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06/06/2018 - 9:57pm Good news.  

Ok. I just…

Good news.  

Ok. I just wanted to comment on the new site.  Still, its good news. 

06/01/2018 - 5:45pm So easy if the issue is Assistant Coaches

Tell JB he gets 1.03 Million for Assistants - if he stays.

04/04/2018 - 10:47pm Hug time?

After reading this, I just want to give Beilein a hug.

04/03/2018 - 9:13am Can’t get down

We were playing with the house’s money for at least two weeks. We lost the last hand (with a big pile of chips on the table ), but we are waaay ahead.

We also lost to flat out the best team in the Tournament.

So, it would’ve been nice to steal a game, but my head is held high.

Go Blue.

04/02/2018 - 10:08pm Our D is good enough

To try to win going inside. Nova sucks you into trying to match their 3 point shooting. You can’t. Gotta try to keep contact.

04/02/2018 - 10:04pm Difference

They hit their threes. We miss them.

03/31/2018 - 8:44pm At the in-laws

I’m going to behave. So, do me a favor and have one for me!

03/31/2018 - 6:56pm Feel for me

I am in Canada watching on TSN. Dickie V has the call. I cannot tell you how much he is all over Loyola. Want to barf.

03/31/2018 - 6:51pm This


03/31/2018 - 6:39pm Last commercial killed our momentum

Hopefully this one kills there.

Hitting some shots would help.

03/31/2018 - 6:30pm That would sense

But not cents. No way it’ll happen.

03/06/2018 - 10:16pm Reminds me of my wife’s grandfather

He grew up in western Canada and, at age 17, lied about his age, went to England and joined the RAF. He served as a radio operator/navigator in a Lancaster. Flew on many famous (even infamous) raids. He passed a few years ago, but it was a honor to know him. We make sure his great-grand kids know about him.

03/05/2018 - 5:09pm No way it’s carry on.

TSA is still confiscating that.

02/22/2018 - 4:10pm Regarding the title of the post:

“Is that your analysis?”

02/15/2018 - 9:03am And some people

Like to overreact and be internet tough guys.

It’s weak.

02/14/2018 - 10:25pm Not sure it matters

He isn’t the one blocking. You could have Jesus as OC and it would not matter if the QBs are getting literally blasted into next season.

And he maybe, allegedly humped a dead shark in a picture that certainly wasn’t him.

We’re an incredible defense with a tire fire of an OL and a coaching staff that is looking more disorganized every day. This guy doesn’t move the needle for me.

02/14/2018 - 1:02pm Exactly

This is a non-punishment. Especially since the school gets to keep the money. It’s not like they refund the ticket prices for the games that didn’t happen five years ago.

01/24/2018 - 2:57pm Yep


01/16/2018 - 5:17pm Maybe


01/10/2018 - 3:06pm 30 seconds

The rule that ref only gets 30 seconds of replay is a great idea. I would go to 1 minute, but that’s it. If you can’t tell, after that then the call stands and let’s play ball.

01/09/2018 - 3:05pm No clue what to say

This is my fourth go at this - and I think this is lame too. But, since I have no profound words, please just know that I truly enjoy your work. I am very sorry to hear you are in a bad spot, and I hope that you feel better very soon.

01/05/2018 - 8:56pm Yes

Do want

01/03/2018 - 10:03pm Les Miles should be hired

By ESPN. For Game Day.

01/02/2018 - 4:40pm This

He is inexperienced and made an inexperienced mistake. He probably won’t make it again.

01/02/2018 - 4:29pm Does that mean

We will be hiring Anthony Thomas?

01/02/2018 - 4:24pm My reaction too

It was a crap performance in a crap bowl at the end of a crap season. There was no stability at all on the offensive side of the ball all year. Next year will be better. So, yeah, whatever.

12/24/2017 - 8:45pm Just think

In 2027 we are going to sign a fabulous athlete from Brazil who will date his/her love of Michigan from Christmas 2017 when, out of nowhere, they got this amazing magazine as a gift . . .

12/24/2017 - 6:35pm The Fords

That’s how.

12/10/2017 - 10:03pm This is incredible

I loved these guys growing up. I am so happy they are getting in. Finally.

Bless you boys.

12/09/2017 - 10:03pm No

Nope. Not at all. It just means you’re a human who respects others.

12/06/2017 - 1:35pm One condition

Spurrier is the ringside commentator for the fight.

12/04/2017 - 8:25pm Wait

I honestly thought this thread was a joke. Are you telling me this happened? Has Gruden been hired somewhere?

11/24/2017 - 11:38pm Ugh

Good night y’all.

11/24/2017 - 11:26pm Just started watching Texas

Has it been this bad the whole game?

11/22/2017 - 7:39pm Whet have you gone David Cone?

A lonely nation turns its eyes to you.

11/18/2017 - 1:19pm 100%


11/18/2017 - 1:17pm Whatever the call

Kinnel was all over him. We’d be going insane.

There is a Santa Claus!!!

11/18/2017 - 1:14pm Is there justice?

Probably not.

11/18/2017 - 1:12pm Actually

Think that was Gary being too far up field and gave a cutback.

11/18/2017 - 1:11pm Gary

Up field. Again.

11/18/2017 - 1:10pm Aaaamd

This is a 99 yard drive. Fuck me.

11/18/2017 - 1:08pm Incredibles 2

I will actually go see that.

11/18/2017 - 1:05pm Of course

Now what’s ya got?

11/18/2017 - 1:05pm That’s a good call

Uh old the fuck on. That’s s TD.

11/18/2017 - 1:01pm Yeah

I heard Wagner was a three star.

11/18/2017 - 12:59pm Even if a flag

Totally worth the risk

11/18/2017 - 12:55pm TV

This is the best game going. Gotta talk it up

11/18/2017 - 12:52pm Hey SoCal

How did that first down pass work for ya?

11/18/2017 - 12:51pm Ok

Let’s keep getting Peters killed.

We got on offense other than running the ball. But, sure, lie to yourself. Whatever

11/18/2017 - 12:47pm Why

So it’s 2nb and 18 after Peters gets sacked?