So what do we have to look forward to ?

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Ill ask it again. Not sure why the previous post was deleted. 

Where does Michigan go for our bowl game

Rose Bowl , or does Ohio State get that too ?

What are our options since its not going to be the playoff ?



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Emotions are high right now and it’s no one person’s fault. But I’m going to single out Zach Gentry and highlight 3 plays that dicked us. 1. Dropped TD pass(obviously took 7points off the board) 2. Dropped pass for a first down on 3rd and long low pass, but tough shit it hit him square in the hands. Following play OSU blocks punt for TD. 3. Third major drop of the day. Next play OSU intercepts Patterson throwing the ball away. Again no one persons fault but Gentry stamped a lot of grief on this game. Now I’m going to keep drinking until I pass out and hide my internet connections so I don’t make a bigger fool of myself.

Toby Flenderson

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Some NY6 bowl. Michigan will probably win and this board will somehow try to justify this utter collapse. We will go into 2019 top 10, and win our first games very handedly. We will lose a tough game next year, and go into OSU 10-1, and then lose by 10. 


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Spot on. 

Elaborating on this, we look amazing early on. Beat an overmatch Badger team in Madison.

In the first game viewed as a "MAJOR GAME" of the year, we lose a close one @Penn State. People will blame the White Out, ignoring that PSU will likely finish 8-4 or 9-3 (with losses to MSU/OSU again). 

Rebound at home vs. Notre Dame, though the Irish are merely fringe Top 25 and we're at home. 

We will enter the MSU game in mid-November expecting to blow them out as double digit favorites; yet, we will wind up winning a very close one in ugly fashion, highlighting all of the looming weaknesses and danger two weeks later in The Game. The ever optimists will rail against anyone questioning the staff, claiming the flaws are all attributed to it being rivalry game (despite the fact MSU looks destined for another 7-5 season). Collective amnesia will settle in and we'll all get our hopes up again that this is finally the year we slay the Buckeye dragon. 

November 30th comes. Game is close or we're leading at halftime, then OSU's vastly superior coaches make great adjustments and it winds up a 10-17 point loss in the second half. Group of Buckeyes hoists "Keep Harbaugh Forever!!!" sign in the South Endzone as O-H-I-O rings through The Big House yet again. 


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This season just went down the toilet bowl.

Probably better to skip a bowl and put the team through some therapy so they aren't permanently scarred by this humiliating loss. 


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Lots of threads are coming down. Save it for the snowflakes. Today sucks. Go outside. Forget about football until the POS bowl game.

Guy Fawkes

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Unless Oklahoma loses OSU will get the rose. And then we'll get spanked by Georgia in the bowl. So from a football standpoint we have absolutely nothing to look forward to. 

My suggestion would be get to know the bball team


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I still think Harbaugh brings a LOT to the table.  But does anyone agree with trying to pound up the middle at all costs, no matter how far behind or how unsuccessful it's been.  I just can't wrap my head around it.  osu couldn't run up the gut against us so they called all sorts of pass plays.  We have an nfl caliber qb who drove us down the field when allowed to pass to end the first half.  Is it stubborness?  Is it Pep Hamilton?  Why???


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GAME NOTES: wish I could make a post but I am new and don’t have the points. 


Watson can’t run, let up 3 big plays before we figured that out at least, 2nd TD was on him

3rd&17 was his penalty, Ambry needs to play, him not playing is on the entire coaching staff, Zordich, Brown, and Harbaugh, On a run 10 yards down field with a foot out of bounds,

Then gets picked on a deep throw again another penalty. Always 10 yards off the ball on a run and getting blocked through the whistle


Weren’t prepared for the crossing routes


No pressure on the QB


Offense makes crucial mistakes on every big play, drops, bad throws, false start, missed blocks, taking sacks 


We punt the ball into the endzone or short of the 20, that’s been an issue all year 


We play for third and short with a QB who makes a lot of mistakes, we need to get big plays on 1 and 2nd down


Winovich must be hurt, no pressure on the QB, getting pushed off the ball on runs, play Uche and Paye 


Harbaughs offense can’t win anything anymore, it’s impossible to run that system without an NFL QB. He has to change or he has to go, we can find someone for $2million to go 10-3 and lose to OSU, sucks to say it but it’s true, very lucky to score 19 in the first half vs a very average offense. 


