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11/11/2018 - 10:13am I bet he goes to Maryland…

I bet he goes to Maryland. He would be a great hire. Local recruits would love playing for him.

08/26/2018 - 7:09pm Illinois and Indiana both…

Illinois and Indiana both recently had player abuse scandals resulting in coaching changes. I would skip them, move ND and NW west, then add UVA and either Duke or GT to the east. And that would be a downright amazing conference, athletically and academically.

08/25/2018 - 8:49am You would need a) legal…

You would need a) legal authority and b) a physical image of the phone. If I had to take a guess I would say the "investigators" just thumbed through the phone. With a physical image it is possible. Still difficult.

What is a physical image of a phone?

08/24/2018 - 6:28pm When someone shows you who…

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

08/17/2018 - 12:01am I have to think even if…

I have to think even if Meyer retains his job and his name is cleared, he will still leave the next time a top tier job calls. I wouldn't want to work for an employer who, to my perception, dragged me through the mud for a while. I would want a refresh.

08/16/2018 - 7:54am Cloud. If you are worried…

Cloud. If you are worried about data loss due to power loss, don't worry. There are regionally spread backups.

A caveat. While your data is still your data, it is stored on someone else's hardware in someone else's building. So encrypt everything, whatever it is you are storing. There are commercial solutions to encrypt just about anything.

08/06/2018 - 7:48am Last Chance U is why I…

Last Chance U is why I dismissed the Project Veritas video of former Florida players. Everything discussed in that video could have happened as entertainment on Netflix and it would have seemed status quo.

08/02/2018 - 10:14pm Total grain of salt there…

Total grain of salt there. And this sounds like victim blaming from a fanbase scared of what could happen.

As always, let's wait for the facts to come out.

08/01/2018 - 8:06pm More I think about it the…

More I think about it the more I think they clean house if all is true.

1. Lots of assistants supposedly were in a position to know. And they kept mouths shut.

2. And I don't mean to be political. #metoo has changed the culture. People are aware more than ever of abuse. It would be a PR nightmare if someone on staff who knew and did nothing got the job, and worse, it would be condoning such behavior.

I think they would clean house and go far outside. And somebody clean, with no abuse related or recruiting violations in background. And preferably someone with Ohio connections.

Matt Campbell comes to mind.

08/01/2018 - 6:51pm I've been predicting for a…

I've been predicting for a couple seasons now that Meyer is near done at OSU and he will retire at Notre Dame once Kelly gets canned. Then Tom Herman would take over at OSU.

If OSU fires him, Meyer is done. Never to coach again. But I still hold OSU would hire Herman.

Unless there is suspicion he knew something too. Regardless there's a lot to play out here.

04/22/2018 - 12:37pm Fine by me

Alabama has claimed national championships for less than what UCF accomplished. Bama fans are the only ones who have no right to criticize other programs for claiming a national championship, given the "17 championships" they claim. If anything, UCF is following Alabama's lead.

02/21/2018 - 8:47pm GoldenEye 64 and Perfect Dark

There was no dispute among my friends that could not be solved with a duel in either classic shooter.

01/25/2018 - 4:34pm My suggestion

Tailor the rules to allow air raid and other exciting wide spread offenses to thrive. It would invite a new set of fans and would offer an outlet for college spread players who don't adapt to NFL schemes.

01/22/2018 - 7:08pm Great opportunity

Awesome opportunity to coach Mariota. Unlimited potential for that guy.

01/13/2018 - 8:37pm Good news / bad news

Good news: the system in place to warn of an incoming ballistic missile works.
Bad news: there is a need for a system warning of an incoming ballistic missile.

Sounds terrifying. I'd hate to have to keep a child calm during such a time.

01/07/2018 - 9:03am Crybabies

When the playoff format was announced, I said something of the following: just wait until a crybaby fanbase gets left out ay #5. And there are no bigger crybabies than Ohio State and Alabama, who think everything should be theirs. Just wait until one of those is #5. The calls to expand to 8 will be deafening. Then at 8, just wait until a crybaby is #9.

Look at this year. Alabama jumped Ohio State, left out at 5, and they throw tantrums. I grew up in Ohio, have OSU friends and family. Yes, tantrums. 8 teams is likely unfortunately coming.

Only 1 team has the right to be upset and that is UCF. OSU has no right to be upset when they jumped Penn State last year for the same reason Alabama jumped them this year. I heard no sympathy from the OSU people; only justification of why they deserved it more than Penn State. Crybabies all of them now.

