UM/FSU pre game thoughts?

Submitted by Sllepy81 on November 22nd, 2013 at 10:58 AM
I have always feared FSU, they are a disorganized at times run and gun athletic BBall program. I know Beilein can eat up the run and gun teams with our athletes but FSU is just as athletic as us. Hate these games, fun to watch but I wanted VCU. I knew Iowa St would have a good shot at taking us down at home, now I fear FSU runs with us. McGary might be less useful tonight having to keep up but we need some rebounds they're lengthy. Always feared running into an FSU in March, guess this is a good time to see how we play against them.



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Beilein is a master a developing game plans to take apart teams like FSU.  Athletes might be even but coaches are most certainly not.

Decided schematic advantadge goes to Michigan.  We win.


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does have a very consistent history of success against teams like Florida State.  Tennessee, Memphis, VCU, these are all teams that rely on athleticism, quickness, and pressure to just physically overmatch teams on the break and wear them down.  However, the one area that I have major concern is defensive rebounding and defending at the rim.  FSU seems to just sell out and send everybody to the rim on the offensive glass.  Now, that could mean a lot of easy looks for Michigan in transition if they take care of the glass and get out in space to get some open shooters.  However, to this point I have seen nothing to make me believe that Michigan is solid on the glass at this point in time to really keep FSU out of there.  Keeping in mind that I don't think we are watching the same Michigan team that we will be in March, I really don't like our chances today.  We are too unsettled inside and really not disciplined enough at the point right now to really exploit what FSU allows you to do if you are competent in those areas.  I see kind of a frustrating game for us today.  I foresee myself yelling "Get a rebound" on several occassions.


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They're a huge team, with those three 7 footers and bunch of other big dudes. It's going test Michigan's rebounding and post defense. It should be an interesting game.


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I remember people fearing Memphis' athletes and how they would dunk all over us. I think it will be a good game. Part of we is wondering if people are starting to figure out how to deal with Havoc. Yes they made it to the Final Four but were a relatively unknown team then. They are now on peoples' radars so it may be easier to play them now than it was to play them a few years ago.

FSU will be a challenge but we will be one for them also.

The Victors

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"Havoc" actually did its job against FSU by forcing 25 turnovers, which is a lot. However, VCU was just ice cold. I believe they shot under 30%. VCU relies on easy baskets from their "havoc" and/or hitting threes. Their half-court offense is not good, so even if they force turnovers, I am sure the length of FSU caused problems for VCU in getting good looks.


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They are a very athletic team that rebounds very well and gets a lot if inside chances. They don't shoot from the outside as well as Michigan but we better hit our shots and box out better than we have. If we shoot well we win by 10 to 15 points. If we don't shoot the three very well we get beat by 20. My biggest concern is the lack of touches McGary is getting in the post. He needs to get the ball and last night he wasn't fed the ball at all. He can dominate a game inside by getting the other teams bigs in foul trouble while scoring some close in baskets. I'm worried about this game and we need to play great to win. Inside outside scoring and rebounding. Hope it works.


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I watched a bit of the replay of FSU-VCU and of course watched the M-LBSU game and came away with the following thoughts.

1. Make your free throws!! GRIII in particular has developed a bad habit of missing front ends, and it also has happened to Levert and Stauskas. There are gonna be plenty of fouls in this game, and making free throws will help take the aggressive edge off of FSU.

2. Do the little things. The team needs to show more hustle getting to loose balls. They also need to focus on boxing out when given the opportunity, and closing out on shooters. Sometimes they are helping off and that limits their ability to close out, but other times players have just slow/lazy getting out on shooters.

3. Have Walton drive less. Right now, when he gets in the lane he's a little overwhelmed, FSU has a lot of length and will only make this harder. He needs to be better about not dribble driving into no man's land. 

4. Catch the dang ball. There were a ton of bobbled and lost rebounds/passes against both ISU and LBSU, capitalizing on extra offensive possessions and limiting second chances on D could be big in this game. 

5. McGary will get more minutes. I have a feeling Beilein played Mitch less than he normally would like last night, so that he could be fresh for tonight's game. 

6. Lastly I hope Beilein is willing to use his TOs. That was my only coaching criticism in the ISU game. JB let the team try to work though struggles on the floor a little bit too long, in my opinion.

Go Blue!

True Blue Grit

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over the years, and one consistent tactic I've seen all the great coaches do is call timeouts quickly to try and prevent the other team from getting on a long run of points.  It's probably THE most effective way to try and stop the other team from getting into an offensive rhythm.  It doesn't always work.  But, it's effective much of the time. 


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I'm relieved to play them instead of a revenge-minded VCU.  I wasn't sure how well we'd have handled their press without Burke and Hardaway.  Of course, FSU is no slouch, either.  Our post players are in for a challenge.


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I will be thinking about making some fried chicken and which six pack to get for the evening.

Open to suggestions.

I like two hearted, IPAs, and I just tried a few of the Flying dog beers (raging bitch and k9 winter ale).


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Ninkasi is good. I live in Eugene (unfortunately) and that's where it's made. It's not my favorite but it's good.

Pyramid is made in Seattle, Portland, and Berkeley. It's barely a microbrew anymore. But the outburst is only 7.99 a sixer, and it's 8.5 abv or something like that. That's the main reason I buy it! Drink one 22 and you're feeling good!!