry, but today dwarfs a win in a second-rate bowl by an underachieving team.


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this, which game gave you the most profound emotional response? Regardless of meaning or second rated-ness. Me, I teared up for the Citrus Bowl, but for this basketball game I'm happy and excited about moving on but that's all; I'm already thinking about Syracuse.


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in my house.  This felt pretty damn good, but not because it was Florida.  It felt good because we're going to Atlanta.


Beating Florida in football felt good because it was Florida.  Different reasoning, but same emotions, it feels great.


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The Capital One bowl was a cool sendoff for Lloyd, but compared to a win that gives us our first Final Four in 20 years?  No contest IMO.


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Who is downvoting everyone who thinks it was today's game?  If you think it was the football game, cool.  But it's OK to disagree.

Anyhow, I think it has to be today.  The football win was great for Carr to go out, but in the big picture I don't think it's close.  Winning an Elite Eight is a program-changer.  This is an announcement to the country that we are a great program again.

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Today was better. The Capital One Bowl was a great way to send Carr out on a high note, and yes, beating Meyer and Tebow was great. But today was a program changing victory. You didn't just beat a great team and great coach to get to the Final Four. You dismantled and embarrassed them. Today's victory has national title implications, and as we know, winning one of those can define and influence your program's success for years.

The Capital One Bowl was nice for letting Carr ride off into the sunset and some bragging rights over Meyer and Tebow.


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Not even a close comparison between the two. The victory means so much more today given what the next step brings and what could be the end result. Also it's difficult to compare a football victory and a basketball victory. Maybe placing it against another basketball victory would be better


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Going to Final Four = Winning Top Quality BCS Game (w/ better teams than Mich-VT in 2011 Sugar Bowl, Michigan 2011 wasn't Top 4 material).


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florida was incidental to the victory today. it was about getting to the final 4 after a too long absence, and we would have probably beaten anybody today.

beating florida in the bowl game was gratifying because it was florida (tebow, urban, etc), and carr got a nice send-off with a good victory (against the sec) after an otherwise disappointing season.