Tyler Friday, 4 Star DT unfortunately trending to Ohio State

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A run of crystal balls to Ohio State this AM...



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Is a need to blame someone, other than the recruit who chooses another school, but all Sam can do is interview a kid and find out (if they are willing to share) their level of interest. Even if Sam gives a "gut feeling" and the kid signs with another school, it isn't Sam's fault. A recruit is never over until the LOI in signed and received. After all the years and all the things that have happened to, and for Michigan in recruiting, it seems people would know better. 


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I just don't get the sudden hate because Sam is who he's always been.

In listening to Sam you get info from Schembechler Hall and from recruits but that info is usually going to include the POV of the source. It's nothing new in media, sports, or Sam.

Your complaint above includes that he will be right about the coaches he suggests will be hired!

814 East U

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4 of those teams have won BIG titles in the last 10 years. 1 hasn't. Michigan is the 1. You are saying OSU isn't a tier alone because they lost to Iowa by a lot one time in Kinneck?

OSU has something like 3 or 4 big ten losses total since Meyer has been there. 

You know nothing, Chork.


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This isn't surprising. Rumors of Mattison retiring, Partridge leaving and Michigan's poor finish seem to be influences. Top it off with daily stories on ESPN about Harbaugh losing his touch and moving on to the NFL, and I can see a teenager avoiding an uncertain situation. All of this is false except the poor season part, but the poor season adds so much strength to negative recruiting tactics.

Or this could all be conjecture (it is), and maybe he just fits in better at OSU. Maybe he doesn't care about academics, maybe he doesn't meet UM's admissions criteria, maybe he has more friends at OSU, maybe he's getting a car loaner, who knows? We'll never know. And he still might go Blue...signing day is still a month away. Recruits never change their mind after announcing, right?

The sky isn't falling. We'll get more prospects, convert some DEs to DTs, and move on. The defense isn't our problem and it's not going to be a problem because we lost one recruit. OL and getting some playmakers on offense is a bigger concern in my book.


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I follow this stuff fairly closely - apparently more closely than you... (No pays sites though).

Friday has always been high on OSU but chances were they did not have room for him. This is why the early signing day flips away from OSU that many were lol-ing about were not so great for M.

This is a school in NJ where having CP on staff is actually a hindrance due to HS recruiting history/bad blood. I.e. the stuff Rutgers was worried about when they foolishly decided not to hire him.

Coach at the HS is a former Rutgers QB and has some ties to Shiano. I assume he would steer the kid that way once it became very clear that RU was not going to happen.

But yeah keep pushing “the staff totally fucked up and can’t close on recruits” if it makes you feel better. This does hurt as M has been on him the longest and and is a position of need but not super surprising.


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All I could think watching the NC game was how Michigan did not have any players or athletes that came close to Alabama and Georgia. There were no missed tackles, good hard clean hits, outstanding fundamental blocking even by the WRs. Not to mention two true Freshmen QBs duking it out in the second half. Prettty depressing. For every one of these players we get (Peppers, Gary, Solomon) Georgia and Alabama (and OSU) get 10. It sucks. I can only hope that Harbaugh will make it happen. If he doesn’t we’re fucked.


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a top flight talent picking either OSU, Alabama or Clemson..... Hell, they never get any players just look at their recruiting rankings.......


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He is the biggest recruiting need, and seemingly the only one at his position we're actually recruiting, on the board next to OT IMO. Massive miss if he goes elsewhere. Not the end of the world, but it means we have to get an instant impact DT in 2019 class IMO. 


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Totally agree about OT. But really? After that, DT is the biggest recruiting need? We've got a bunch of guys with size and skill to play DT. After that performance in the All-American game, I think Hutch's kid could be your instant impact freshman at that position if it really came down to one.

I hate losing out on highly rated kids, and especially to OSU, but it is actually some consolation to me that it was at DT, rather than OT, OG, OC, S, or LB. Really need to shore up depth on all those fronts.


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We have lots of bodies at OG and C. Interior line is one of the least of my worries. Those positions are set for a while IMO. As for interior DL - we have Mone, Solomon and Dwumfour. None of the other guys are proven whatsoever. So yes, I'd like some depth there. LB and S are good with roster and current commits. Now, if Reese or some of our DB decommit, then it yes, it becomes more of an issue for me. 


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Remember Harbaugh's first year after the bowl victory when he used the train analogy about the program? He said something about the momentum of the train turning around and going the right direction (winning)?

The moment has shifted and is going in the wrong direction now . This is true whether you want to believe it or not. Of course the momentum can be shifted back, but pointing out UM's struggles isn't being negative. It's acknowledging facts.