Shea Patterson interview on Bleacher Report

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Given the total lack of actual football related content on the board recently, I hope you'll excuse the source. This is a good fluff interview with Shea on how he's viewing the upcoming season and how he views his time at Ole Miss.



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"We have four quarterbacks who can play for us"

Of Patterson, Peters, McCaffrey, Milton, and George Jr., any guesses for which one can't play?


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Former Michigan (and current UCLA) quarterback Wilton Speight tells a story to sum it up nicely. Early in his Michigan tenure, Harbaugh pulled Speight aside and told him not to eat chicken, a protein that is considered fairly safe by nutritionists. When Speight asked why, Harbaugh said, "because it's a nervous bird."


The Baughz

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There is nothing wrong with Bleacher Report. Yes, they weren’t great in the past, but they certainly have improved the writing and content over the years. 


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I don't know. I've got a hard time believing Patterson's quotes aren't out of context. Amongst others, there's this: 

"He's still the savior.

'I've been it all my football life; it's part of playing the position,' [Patterson] continues. 'But I get it. This is different. There's more at stake now."

For one, Patterson never directly calls himself a savior. The author implies it. And two, do you really think Patterson called himself (or fed into the implication that he is) a savior? He comes off pretty humble and reserved in other interviews, and I really believe he is a team player. I've got a hard time believing he said that. That'd be a pretty fucking arrogant thing to say. 

Even the title of the article makes Patterson seem douchey: "QB Shea Patterson Ready to Be Michigan's Savior After Escaping Ole Miss Wreckage."

I'm leaning that it's poor journalism, click bait. 


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I'm leaning that it's poor journalism, click bait. 

Well, it's Bleacher Report, so yeah. You can't expect every national outlet to know all the intricacies of each program, but saying that we've had average QB play at best in each of Jim's first three seasons is wrong. Rudock and Speight pre-injury were significantly above average QBs. They were good, NFL draft pick-level QBs.

Pepto Bismol

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Please excuse my rant. Nothing to do with OP. Good share.

The OP link showed up on my Twitter timeline because college football reporter Brett McMurphy quote-tweeted it with the following excerpt added:

"Shea Patterson on @CoachJim4UM's quirky nature: 'You'll be sitting there and talking to him & you're thinking what the hell is this guy talking about? Is this real life?'"

The article is about Shea Patterson. This is not a 'Harbaugh is weird' article. It recaps Shea's college career, his relationship with Hugh Freeze, his history at Ole Miss, how he ended up at Michigan, his expectations, etc. And the one quote McMurphy pulls out of there is some benign comment painting Harbaugh as a maniac. The worst part is it's purposely framed to be a negative. Here's the full quote from the article:

"He's a real as it gets. He's just how you'd think he'd be," Patterson says. "He's definitely a character, a little bizarre. You'll be sitting there talking to him, and you're thinking, What the hell is this guy talking about? Is this real life? But I really like him."

The parts McMurphy cropped out?  "He's as real as it gets. He's just how you'd think he'd be. He's definitely a character, a little bizarre... But I really like him."

It is absolutely incredible the lengths these people will go to undermine and discredit Michigan's head football coach. I've never seen anything like it. And unfortunately, it is absolutely working.  Just yesterday, WolverinesWire tweeted out an interview with FSU commit Mike Morris and his thoughts on the BBQ and his feelings on Michigan.

During the July 28 BBQ at the Big House, Morris and his father had time to sit down and talk with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, which changed everything for the father and son.

“The visit helped me see how genuine the coaches are,” Morris said. “The reporters always say Harbaugh is some douchebag but actually, he’s an amazing dude.”

Morris’ father, listening to social media often, bought into the fact that Harbaugh was rough around the edges. After talking for over 90 minutes with the fourth-year Michigan coach, all negative perceptions were changed.

“(My dad) came into the visit thinking, ‘Oh, I don’t like Harbaugh,'” Morris explained. “By the time they were done talking, he liked him. My dad really likes Michigan and loved sitting down with Harbaugh. That was crazy.

Michigan got Morris to campus. More importantly it seems, they got his dad here. How many recruits don't make the trip? How many parents pass on the opportunity? How many close the book at "Harbaugh's a douchebag"?

Everybody's rivals talk down their opposition. But I've never seen such an active effort by all involved to cut a single man down. And not by fans. Fans are morons. Not by coaches. Coaches are going to negatively recruit and do what it takes to gain a commit. But the media? By his own admission, these are reporters telling Mike Morris that Michigan's head coach is a douchebag. Again, I'm just floored.

It's no wonder our 8-5 recruiting season looks like last year's class does. They might all turn into All-Americans, but we had to scour the earth to find them. Other than a handful who were able to see Michigan first-hand with an open mind, anybody with a name and a ranking turned a cold shoulder. Even guys like Stephen Herron are decommitting and dropping nuggets about David Shaw like "At least he's definitely not going anywhere". You think he's heard "Harbaugh to the NFL" lately?

That's it. Sorry for the length. Just needed to vent.

Pepto Bismol

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I'm not complaining about 5-stars. Never mentioned it once. I'm not even specifically complaining about recruiting. I'm complaining about reporters who go out of their way to take unnecessary shots at Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. Again, I've never seen anything like it and McMurphy's tweet prompted my post.

But yes, it impacts recruiting. I quoted and linked an example of how. You...didn't. Thanks though. A worthwhile interaction to be sure.




Pepto Bismol

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Guy, what are you doing?

Yes, I cited the WolverinesWire article because it was posted yesterday, I remembered it, I could easily find it, and it fit with the point of my post. It is by no means a single occurrence. If you follow these things, which you surely do because you're the authority here, you'd know that these kind of "Harbaugh's actually way different than I expected" quotes are out there constantly.

Are you okay? You're kind of a piece of shit, aren't you?

Ali G Bomaye

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Since Harbaugh has come in, we've had fewer than 10 wins once, and signed a recruiting class ranked lower than 8th once. We're returning almost every key contributor from a ridiculously young team, and upgrading from "horrible" to decent or better at the most important position.

Let's hold off on the "sky is falling" prognosis.


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One time my grandma commented on one of those viral shared Facebook posts. The post was one of those "her husband played a prank on her, and you won't believe what she did to get him back".

Her comment was "why can't I open my messages without the app?"

No point to what I just wrote other than your comment reminded me of that.