01/06/2018 - 8:39am Canada > Enos

If given the opportunity, I would hire Canada as OC in a heartbeat. If Enos refused to be a position coach, I'd send him packing.

01/01/2018 - 11:53pm Carr

I remember hearing similar things even when Lloyd Carr was around. What I would give for an innovative and effective offense.

01/01/2018 - 6:40pm To answer all four questions ...

1. Very difficult to implement elements in our system. Oklahoma's offense all starts with the linemen. Same place every offense starts. They are a different type of linemen than ours. They run block differently, they are trained differently, they are built differently. I don't think you can plug and play parts of an air raid system into a mismatching offensive line.

2. Yes. Look at Baylor. Even without elite QBs, they had year after year of monster stats. Then the scandal hit. Mayfield elevates Oklahoma from potent to national championship caliber.

3. They recruit very well. And then they develop the talent better than any spread offense

4. Start with a new OC. Time to shake things up some. If you want to spread things out some (count me in), I'd find a solid west coast type of coordinator. Something to pass a lot out of the spread but maintain some under center power formations so you can do it all without massive personnel changes.

01/01/2018 - 3:26pm Freshman mistake

DPJ picked a bad time to commit a true freshman mistake.

12/15/2017 - 6:13pm I put it on par with The

I put it on par with The Empire Strikes Back. But for different reasons. Where TESB is about learning the ways of the Force, this one questions the very nature of good and evil in the Star Wars universe. And I'll say no more until everyone has seen it.

See it. It's amazing.

12/15/2017 - 6:10pm That's what I'm seeing.

That's what I'm seeing. Nobody wants to be challenged. I call it the "Marvel effect". People want familiar. Flashy and familiar.
Or they just want to complain.

12/15/2017 - 6:07pm Loved it

The film had a lot of nuance. It questioned philosophically the roles of the Jedi, Sith, and other tenants of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars is traditionally very black and white - this one questions who truly is good and bad. Awesome. It tore down some Star Wars structures in order to build some new ones. I put this one with The Empire Strikes Back - but for different reasons.

12/03/2017 - 4:39pm Exactly what I expected

I thought the committee by ranking Alabama 5 before playoffs was tipping their hand to indicate Alabama was next up. Ohio State needed to blow the doors off Wisconsin to leap past Alabama and they did not.

Last year PSU got hosed because we beat them so bad. This year Ohio State got destroyed by Iowa. Difference is we were a top ten team last year and this year Iowa has a losing conference record. The writing was on the wall.

11/15/2017 - 8:50pm My specialty is forensics

My specialty is forensics with a strong slant toward Android. You and I speak the same language. And I've met some Autopsy developers.

My blog -

11/15/2017 - 6:34pm Depends how bad it is

I do a lot of data recovery. I have no lab at home so my physical options with the drive are limited.

I would plug the drive into a Linux box and try dd to image the drive. If you get a read, you're good - now mount the image and retrieve your data.

If you don't get a read, you might be able to swap out boards. Research your specific drive before trying because there is a possibility of making things worse by swapping boards.

Now if there's a mechanical problem, then you really need a lab. I can recommend some good companies.

And if I'm speaking Greek to you, take these suggestions to a friend who can translate and have him or her try it out.

10/29/2017 - 9:09pm Saban

If Nick Saban made false statements about receiving death threats and made Alabama fans look like total crazies, he would be in big trouble. Fired, no, but big trouble and would have to make some serious public apologies. My opinions withheld on if Alabama and Florida fans are crazies.

10/12/2017 - 12:56pm I expect so

I expect the JOK we see at season end will be very different from the JOK we see now. He is going to develop a ton this year I think. The X factor is the Ohio State offense. They have been quite good in recent weeks. The question is if they've actually been good or if they've been putting up great numbers against terrible teams.

09/16/2017 - 8:43am 31-13

A little close and frustrating for two reasons
- AF offense is tough to prep against and they'll move the ball some
- M offense is conservative and simple, showing nothing to Big Ten DCs.
The result is a close game where we pull away late. Then the domination starts in Big Ten play when both the offense and defense show some creativity.

09/14/2017 - 7:53am The other top public universities


09/10/2017 - 8:44am BGSU alum here

The new coach needs to go. He is in over his head. In his second year and he inherited a team that had won the MAC East three straight times all of which were east sweeps, two of three conference championships, three recent wins over Big Ten teams, and he has sank the team quickly and has utterly killed interest among the alums and fans. He's got to go before causing even more damage.

