Sam Webb on Leon McQuay from the Detroit News

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Brief rundown:

Last weekend was his USC official; losing Kiffen the elder may not help

Vandy may be the favorite; 6 unofficials, Vandy's head coach picked up the McQuays from the airport

Leon likes Coach Hoke, Mattison, and Montgomery

USF may be entering the picture??



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Having to put the /s tag is an admission that you know you didnt craft your sarcasm well enough, or you have no faith in the sarcastic acuity of your readers. Either way, like you say, it ruins it. Your post was clearly sarcastic. Or it should have been. 


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How do you know their response or voting you down wasn't sarcasm as well?  Maybe this post is sarcasm too?  Or was this last post of yours sarcasm?  Oh you're good.


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It looks to me like McQuay is going to go to school somewhere.

Edit - not slamming the OP, it was a relevant article in a major publication.


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Maybe I'm really bad at reading comprehension, but that article (while full of relevant and good information) left me more confused about his status than I was before.


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Sam Webb is pretty good about getting info on a guy or reading a situation. When he isn't positive, as in this article (where he's neither positive nor negative), the recruit usually goes somewhere else. That's what will probably happen here.

True Blue Grit

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regarding the tone of the article.  I didn't read any lack of being "positive".  It sounded to me Michigan still has a good shot.   It's pretty cool that McQuay is interested in music - pretty different from most football recruits.  But he sounds like the kind of classy kid Michigan should be recruiting and he really is in a win-win situation if his final two is Michigan and Vanderbilt.  


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Vanderbilt is only on the upswing because they've been buried in the basement for years.  Taking the next step from middle of the road to challenging Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, is a whole different story.  Doubt it happens. 

Vandy's a great school and Nashville is a nice town, but he won't be on anything more than a mediocre SEC team all four years.   


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I don't mind losing out on a kid who says he cares about academics and then follows through on that...Also, how long before someone throws a silly amount of money at Vandy's coach? 

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I don't hold it against Hoke for not picking up recruits at the airport.  Does Franklin do that with  every recruit?  Obviously not... I'd like to know which ones he does ... Coaching now is 24/7 - it has been for  a long time - more now than ever before it seems.


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Kind of like Hoke?  Vandy has been good...for Vandy, but they haven't been that good.  He's 14-11 in his two years there, and hasn't beaten any good teams.  Granted, his losses are mostly to good teams, but not all (he has losses to NW, Tennessee and Cincinnati), but none of his wins are impressive.  His two best wins are probably Tennessee and Auburn this year, who were either bad or terrible and had coaches out the door.

Like I said, they're good for Vandy, but that doesn't make them good.  He needs to beat one of the good SEC teams to get credibility in my book.  This year, he was really lucky to have a soft OOC slate (Northwestern was the only decently tough game) and his two crossover games were against the two worst teams in the SEC West (Auburn and Ole Miss).


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based on how good looking their girlfriend is? /s

I give Leon (or his parents) credit for consistency with schools and criteria. USF is odd, though. It just seems like he has 2 passions that split the vote. Not sure if UM wins in fball or music vs USC, but he might choose Vandy as good enough in those 2 and closer to home.

Still hope UM wins as he is a playmaker. Dymonte and he would generate a lot if turnovers ...

[Edit:  Waited 6 months for the right thread to crack the Franklin joke and even added /s for those who miss the joke.…]


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Willie Taggart's main focus for recruiting at USF is on local recruits; his goal and passion for keeping players in the area is probably why he got the job.  He played HS ball in the Bradenton area, and his hiring was seen as "coming home."  He is selling parents very hard about being able to watch their kids play, etc.  

If Taggart had been "in on" McQuay for the last three years, I would be very worried.  He may very well succeed at beating elite schools out of local talent, but I think it's too early this time around.


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50-50 shot, eh? Imagine the bowl games could appeal to his football sensibilities. Bcs bowl, then a major bowl against SC. Vandy is a program on the rise, but our staff coaches painted him a clear picture. Compete right away on a top defense in big games. It's his choice, but I like our chances.


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Not worth a new thread IME, but didn't I read somewhere that he was going to make a decision on Monday? Is no news bad news? Is he the type of played we would slow down to give a guy we like better to pull the trigger?


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Are you guys talking about the Nebraska committ?

I don't follow recruiting all that closely, but I haven't heard anything about him going to Michigan. The Cal and Tennessee commit are the only people have heard of for the potentially 6th O Line spot.


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"It's just a matter of him deciding which program he wants to actually do with the classes. He can do a major in the audio engineering, but he can also do a minor and take some classes in business… so he'll get that side too."

If this is what he would like to get into, any egineering field, even related to music, then both Michigan and Vanderbilt have great engineering schools, and even great music schools (and the Blair School at Vanderbilt is unique in that it is undergraduate only and highly student-focused, at least in my understanding), so it is great that academics plays a primary role in his decision. For what he would like to do when he is not playing football, he is setting himself up very well either way. Whatever he decides, it will be well-considered and no one can fault him for that.

Seattle Maize

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It looks like vandy but I will say, we still haven't offered Charles Woodsons nephew from Florida (forgot his name) tht seemed to be the backup plan. Now maybe, Delano Hill or Reon Dawson took that spot but maybe the coaches are feeling good about McQuay. I read recently that the in home visit went very well

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I don't quite get the moderation on this thread. Maybe someone is playing whack-a-mole. Anyway, regarding USF, I just read a WSJ article on how some colleges are providing resort-style living for housing, and the USF resort looked pretty attractive.  If I were a kid looking for a college, that would warrant a visit from a 17-year old me.


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Yes.  I read the same article, about how REITs are targeting college campuses.

They also profiled East Lansing and College Station, both of which can reliably be stated as being buttholes/armpits of the US.