Patterson can’t make a play, he’s not consistent at all and his big plays are few as far between. Takes sacks that make no sense and there is no excuse to take, 2pt conversion, 2nd&2. Scrambles out of perfectly clean pockets. Gets pressured and his eyes go down quick


Our WRs, RBs, Oline, and QB aren’t ever going to be that much better than they are right now 


Nico Collins can make plays, but he could do that in any offense 


Kickoff coverage competition is Harbaugh, good on him then a great play call for the one two punch 


They throw at bush on wheel routes and it’s open they drop it twice it’s still open the third time. Don Brown has better players than any coordinator in the world and he isn’t doing it in the game that matters most. We can’t play like this against Ohio state, we give up easy crossers, everyone knew that was coming we give away 7 free points, we give the wheel route against Bush 3 times, we let watson get abused outside the entire first half. Don Brown can hold everyone to 24 or under but OSU got 24 in the first half. Priorities don’t align there


We can’t play zone because we line up and press man the bad teams on our schedule and bully them into crazy stat lines, so we play Ohio State and we have no way to answer their playmakers. That’s a systemic issue on the entire coaching staff. 


This is what defense is like without NFL DEs


1 yard pass on 3rd and 9 to start the second half is pathetic. That’s playing to lose close, not playing to win at all. Can’t have that. Pathetic.


Ohio States offense gives them so many free yards. Michigan’s gives us nothing easy. 


Paris Campbell guarded by Bush, free 30 yards. Bush hurt shortly after Gary was down. 10:23 left in the 3rd down 5. Game feels over. We are lucky to even be close. Anyone who says this game would go different if Bush didn’t get hurt is crazy, our defense has been getting worked all day, penalties have been the only positive play for us. 


We survive to only give up a FG, down 8 middle of the 3rd. Offense needs to wake up. 


Ambry Thomas goes full idiot mode pins us deep. Feels like us starting at the 10 means OSU has a better chance at points than we do. 


3rd and long game on the line, throw to McCurry and get bailed out by the penalty. What the fuck are we doing. 


Offense is just shit. Every time we need a play. Shit. 


Gentry can’t catch, drops a 30 yarder, dropped a TD, dropped a TD last week. He can’t be the guy on big plays. ANOTHER DROP FOR 30 yards!! He gets hurt. The guy we choose to go to in the “gotta have it plays” as Belichick likes to call them. Is a guy who clearly isn’t up for the moment. 


Blocked punt game over before we get to the 4th quarter. Hart takes 2 steps to punt the ball and it’s blocked easy, he can’t even make a good punt when he has time to get it off. Detail over looked again. Pathetic. 


Get the ball back need a big play, -2 yard run. Fucking obvious. Drop on 2nd. Patterson ends the game on 3rd down. Pathetic. 


We are getting kept alive by the refs. Too bad we are already dead. 


Down 22, 1 minute left in the 3rd. Run up the middle for 1 yard. Fuck that shit. Then a short pass. Another short pass. If we were trying to run the clock out we are doing a great job. Another run up the middle. Tick-tick. Game over. 


Collins jumps over another guy, Moss’d him. Called incomplete. HAHAHAH. Ball is pulled out way after the play. Refs suck, they must be Michigan guys. 


Ran the clock down before the play, snapping the ball with 3 seconds on the play clock is just fucking dumb. 


Go for 2 and we are under center, slows down the quick screen and it’s short. How fucking pathetic can we get. 


Missed on 2, 2pt conversions, both of which were bad play calls, nothing creative. 


80 yard play. Easy, untouched. This team will never win this game. Not with this coaching staff. Never. 


Still running the ball up the middle. We quit. 4th quarter still early. Played 2 good teams this year. Two losses. 


Entire 4th quarter is garbage time, but they are still beating our ass. We bring this staff back next year and we are admitting we are a 2nd tier school.



Michigan gets blown out by a better program. With better coaches and better players. They were better prepared and came out and executed better. Michigan even got lucky a few times and still never made it close. Pathetic showing by our entire team. Make changes or kiss this rivalry good bye. Are they morally corrupt? Do they do things that should never be done to win? Yea sure. Is that any excuse? No. 


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Pretty much my entire stream of consciousness right here 

Today is what it will always be like and there is little to no hope that it will ever change. 

Harbaugh is what he is and Michigan is what it is. 

Harbaugh believes himself to be smarter than any other coach and that his old school way is the correct way - who cares that OSU shuts it down literally every. Single. Fucking. Year. 

Oh, and the OSU offense torches this defense every. single. Fucking. Year. 

This is so annoying and boring as well. Harbaugh is not even close to Meyer - Harbaugh ranked is maybe 8-15 somewhere, maybe 20th, and Meyer is clearly #2, after Saban. And Harbaugh isn’t even that close to Meyer really. 

Harbaugh is too stubborn to change too, so nothing will improve. 10-3 every year is cool but it’s just tiresome to get embarrassed by OSU every year. 


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We should honestly be looking forward to a new coaching staff.  Too much money sunk into a bad football program.  The number 4 team in the country getting blown out and giving up 60 plus points is a joke. Fire up the excuses. 


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Agreee with all of those. Can I add basketball season and anything that doesn’t involve Michigan football.  It is insulting that we cover and talk endlessly about this program that is just hype all off season. I hope club mich is planning the spring excursion for 2022 already.  That’s the highlight for this joke program.