And BTW, South Dakota most certainly has a more impressive offense than MSU.

09/09/2017 - 11:27pm Flag plant

Planting the flag on the O made my day.

09/09/2017 - 2:41pm Count our lucky stars

That should have been a UC TD and that might have been it. Need a score right now for breathing room.

09/09/2017 - 2:35pm O'Korn

Yeah I just went there ....

09/09/2017 - 2:29pm I wrote off his bad Florida

I wrote off his bad Florida State game to injuries. Not anymore .... this is just Speight. UC is stacking the box not at all afraid of the intermediate pass beating them.

09/09/2017 - 2:26pm Beer

I need a beer now

08/08/2017 - 11:21am Good friend of mine

A good friend of mine died last year of leukemia or some similar type of cancer. He was an OSU alum and spent much of the last year of his life at the cancer center at the OSU hospital. Ultimately he died there, his condition was found too late. If the work and tests done in his time there lead to breakthroughs, my old friend in a way is able to live on.

He was a good man and a good friend.

07/22/2017 - 12:27pm Dixie

I found a video of a local Mississippi news station asking people on the street their thoughts about the band ceasing Dixie at games. Where in Mississippi did the reporter go to ask regular people their thoughts on a topic? Wal Mart, of course.

07/08/2017 - 11:20pm In no particular order .....

Best three in no particular order:
Iron Man 3
Guardians of the Galaxy
Dr Strange

Worst hands down:
Iron Man 2

06/21/2017 - 10:19am Way high and I don't like it

With how much talent just left for the NFL, this is far too high. I like the starters but depth worries me. They need time to develop.
I would much rather start around 15 which many would say seems low. It would instill the underdog mentality, especially in depth players. The last thing an unproven team needs is overconfidence.

06/07/2017 - 6:32pm Hiring Lincoln Riley sounds a

Hiring Lincoln Riley sounds a bit like Texas Tech hiring Kingsbury. Young, offensive minded, no head coaching experience, entire career in air raid offenses. Hasn't worked out so well at Tech. I hope Riley is ready, that job is one of the best in the country.

06/04/2017 - 10:15am Upvoted.
My wife is Chinese


My wife is Chinese and red is a traditional wedding color. So the best color to go with red is black, IMO. So myself and the groomsmen had black suits, white dress shirts, and red power ties. Looked like a board room.

06/04/2017 - 9:50am Alternative suggestion

Our wedding colors were red and black. So normally the groomsmen and bridesmaids are on the hook to buy or rent attire. We decided for something different.
Every guy has a nice black suit, so they all wore their suits and I bought uniform red ties. And every girl has no shortage of black dresses, so the bridesmaids all wore black dresses and my wife provided some red accessories. Of course as it turned out, the ladies all went out and bought black dresses anyway ....
It was a way to lighten the load on our closest of friends. After all, they've already put up with us, isn't that a tall enough ask?

05/22/2017 - 8:20am Good luck

Ford doesn't have a corporate flag football team do they? If so, as long as Hackett doesn't try to hire Harbaugh we're all good.

Seriously, congratulations. Great career move.

05/06/2017 - 11:22am Chad Henne

For a four year starter, he had a noticeable lack of development. Hit a few walls. He would have benefitted greatly from better coaching and more creative schemes. With all that talent, he and the offense could have been off the charts.

05/02/2017 - 1:54pm Alum here

MS, Purdue University. My expectation is Purdue wants to expand online learning, much like UMUC or Penn State World Campus. Acquiring Kaplan means acquiring infrastructure.

01/08/2017 - 9:53am Clumsy

It looked clumsy. He and the BC player got their legs locked and it looks like Allen lost his balance. Looks like no incident and would be ignored if it weren't for the earlier tripping incident.

01/03/2017 - 6:18pm Toxic?

I read many tweets from players suggesting the decision is not popular at all. It seems the guys do not quite see the gravity of the situation.
On a scale of 0 to Baylor, how toxic is Minnesota right now?

01/03/2017 - 5:22pm Chip Kelly is available

Obviously no idea if he is either interested in college ball or Minnesota. The thought of Kelly in the Big Ten is both thrilling and terrifying.

01/02/2017 - 10:11pm James Franklin

James Franklin just showed the world how to throw away a winnable game. Choke job with ultra conservative play calling.