South Alabama takes down Troy at home

Submitted by crg on October 12th, 2017 at 6:29 AM
So there was actual DI college football last night with Troy (4-1 and fresh off the huge upset of LSU in Death Valley) hosting lowly South Alabama (1-4) at home. Troy was an 18 point favorite, so of course they lost 19-8 in a game where they didn't even score until late in the 2nd half. I watched a good portion of this and it was ugly - I think there was one 1st down between both teams in the first half. Not a good look for LSU, Florida, or us (to an extent), but still a good win for the underdog.



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As for OSU, the defense, as Brian has pointed out, is sort of designed to take out an OSU type offense.  They stopped OSU last year (14 of OSU's 17 regulation points were off turnovers).  We have home field and a good kicking game.  If the offense can get a handle on the turnovers by then, I like our chances. 


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Does anyone have probabilities on Michigan winning the east at this point?

I’m thinking that even if we somehow turn the offense around, we’ll still drop a second big ten game. Meaning we’d need both OSU and PSU to lose another game in addition to us beating them. Seems pretty unlikely. And depressing.


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I expect the JOK we see at season end will be very different from the JOK we see now. He is going to develop a ton this year I think. The X factor is the Ohio State offense. They have been quite good in recent weeks. The question is if they've actually been good or if they've been putting up great numbers against terrible teams.


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It almost feels like we have 1 and 2 in Alabama and Clemson. All the rest of the teams are 3 where in anyone can beat any other team. Except may be Rutgers.... Weird year. I feel like an underdog is going to win it all this year.

Perkis-Size Me

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I still cannot believe that LSU thought Ed Orgeron was its best option as a head coach. They’re going to be paying for that mistake, both literally and figuratively, for the next couple of years.

Even if you couldn’t have gotten Herman, there were still quite a few other better options out there.

Sextus Empiricus

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I thought Troy was better than this game. 

South Alabama has some talent.  

This was an interesting result.

Coaches resting on laurels.  It's always next game first. Troy got that wrong.

Go Gophers.

Mpfnfu Ford

October 12th, 2017 at 10:30 AM ^

Is going to be all the backpedals after listening to Cajun Brady Hoke's PR folks in the media explain all week that "actually, Troy is really good." LSU stinks, their coordinators are watching once promising career arcs crash into the sea, and we're all reminded of which reporters will shamelessly go into the tank for a coach who sources stuff for them. Ed Orgeron is a DL coach who can recruit well. That's the extent of his ability as a coach.


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I was just jealous of the fact that it was 79 degrees at gametime down there, and when I looked out my window here, it was a driving rain with 40 MPH gusts on occasion and all of about 50 degrees. Even at that, it was a pretty ugly game as someone mentioned but it was football and it kept me out of trouble for a few hours.