Sunuvadakich to visit Michigan

Submitted by Cold War on April 18th, 2013 at 7:40 PM

With the departure of seven players from Michigan's roster as a result of graduation and the NBA draft, the Michigan coaches have begun searching the country to make late additions to add depth to the program. One of the players they have identified is 2013 point guard Andrew Dakich of Zionsville (IN). Dakich, the son of ESPN analyst Dan Dakich, is an under recruited, crafty ball-handler who could provide another talented ball handler to the Wolverines thin back court.

Michigan started showing interest in me a few weeks ago before the Final Four," Dakich said. "Coach Meyer offered a preferred walk-on opportunity at Michigan and then Coach Beilein talked with my mom for a while recently."

Although he just recently started receiving interest from Michigan, Dakich already has some strong connections with two future Wolverines.

"I've been close friends with Mark Donnal for a while (they are AAU teammates)," Dakich said. "And I've been playing against Zak Irvin practically all my life."



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 That din't stop Bob Greise from covering our games when his son played here... Not that was a bad thing. Griese calling the Rose bowl to end the 97 season was an awesome moment for me. After being so profesional through the season you could hear him getting choked up after that win and his son being named mvp. Loved that

Blue boy johnson

April 18th, 2013 at 7:54 PM ^

I would love to see this happen it would definitely help with depth and he almost assuredly would redshirt. If the offer is as a preferred walk-on then I see this as a win win situation.


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Love, but given how we got outboarded in the second half vs Louisville, and by Staee, I'd really like to see an athletic, Dennis Rodman type of garbage man big body added to the roster.

Braylons Butte…

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More than anything--as Spike will probably play a lot more, and Eso/Corey/Josh graduating, they have to replace some talent in the scout team backcourt. Someone with high basketball IQ and who can handle the ball sounds perfect.


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Well....I suppose there are worse announcing dads that could be associated with the program.  At least Dan Dakich only (allegedly) killed four hookers at Indiana. 


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He's the definition of meh. Michigan can do better. There are tons of guys in Michigan that Beilein could offer for that role. But for some reason he tends to look out of state.


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Guards are sort of interchangeable in this offense.

Im kind of surprised the staff didnt have more backup plans in place. I felt they probably could have over signed by one since the pre-season (everyone knew Trey was going pro). The Hardaway situation was obviously more fluid. But between him, McGary and GRIII you'd think at least one would go pro after the sweet 16.


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Coaches want the guy I have no problem with taking him. They take guys that aren't really highly regarded and get great production out of him.

rob f

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I suppose that once Coach Beilein went "international " by recruiting Stauskas and found it to be a successful strategy, it opened his eyes up to all the possibilities out there.

Besides, if Dantonio can recruit internationally at Staee, there's no reason we can't blaze that same trail for basketball players.